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Here comes Edgar

“When will Captain Leon come back?” Sarah continued to ask calmly without revealing her embarrassment.

Robert smiled, “I don’t know.”

“You really don’t know?” Sarah retorted.

“I really don’t know.” Robert didn’t hide it from her. “He only said that he would come back later, but didn’t tell me the specific time.”

Sarah was silent.

That explained why Captain told her on the phone that they would talk about it when they met last time.

Robert began to guess, “Did you do something bad behind Captain?”

Sarah was speechless.

Why did everyone react like this?

“No.” Still this word, “If he told you the time of his return, please tell me in advance and I’ll make preparations.”

“Prepare to run away?” Robert’s low and slow voice came through the phone.

Sarah didn’t say anything.

It was not good to talk with the one with good relationship.



“If you really do something to offend Captain Leon, I advise you to admit your mistake honestly.” There was a touch of ridicule in his words. “If you escape and are caught, the consequences should be a little miserable.”

“I didn’t offend him.” Said Sarah.


“I really didn’t offend him.”

“I trust you.”

Sarah was speechless.

It was obvious that he was joking. Did he believe in her?

“In a word, if you know the time he comes back, you should tell me in advance.” Afraid that he would forget, Sarah reminded him again.

Robert agreed, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Sarah gave the phone back to Julian. She was still thinking about how to explain to him about what happened last time if Captain talked to her.

Seeing that her face was full of worries, the gossip of Julian was burning.

“Sarah, how did you offend Captain Leon?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Do you want to have sex with Captain because you covet his beauty?”


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Sarah was totally speechless.

Was she such a person?

Stroking his chin, Julian asked, “Have you ever had a crush on Captain Leon?”

“How dare you?” Asked Sarah.

Who dares to fall in love with a devil drillmaster?

Until now, she still remembered the scene when she was trained, all kinds of physical training and punishment.

“I’m going to bed now.” She stood up and didn’t want to think too much about it.

The second floor of Julian’s house was her house. She had bought it before, but she didn’t live there. This time, she came just in time.

After returning to her room, Sarah cleared up all the things in her mind.

After taking a shower, she threw herself on the bed and fell asleep.

Things would eventually sort themselves out, so it was natural for her to get things done right now. Only by solving this problem here could she solve the problem behind Jenny.

As for Captain Leon…

She would wait until he came back.

In a second.

It was already morning.



By seven o’clock, Sivan had already brought breakfast to the house of Sarah.

After the breakfast, Sivan drove her to the company. After he told everything, he went to the hotel to get the poison report according to the procedure.

While he was away, Sarah was sorting out the clues after she finished her work in the office.

In the middle of sorting out the files, she received a phonecall.

It was a bodyguard from the residence of Eve.

“Miss Yeats, Mr. Williams broke in with his men and wanted to take Miss Eve away.” The bodyguard cut to the chase.

With her brow Frowning, Sarah said, “Stop them. I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, sir!”

The phone was hung up.

Sarah sent a message to Sivan, saying that she had something to do first, and then she drove to the place where Eve was nourishing her fetus.

At the same time, on the other side of Eve.

As soon as she came out for a walk after breakfast, she saw a group of people walking towards her.

But she didn’t think too much since it was a great distance. She just took it as a bodyguard jogging. After all, this place she lived was famous for rich villas in New York.

Ten minutes later.



She took a walk in the yard and was about to listen to the piano music when she saw someone coming.

At the same time, she recognized who it was.

Edgar wanted to break in with his men, but the bodyguards arranged by Sarah for Eve stopped them.

The captain of the bodyguards called Sarah immediately.

“Get out of the way.” Looking at the person in front of him, Edgar gave off cold air all over his body.

The bodyguard didn’t give in and said, “Miss Yeats said you can’t get in.”

“It’s my wife in there. Why can’t I get in?” Edgar said confidently, “Do you want me to call the police and let the police make the decision?”

The bodyguards still didn’t give in.

Edgar immediately ordered, “Call the police!”

“Wait!” Said Eve.

She knew very well that once Edgar called the police, they would say that it was their family affair.

By that time, some things would be difficult to deal with.

Standing at the door. Eve asked, “What are you doing here?” She wore her autumn clothes without looking pregnant.

“I’ll take you home.” Said Edgar in several words.


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“Come back with me.”

“Why should I go back with you? Do you want me to have an abortion again?” Said Eve coldly with a bad manner.

Edgar stiffened.

He didn’t go in to irritate her, but at the gate, he said with all kinds of complex feelings, “I know everything.”

Eve frowned.

She didn’t understand what he meant.

“I know the baby is mine.” When Edgar found out the news, he felt that he was hit hard. “I also know… Lisa lied to me.”

“And then?” Eve said in a low voice, but her nose twitched at this moment.

“Come back with me. I will make it up to you.” Edgar looked at Eve’s red eyes and regretted what he had done. “I swear that I will never do anything wrong to you from now on.”

He knew he was a jerk in the past, and he also knew that it made her heart ache.But he couldn’t live without her.He had a hard time when she was away.

“Edgar, what do you think of me?” Eve’s heart ached. “Do you think I still need your compensation?”

They were forced to be together because of the bloody misunderstanding.She had fallen in love with him and loved him, but those feelings were shattered after he said those words like knives.

“Do you really think I don’t mind your infidelity in marriage?” Eve still felt sad when she thought about it.



She was a sentimental person.She couldn’t give up so easily in love as Sarah.

She hated Edgar, but she had to admit that in the bottom of her heart, there was still a fluctuation of joy, anger and sadness because of his words.

Edgar explained, “I didn’t cheat on you. I have never touched anyone else except you.”

Eve sneered.

For so many nights, she smelled the perfume of other women on his body and saw the lipstick print left by other women.Did he really think she was stupid?

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