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Any normal person will leave you

“You don’t believe in me?” The look on her face stung Edgar.

“It doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not.” Said Eve, trying to stall for time. She knew that only Sarah could solve this problem.

“It’s always true that you forcibly took me to have an abortion, wasn’t it?”

Edgar fell into silent.It was indeed his fault.

But he still wanted to explain, “It was Lisa who told me that your body was not suitable for pregnancy, so I did this.”

“Others’ words can determine the life and death of my kid.” Eve always went straight to the point, “Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”


“I won’t go back with you. You can go now.”

“You know me well.” Seeing that she couldn’t be persuaded, Edgar wanted to force her. “You should know the consequences of pushing me too hard.”

Eve suddenly became calm. She smiled and stared at him, “You are still like this. Why should I go back with you?”

Edgar was speechless.

“Are you taking me back for you to torture me?” Eve questioned him one by one. “Or every time we have disagreements, you would say to me that I should know the consequences of pushing you too



hard? I’m not masochistic, Edgar. I don’t accept your morbid possessiveness.”

“Are you determined to stay here?” Edgar lost control of his emotions.

“Yes.” Replied Eve frankly.

Edgar clenched his fists.

The coldness in his eyes almost turned into substance. He ordered the bodyguards, “Take her away!”

“Yes, Mr. Williams.” The bodyguards rushed into the villa without hesitation.

“Miss Eve, you go in first. Well take care of here.” The bodyguard of Sarah made a decision quickly. “Remember to lock all the doors.”

After telling them to be careful, Eve went in.She knew that staying here would only make things worse.

Edgar wanted to chase after her, but was stopped by the bodyguards.

There were only three bodyguards here, and one of them went shopping early in the morning.

The two sides of the bodyguards began to fight. Although Sarah’s bodyguards were able to fight against three by one, but seven or eight of them were brought by Edgar. After some of them were restrained, Edgar went to kick the door.

But after ten minutes, Edgar didn’t even open the first door. His eyes were burning with anger and he began to lose his temper.

What the hell was this door.

How could it be so hard to open and of such good quality!!!



Seeing that they couldn’t open the door, the bodyguards stopped fighting.

They stood aside and began to say sarcastically, “Mr. Williams, you don’t have to waste your energy. Miss Yeats said that the quality of her door is the best. You can’t open it without the key and password.”

To be honest, he had been suspicious before.

Now seeing that they kicked, bumped and even picking without opening the door, his admiration for Miss Yeats had risen to another level.

“Aren’t you afraid that I call the police?” The door didn’t move even though he was sweating.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and said, “This way, please.”

If it was before, they would have worried that the police would come and it would be difficult to deal with.

But now, Mr. Williams with others broke into the house. Even if he called the police, it was his fault. Most importantly, Miss Yeats should be here soon.

As soon as Miss Yeats arrived, the situation was stable.

Edgar was furious.

What kind of ex-wife would only make him unhappy!

“Eve, do you think hiding from me can solve the problem?” Edgar knew that Eve could hear him, so he said directly, “Don’t forget that we are still on a marriage certificate. Legally, you are still my wife.”

“Miss Yeats said that she would sue for a divorce for Miss Eve in a month.” The bodyguard said again.

His eyes were as sharp as knives.



Why didn’t the bodyguard realize that he was talking too much?

“Does she think that as the daughter of the Yeats Group, Sarah can interfere in other people’s family affairs at will?” Said Edgar impatiently.

The bodyguard said, “This is called punishing the evil and showing kindness.”

“Don’t you want to stay here anymore?”

“Mr. Williams, I’m the bodyguard of the Yeats Family, not Williams’.”

Edgar was so angry that he felt a sharp pain in his lungs.

None of them was good, neither Sarah nor her bodyguards.

“Edgar, you can leave now.” Eve opened the window upstairs and said indifferently, ‘Til go back to Atlanta to divorce you later.”

Hearing this, Edgar felt like a knife was stabbed in his chest and pulled it out mercilessly.


Was he so cruel to her?

“If you don’t want me to tell your parents about it, just divorce me.” Edgar’s eyes darkened. In the end, he used the most despicable method.

He knew that the parents of Eve were typical vampires.

But he didn’t care. He had a lot of money. As long as they didn’t disturb him and Eve, he could remit a huge sum of money to them every month.

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If they knew that Eve was going to divorce him, they would definitely make a scene.

Once a fight broke out, Eve’s career would be ruined and she would never have a stable life.

If she wanted to. She had to come back to him.

Eve’s face turned pale!

Edgar grasped her vital energy and said word by word, “Eve, you are a smart woman. You should know what is the best choice.”

“If you are with me, I can help you block your parents.” Staring at her pale face, Edgar’s heart was clenched, but now he had only one way to go. “I can let you act, and I will give you whatever you want.”

Eve clenched her fists.

Before she and Edgar got married, she remitted money to her family every month. Every time she did, they wouldn’t make a fuss.

But after marrying him, he had fed them too much.

“I promise I will treat you well and won’t let you down, and I won’t doubt you because of others’ words.” Edgar promised.

Hearing this, Eve smiled sadly. She felt a dull pain in her chest.

At this moment. She felt depressed. She had no power or money. She was a person who could be controlled at any time by Edgar. If she was happy and guilty, he would coax her.

When she was unhappy and doubted, she would be treated coldly by threatening.

Seeing her like this, Edgar’s heart skipped a beat for no reason, and his whole heart was gripped.



“I won’t go back with you.” Eve had never been so determined, “And I won’t be with you anymore.”

“You’ve made up your mind.” Said Edgar. His heart sank, and the uneasiness in his heart became more and more obvious.

“What is it to think about?” A calm and pleasant voice suddenly sounded. Wearing a business suit, Sarah walked over with a car key.

“Any normal person will choose to stay as far away from you as possible.”

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