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Sent out the message

While she was thinking.

She came up with an idea, but she didn’t know… if it would work.

She stood up. Before she could take a step forward, Maxwell’s eyes fell on her. “Miss Yeats, what are you doing?”

“Go to the bathroom.” Sarah summarized four words.

“You go with her.” Maxwell said to Alicia.

“There’s no need for that.” Said Alicia, holding a straw and a glass of juice. “She can’t run away on the ship.”

“Yes, she can’t run away, but it’s easy to hide a person on such a large ship.” Maxwell didn’t like accidents. He stared at Sarah and said, “What’s more, Miss Yeats is not familiar with this ship. What if she gets lost later?”

Then Alicia put down the juice and took Sarah to the bathroom.

On their way to the bathroom, Alicia kept chatting with her and asked with concern,

“What do you want to eat later? I’ll tell the cook.”

“I’m not a picky eater.”

“You have the same character as my master.”



To prevent her suspicion, Sarah asked, “Is it because I look like your master that you are so enthusiastic about me?”

“Of course not.” Alicia retorted, “I just think that if you know my master, you must be able to make friends with her. You are neither talkative nor picky about food.”

“You overthought it.” Said Sarah lightly.

When they arrived at the bathroom.

Sarah went through the process and came out with a hesitant look.

“What’s wrong?” Alicia noticed and then asked.

“I want to take a shower.” Sarah blurted out, “I didn’t take a shower last night. I feel uncomfortable.”

“Just do it.” Alicia blurted out. She didn’t think so much of these things. “I’ll take you there.”

Then Sarah went with her.

At this time, Sarah thought it was good to have an apprentice who had surrendered to her opponent.

She could use her occasionally to achieve her goal.

Alicia took Sarah to her room, after telling Sarah something, she locked the door and went toward Maxwell again.

After entering the room, Sarah inadvertently looked around the whole room. After confirming that there was no monitor, she put on her fingerstall and opened Alicia’s computer.

She knew it was not good to use other people’s stuff without consent, but in this situation, she could ignore these for the time being.



The moment she turned on the computer, Alicia received a power on reminder.

Sarah also found that.

She didn’t panic.

Her fingers were typing quickly on the keyboard.

After a short while, she sent the news that the target was in the Green Island to Jacob and others, including Captain Leon.

As for Jason, she wanted to say something, but she found that no matter what she said, he would always take his own considerations into account. In the end, she only sent him a message: Don’t worry. I’m safe.

After sending out the message, she quickly mobilized the computer of Julian.

Then she planted a virus in Alicia’s computer.

As soon as she did so, a dialog box appeared on the computer: Is it you?

Julian was so excited.

But he didn’t dare to call her Sarah.

If Sarah didn’t do it, her identity would be exposed.

Sarah knew that there was not much time left for her, and she also knew that Alicia would come to check after she saw the power on alert.

She made a long talk short with Julian: It’s me. You can click on the stuff I set on your computer before and press the ‘Enter’ button every ten minutes. I just planted the virus into Alicia’s computer. When you



press the ‘Enter’ button. The virus here will upgrade. Julian was reliable: No problem.

Then Sarah closed the dialog box to set everything back and turned off the computer.

After making sure that her fingerprints wouldn’t be left, she went to the bathroom to open the shower head and began to take off her clothes to take a shower.

The first thing Alicia did when she came in was to check her computer. When she found that it was powered off, she frowned slightly.

What happened?

How could there be a power on reminder when the computer was powered off?

She wanted to suspect Sarah, but if Sarah turned on her computer and then turned it off, she would also receive a power-off reminder.

She couldn’t figure it out and turned on the computer.

As a result!

She was numb to see the computer!

What happened?!

She had no time to think about anything else. She pulled a chair and began to crack the virus.

As the crack was about to succeed, it appeared again. At first, she was a little suspicious that it was Sarah who did it. After all, if she was really K, she could still turn off her computer without power-off reminder.

But after the virus was upgraded, she had no doubt at all.



Wait, there was something wrong!

Alicia stopped typing.

What if Sarah pretended to be bathing with water in the bathroom and was actually messing with her?

Thinking of this possibility, she didn’t care about any virus.

It was just a virus that could destroy her computer and locate her.

She didn’t care.

She tiptoed to the door of the bathroom. Hearing the sound of water dripping inside, then she gritted her teeth and opened the door with a click. She broke in!

As soon as Sarah heard the noise, she immediately pulled the bath towel to cover herself and stared at her vigilantly.

She had always thought that Alicia was just eavesdropping at the door to see if she was taking a real shower or not. But she never expected that she would open the door and come in directly.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked with a frown.

“No… nothing…” Alicia’s face flushed at once. “I just want to have a check if there are any bad guys here.”

Sarah was speechless.

Sarah sent her two words, “Get out.”



“We are all girls. Don’t be shy.” Seeing that her skin was fair mixed with red all over, Alicia blushed even more. “I’ll go out first. Take your time to shower…”

Then she closed the door with embarrassment.

She covered her face outside the door!

What happened!!!!

Why did she suspect that Sarah was pretending to take a shower.

Sarah would think she was a rogue, a female rogue!

Her master had told her that she should be responsible for seeing people’s body all over, but how could a girl be responsible for her?

What could she do? What could she do?


She thought, ‘Your virus has really hurt me.’ Sarah had no idea that her disciple had made up so much outside.

She was still a little restless, so she took the shower as soon as possible. Before she could go out, Alicia stood outside the door with a bag in her hand, saying that she was sending clothes to her.

Sarah didn’t refuse. After she changed clothes, she could just dry her own.

After taking a shower, Sarah put the micro tracker given by Will in the safest position on her body again, and then she put the cards and another equipment in place.

When everything was ready, she went out.

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As she just went out.

She saw Alicia looking back at her with a silly expression.

“Sarah… Wait for a moment.” Said Alicia, “When I finish this matter, I will give you an explanation.”

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