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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

If Jason is killed, I’ll let you go

Upon hearing this.

At the same time, both Maxwell and Alicia’s eyes fell on Sarah.

The expression on Sarah’s face didn’t change. She wouldn’t reveal anything unusual until the last minute.

“Or her.” Said Jenny, as she moved her finger to Alicia. “If you still don’t think so, it could be me.” Jenny seemed like feeling desperate.

Maxwell smiled, “Do you really want your brother to be separated from you?”

“I’ve told you.” Replied Jenny, “You don’t believe it yourself.”

Maxwell stared at her.

After she quarrelled with him, the fear in her heart seemed to disappear. “I’ve never seen or heard of that person. What do you want me to say? Just kill me too. Maybe that K will save me.”

“Do you want to die so much?” Said Maxwell in a long voice, as he casually pinching her chin.

“You want me to die.” Jenny was a little panicked.

“It’s fine that you don’t know it. Why are you so angry?” Maxwell loosened her chin and pulled her into his arms with a good temper. “How can I not believe you?”

This transformation.

There was no response from Jenny.



She had known that this man was fickle, and she had also went through the moment that he was about to vent on her a second ago, but then he turned to be gentle and spoiled.

He was a lunatic!

“As long as you behave well, your brother will be fine.” Maxwell gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

Jenny’s body trembled slightly, and her back was in a cold sweat.

Seeing this scene, Sarah knew that the gentleness of Maxwell was just an illusion. He tucked her hair in just to see if there was a micro earphone in her ears.

This man was so thoughtful.

“Jenny.” Maxwell seemed to be in a good mood, and his voice became more lingering.

It was freezing cold all over Jenny’s body, without any warmth.

Maxwell forced her to look at him. “Are you angry with me?” “No.”

“How about I allow you to bite me to calm you down?” Maxwell coaxed her patiently.

If others saw this, they might say that this boyfriend was so gentle and pampered her so much.

However, the only thing Jenny could do was to be afraid. She knew very well how moody Maxwell was.

“I did it for your safety.” Maxwell’s slender fingers pinched her waist and smiled dotingly.

“K is not a good person. If you have anything to do with her, you will die miserably.”

‘It would be you who killed me miserably, weren’t you?’

This idea came to Jenny’s mind.



Maxwell counted her fingers and said, “Your grandmother is old and she is painful lying there. I did this to make her die with less pain. Do you understand my painstaking efforts?”

Her heart trembled, and the scene she had just seen appeared in her mind again.

She would cut him into pieces one day.

Revenge for grandma!

“Do you understand?” Maxwell pinched her when he saw her emotion bursted out.

All of a sudden, a chill ran down her spine. Jenny held back her emotions and said the most reluctant words, “I do.”

“Good girl.” Maxwell was satisfied.

Seeing that Jenny was scared to death, Alicia said to Maxwell, “Why are you so evil to frighten a girl?”

“I like it, it has nothing to do with you.” Said Maxwell in a dragged tone. “You just need to find out K.”

“I can’t find her.” Only Alicia dared to talk to him in this way. She didn’t forget to tell Jenny, “Your grandmother is fine. He lied to you just now.”

“What?” Asked Jenny in a daze.

“That picture was faked by someone he found before.” Alicia told the truth, but Maxwell didn’t stop her. “Your grandmother is living well.”

All of a sudden, a wave of lingering fear rose in Jenny’s heart.

Maxwell was really terrifying.



It could not be recognized the traces of fake at all in such a vivid picture. It turned out to be fake. If she had just betrayed Sarah, didn’t she do something bad to Sarah again?

She peered at Alicia, but from the corner of her eyes, she saw Sarah. It turned out that

Sarah would really keep her promise.

“Is what she said true?” Jenny asked Maxwell, “Is my grandmother still alive?”

“In your mind, I am a person who will kill innocent people at random?” Maxwell poured a glass of wine and behaved like a gentleman.

Jenny said yes in her heart.

But she didn’t dare to say so. She could only say, “No.”

On Maxwell’s face, the smile seemed to be pretended, gentle but cold. He was a gentleman in surface but a lunatic inside. She didn’t dare to disobey him, nor did she dare to displease him.

What happened in the past was deeply rooted in her heart. She was afraid.

Maxwell didn’t expose her lie and took a sip of the wine.

It was great that she was afraid of him.

Then she wouldn’t run away and stayed by his side obediently.

Another period of time passed.

Maxwell took out an iPad. When he saw that Jason was sitting on the beach in a shirt, an unknown emotion surged from his body.



‘You owe me this, Jason.’ He thought.

‘You can pay it back slowly.’

“Miss Yeats.” Maxwell handed the iPad to Sarah, “Check on your ex husband. Do you think he is miserable?”

Sarah saw him.

In the dark environment, Jason was sitting on the beach. The cold sea wind blew on him, making her feel cold even it was on the screen.

What a stubborn man! Why was he so stubborn and didn’t believe her?

He didn’t have to suffer this.

“What kind of feud do you have with him?” This was the second time that Sarah asked him.

“He took away my favorite Sarah and hasn’t cherished you.” Said Maxwell slowly, “What kind of feud do you think it is?” Sarah knew that he didn’t tell the truth. “If you didn’t let

Jenny get close to him, would anything happened?”

“I just asked Jenny to have a try. I didn’t expect that he would really divorce you for her.” Said Maxwell, as if he was telling a story. “Do you think it’s better to throw such a double minded man into the sea or gouge out his heart and lungs?”

“I have nothing to do with him.” Sarah replied indifferently. “I just want to know when you will let me go.”

“When he died.” Maxwell said seriously, “When Jason died, I will let you go.”

Sarah frowned a little.

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About half an hour later.

Sarah was sure that this ship was heading for the Green Island.

Before Alicia and Maxwell noticed her, she pressed a tiny device that she had hidden before.

There were three buttons on the equipment in total. One represented abroad, two represented at home, and three represented no fixed position.

She pressed number two.

The Green Island was at home.

After Sarah pressed it, she still sat in the chair and appreciated the scenery outside the ship as before.

The news that she was at home had spread out, but the place where the Green Island was located was too remote, and even no one would go there at all.

If Jacob and others followed her positioning track, it would be easy to be discovered by Maxwell. She had to tell them the location in advance

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