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Just told him!

Looking at the messages, she replied them one by one.

As soon as she got on the taxi, she received a call from him. “Where are you?”

“In a car.” She said directly. She also talked to him, “Oh, please, if someone asks you something about Jenny’s phone, you need to answer him that you found it.”

Preparation was the first pick..

All possible things should be included..

Actually, he wanted to know why, but he thought she may do something, and he just said, “Okay.”

Sarah was a little surprised.

Shouldn’t he ask her why?

“Did they know something among us?” said Jason, who was more concerned about this thing.

“No, it was just his thoughts.” She told him with more emotions. “As usual, be normal. OK?”

“Okay,” said Jason.

“That’s it.” then she hung up

“Hold on!”

He stopped her.



It had been a long time since he had an effective talk with her. The short but peaceful conversation calmed him down.

“Anything else?” she asked indifferently



“I want to see you for dinner.”

“I have no time. That’s all.”

This time, she hung up the phone without hesitation.

He looked at the screen of his phone, which was getting blank. His dark eyes were no longer indifferent as before, but with sorrow.

Sitting on the driver’s seat, Chris murmured, “You can’t do that like this. It’s a date. You know.”

He looked at him.

“You should have booked a restaurant in advance and the flowers are ready,” said Chris seriously. “And you should take a good rescue to make an appointment with Miss Yeats. Then we can have dinner together.”

“She hate it,” said Jason firmly.

She didn’t want to see him now. She didn’t like him.

If he did so, he would lost her.



“Of course she likes it, unless she doesn’t like the person who asked her out.”

Are you serious?

“May I need to tell Sivan that you told me how to make a date with Sarah?” said Jason, looking at the back of his head with obvious displeasure in his eyes.

Chris was shocked.

Damn it!

How could he forget that Sivan liked her so much.

“It’s a joke. Don’t be serious.” He added, “Take it easy.”

He knew what kind of person he was, but in the end, he said to him, “Please be careful!”

“Yes, sir.”

Then he drove away.

On the way back home, he looked at the back seat from time to time and saw Jason looking out of the window silently. He still had feelings.

Since he knew that Cindy Thomsen was the controller, he had changed a lot.

He began to think in a different position and consider these things in many aspects.

As soon as she hung up the phone, she called Julian.

When Julian saw that, he was so excited that he raised his voice,




Sarah was speechless

“Sarah, where are you now?” a series of questions smashed into her.

“Are you leaving?”

“In the car.” She answered them simply “Are you still here?”


“Okay, I’ll be right there.”


Julian hung up the phone easily. His fair and face were still covered with sweat. He told Robert and Will what he talked with Sarah at the first time, “Sarah was leaving and she will meet us here.”

Robert looked at Will, and finally pushed his glasses to keep silent.

Since Julian picked up the phone and called Sarah, Will had been looking at him lazily.

Julian, “???”

What happened?

Will and Robert kept silent.

“Why didn’t you say something?” asked Julian, confused.

As soon as he picked up a bottle of water to drink, he heard Will ask him casually, “Are you good with Sarah?”



“Of course!” said Julian. He didn’t realize that it was a start. “I was the first one to know when did she married Jason and when did she ended her marriage, earlier than others.”

Robert coughed.

After drinking the water, Julian looked confused and cared him,

“Robert, did you catch a cold?”

“No.” said Robert.

“What’s wrong?”

‘what’s going on? Why was Robert so strange today?’.

“Come on. A few more rounds,” said Will, standing up and taking up the racket. “Come on. We can stop when she arrived”

“Robert, it’s your turn.”

“He wants you.”

“I did it.” He was so naive. “Your turn.”

“Julian, come on. His physical condition is better than your, so it’s your turn.” At the critical moment, Will said, “You should practice more.”

Julian’s turned cold.

Why did he feel that will was going to do something to him?




It must be an illusion. He didn’t offend him.


As the two started to play, Julian felt very tired.

He could receive it every time, but he had to consume a lot energy every time. After a few punches, he began to pant.

His face was covered with sweat. He bent down with his hands on his knees and said, “No. That’s all”

“Are you serious? You are not like that several years ago. How could you be so weak?”.

Although Julian was the weakest in the team before, he was not bad.

But he was so tired after playing for a short time.

Julian felt sick.

‘Damn it!

“Go to basement to practice more.” he was really worried about his health.

Julian was speechless

Robert, “?”

The two of them looked over at the same time and asked,


“A training base I applied for from the organization,” said Will coldly. “There are ex servicemen and others in it.”

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Julian hated him.

It seemed that he would be scolded again.

“What did she say to you when she left?”


“What is she going to do?”

“I don’t know,” said Julian. He didn’t expect that Will would ask such a question, so his eyes were a little evasive. “Why don’t you ask her when she comes back?”

Sarah had told him not to tell Will about it. He had to keep it a secret!

“You don’t know, really?”


“Are you sure?”

“Will, please forgive me. Sarah has emphasized that it is a secret.”

Seeing that he couldn’t hold his words, he decisively told him something. “You can get the answer from her not me!”

He would stick to Sarah’s secret in front of others and would never betray her.

But in front of leader, it was better to tell him!

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