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Arrange me a job like bodyguard or secretary

When she saw the man standing behind her, she froze for a moment and her mind was filled with questions

Captain Leon?

“You brat.” grandpa Thomson’s voice interrupted her daze, “I thought you could not make it.” “When have I ever broken a promise to you?” Captain Leon had a nice, deep voice, and with a height of 6 foot 3, he was tall and handsome.

“All right.” Grandpa Thomson didn’t want to be a third wheel here, “You don’t have to talk these claptrap to me here, I’ll check if dinner is ready, you guys talk first.”

Captain Leon nodded slightly and said with dignity, “Right.”

As soon as grandpa Thomson left.

The air suddenly became quiet.

Sarah was not a timid girl, and she was calm and unruffled even when she went to see

Jason’s parents with him.

But now.She was really afraid of him.

“Why are you so nervous ?” Captain Leon joked as seeing her dull look.

Sarah kept silent.

How could she not be nervous?



Captain Leon took a step forward and sat down in the seat where grandpa Thomson had just sat, “Sit down, please.”

Sarah sat down obediently.She hadn’t figured it out until now. Didn’t he say he wouldn’t be back until the 7th?

And it seemed to be 6th today.

“Shall we warm you up with a five thousand meter weight run first?” He served her a cup of tea, with a light and casual tone, “tomake you relaxed?”

Sarah,“There was totally no need!

“Atha.” Captain Leon called her pet name.

“Yes?” Sarah answered subconsciously.

“One more round.” “Dinner is ready, I reckon.” “Grandpa Thomson didn’t say.”


Usually, she would have been calm, but now she had something on her mind, and she had been worried about what the captain Leon had said earlier that he would like to talk to her about it.

It was like the sword of Damocles, which made her kind of wary.

Captain Leon set up the chess pieces one by one. Seeing that she was not in her mood, he said slowly, “Do you want me to talk to you about the last time you took me as a cat’s paw or do you want to play chess with me?”

“I’ll play chess with you.”



Sarah answered without hesitation.

Looking at her with his dark eyes, Captain Leon asked, “where’s your courage after getting married?”

“You mean?”

“Weren’t you very bold before?”

“In front of you, no matter how bold I am, I would be scared.” Sarah changed the topic instantly and looked up at him, “I remember that Robert said that you would be back on 7th, Why did you be here today?”

His thin lips were slightly pursed, and with his short hair he looked hard, handsome, and reserved, and because of the white shirt he was wearing, he also had a kind of scholar’s style.

Seeing him like this, Sarah was stunned.

An idea popped into her head: the captain wasn’t unattractive.

If her thought was known by t Julian or Wilson or others, they would have accused her of missing such a handsome man.

What do you mean by ‘not unattractive. He was an one-hundred- percent handsome man.

“That’s a lie.” said Captain Leon carelessly.

“What?” Sarah felt confused.

“In case you getting away.” His pair of eyes seemed to have insight into everything, “If I was correct, in your original plan, you would take a flight and leave New York after having the talk with grandpa Thomson. Is that right?”



Sarah was shocked.

Sure enough.

Captain Leon was just too smart.

“Are you afraid that I will have you to take responsibility for what happened last time?”

Captain Leon said casually, but he was also sounding out her.

“No.”” Sarah was telling the truth, she didn’t think such a ruthless man with a stony heart could have any feelings, so she said, “I just didn’t want to be punished with weight running and frog jumping.”

Hearing this, captain Leon’s eyes revealed a hint of understanding.

He knew that just like the story of the frog and the boiling water, to win her heart he would have to take his time.

Feeling a little strange, Sarah changed the topic, “why are you back? On an annual leave?”

“Retired.” Captain Leon uttered a single word lightly.

Sarah, “?”

She stopped what she was doing and asked, “retired?” “Yes.” “I don’t understand, why?”

His military prowess was among the best in the army. He led the troops to accomplish many difficult missions and awarded many medals.

Most importantly, he had a promising future.

Why would he want to retire from the army?



“In fact, I was badly injured on a mission a year ago and the doctor said I couldn’t do any intense daily training.” He was telling the truth to her. “Anyway, as the successor had been groomed to take over my position, it’s time for me to retire.”

Sarah felt distressed for him and she was going to ask why he hadn’t said anything about that, but then she remembered maybe it was because some missions were confidential and he had his own difficulties.

So she asked in a different way, “How are your injuries now?”

“I’ve recovered, I just can’t do intense physical training.” He knew she was worried and he was reassuring her.

Sarah was relieved and asked something else, “And are those people willing to let you retire?”

Captain Leon had outstanding abilities and even if he could no longer train intensely every day, staying in the army would still be possible for him.

His leaders would have definitely tried to persuade him to stay, unless…captain Leon was determined to leave.

Captain Leon suddenly smiled and said in the same casual tone as usual, “I had planned to transfer to civilian work, but they all refused.”

Sarah didn’t say anything.

That’s because they were afraid of being screwed by you.

Except for training, he was easy to get along with, but he always unwittingly set others up.

Robert learnt his cunning from captain Leon “Then what are you doing now?”




Sarah didn’t want to talk to him.

As long as he was willing, he would have countless iron dishes to eat.

How could he had no job.

“Do you have any job available in your company?” His mind was too deep for Sarah to make out what was he thinking. Just give me a position as a bodyguard or secretary or something.

Hearing this, Sarah was almost choked.

Not to mention that captain would receive a substantial settlement when he retired, his family could support him as well.

Although she did not know exactly what his family background was, she had once heard grandpa Thomson mentioned before that captain Leon lived in a wealthy family.

“Chairman Yeats, are you fear that I’m not good enough to protect you?” He still had that scattered tone, and no one could guess what he was thinking.

She felt that she had to come clean now.

Chairman Yeats?

Last time when he called Julian Mr.white, Julian was punished to run ten kilometers with heavy weight.

She couldn’t calm down and wanted to have a talk with him.

“Captain Leon.” “No more captain now, just call my name.

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“Yes?” “Will Gardner.”

Sarah was so nervous and she took a sip of tea.

At this moment she wished that her friends were there to at least put in a good word for her.

She thought.

Captain Leon was definitely holding a grudge against the last time she used her as a cat’s paw.

Well, if I can’t have your consent, then I have no choice but submit my resume to Angel

International Group.” with his slender fingers holding a chess piece, will Gardner said in a reserved and loose manner, “with my skills, I believe I can apply for the job successfully.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say.

Of course he could not only get the job successfully.

But also he would be directly recruited by HR as the head of bodyguard.

It was easy for him to beat her and be Sivan.

“Are you serious…that you want this job?” she didn’t know his family background and she wouldn’t look into it.

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