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Choose to let go

As soon as Sarah appeared, she became the focus of the crowd.

Standing by the window, Eve’s depressed heart suddenly relaxed, and her eyes were instantly filled with tears. “Sarah!”

“Miss Yeats.” The two bodyguards called her in a neat line.

Sarah handed the car keys to them.

Then she looked at Edgar and asked, “Do you want to leave by yourself or should I force you to leave?”

Sarah emphasized the word ‘force’.

Edgar knew clearly that Sarah was threatening him.

He had thought about confronting her, but he also knew that if they were to fight, she would never fight with other bodyguards.

The first one would definitely be him. He couldn’t beat her!!!

At this moment, he hated very much why he didn’t go before when he was dragged by Jason to practice his martial arts.

If he went there, it might be Sarah who was knocked down at the moment!

“Can you stop being so annoying?” Edgar was very dissatisfied with Sarah. “This is my family affair with Eve. It’s none of your business.”



“She is my friend.” Sarah said four words.

She was not a nosy person.

But since Eve was her friend, she disdained such a bad man as Edgar either.

It was normal for girls to help girls.

“If I were you, I would go back and hire a top lawyer with a high salary now.” She mocked him deliberately. “In this way, maybe you wouldn’t lose too much in the lawsuit.”

Edgar was really angry at the moment, but he could not vent his anger.

He couldn’t compete in martial arts and family background.

Now he even lost his vital energy field!

“I’m really just here to have a good talk with Eve.” Said Edgar. “I know I wronged her. I’m here to make up for her.”

“Make it up?” Sarah said coldly.

Edgar didn’t realize that, “Yes.”

“Do you need to poke others in order to make up for it?” She retorted mercilessly.

Edgar was speechless.

What could he do.Since Eve refused to go back with him, he could only force her in this way.

“In the past, I thought you and Jason were two jerks on a par.” She really didn’t expect that Edgar would do this. “But now I feel that you are more evil than him.”



Jason wouldn’t threaten her by the same thing with such a despicable method.It was obvious that Jason was a jerk.He thought she was a fool.

“You said you wanted to make up for her and be good to her, but I only saw some tricks from your behavior.” Every word of her was straight to the heart of Edgar.

Edgar was so angry that he retorted, “Why do you say that?”

“Do you know what is love?” She asked directly.

Edgar was speechless.It was the first time that he had such a feeling of absence.

“Do you want to say that the reason why you take Eve with you is to take better care of her, to better support her and to let her live a carefree life?” Every word of Sarah fell on the key point, “You think this is your love.”

“Isn’t it?” Asked Edgar.

“No.” Replied Sarah. “You didn’t even ask her whether she would like to do these things.”

Edgar fell into silence since he couldn’t retort.

There were some words that were piled up in his chest, and he really wanted to refute her, but he was very clear that if he said those words, she would say something more that make him useless.

“I want to have a talk with Eve.” He said after a while.


Sarah agreed.

Ten minutes later.


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Then Edgar walked into the living room and sat at the opposite of Eve. Next to Eve was Sarah.

At first, Sarah was going to wait aside. It was not appropriate for her to be here while the two having a talk, but Eve asked her to stay.

“I’ve said everything I should say.” Said Eve. With Sarah by her side, she felt powerful. “What do you want to say?”

“You won’t give me any chance?” Asked Edgar.

Eve replied, “No.”

“You don’t want to be with me.”


“Why?” Edgar didn’t understand. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I won’t make decisions because of others in the future. I will put you in the first place.”

“I’m tired.” Eve didn’t like the life in a rich family.

Edgar was a good-looking man. He had been studying well since he was a child, and he was also good at managing a company.

Because of her marriage, she had received a lot of women’s provocation and disgust. They all thought that she, an actress in the entertainment circle, had climbed up the ladder. She didn’t tell Edgar or anyone about it.

But she was not happy at that time. She was provoked outside and faced the cold air of Edgar at home.She was very tired.



When she learned that Sarah was the daughter of the Yeats Group a few days ago, she was relieved.

After all, in the past, she had been worried that Edgar would take revenge on Sarah. She had thought that if he really came to threaten Sarah, she would compromise.

At least, she couldn’t let Edgar really deal with Sarah.

Fortunately, God blessed her.

“Try another month.” Said Edgar, still unwilling to give up. “If you insist on divorce, I promise you.”

“No.” Eve refused bluntly.

This simple word made him understand what Eve was thinking and that she would never look back.He looked at her and finally stood up.

Seeing him walking out, Eve felt sad.

It hurt because she had loved him, but she knew what choice she should make.

“By the way.” Edgar suddenly stopped and said.

Eve looked over and suppressed her emotions, “What?”

“You don’t have to specially go to Atlanta to divorce me.” His whole heart was very depressed, and his breath was very uncomfortable. “Tomorrow I will sort out the divorce agreement and send it to you. If you have any requirements, send it to Sarah. I will write it on.”

He didn’t want to divorce.But now he also knew that it would leave a very bad ending for Eve if he lose the lawsuit and divorce.It was better to give up now, at least leaving a good impression on Eve.

Most importantly.

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They wouldn’t fall out completely.

Eve was stunned and didn’t expect him to say it, “Okay.”

“I’ll comfort your parents.” Finally, Edgar compromised. After all, he couldn’t do anything better than Sarah. “You don’t have to worry too much.”

“Fine.” Said Eve.

Edgar looked back at her, moved his lips and finally said nothing.

The two looked at each other across the air, and there were more or less complex emotions deep in their eyes.

“Let me put it this way.” Edgar said to Sarah with a little ferocity, “If anything happens to Eve under your care, I will never let you go.”

Sarah ignored him.She thought that Edgar was deliberately looking for a sense for Eve.

Suppressing his sadness, Edgar strode out of the room, as if all his arrogance and confidence had been destroyed in an instant.

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