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May I take Sarah away

Sarah was speechless.She ignored her words.

Seeing that Alicia was still cracking the virus, she went to dry her clothes.

The clothes that Alicia gave her were similar to pajamas. Although she could wear them, it was still inconvenient for her to fight.

Fortunately, her clothes were dried very quickly. When Alicia was still cracking the virus,

Sarah changed her own clothes again, and the other things naturally returned to their original positions.

When Alicia finished her work, she saw Sarah changed her own clothes again. “Sarah, don’t you like the clothes I gave you?”

“It’s not suitable for me to go out.”

“You can sleep in this room. I will tell Maxwell.”

“He won’t agree.”

“Then I have other clothes. You can choose the one you like.”

“No, thanks.” Said Sarah. “I’m going out. Thank you.”

Looking at her like this, Alicia felt very uncomfortable. She always felt that she was regarded as a female rascal by Sarah. Her attitude of alienation was even colder than before.

Fortunately, the virus was solved, then she followed.



Seeing that the two of them had been gone for so long, Maxwell frowned slightly and asked, “Why did it take you so long?”

“It’s my fault.” Answered Alicia. “My master planted a virus in my computer and located me. Now she should know where we are.”



Maxwell peered at Sarah subconsciously.

The computer was attacked as soon as she was away, was it…

“She was with me when my computer was hacked.” Explained Alicia, but she didn’t tell him the whole story. “It’s not her.”

If the whole story was told.

Everyone would think she was a rascal.

She had self respect.

Hearing this, Jenny looked at them and was surprised how Sarah did it.

Although Sarah didn’t admit that she was K, judging from what had happened before, she was.

“Have you found her location?” Maxwell asked again.

“I can’t find it.” Said Alicia confidently. “Didn’t I tell you that I would definitely win against others, but against my master, I would definitely lose.”



Was the King of Hackers was a joke?

She was the best.

Maxwell’s eyes were so dark that no one could see through them. In the end, he said nothing.

K was indeed supreme in terms of computer, but without the computer, she was just an ordinary person.

Thinking of this.

Maxwell took out his phone and sent a message.

Compared to the relaxed atmosphere here, the others were in a different situation.

Ever since they received the news from Sarah about the Green

Island, Jacob and others had flown there as soon as possible. Robert and Julian had also made preparations.

Then Will started to contact someone.

As for Jason.

He received a message from a stranger. Although it was a virtual number, he knew it was from Sarah.

He was relieved to know her safe.

The wind at the seaside was extremely cold at this time. Wearing only a shirt, Jason was trembling with cold, but he didn’t leave.



After reading Sarah’s message, he dialed a number. It was not until the phone was connected that he asked, “Is Sarah’s location locked?”

“Yes.” The person on the other side replied briskly, “She is now on

Maxwell’s ship. According to their current route, there are three places that they can go to, the Green Island, Kodiac Island, and Miami. I don’t know the concrete place where they are going for the time being.”

“No matter where the ultimate destination is, I just want her to be safe.” Stressed Jason.

The man on the other side also promised, “No problem.”

He hung up the phone.

Only then did Jason felt a little relieved.

On the other side of Maxwell, they were watching what Jason was doing, so they quickly told Maxwell that he made a phonecall. Maxwell asked Alicia to check who was on the phone with Jason.

But she didn’t find it out.

“Didn’t you say that except for K, everyone else was defeated by you?” Maxwell felt that Alicia was playing tricks on him.

“The person who talked to Jason was either my master, or my master has encrypted it.” Said Alicia. “Judging from the interception we met when we investigated just now, it should be someone my master had helped earlier. She has designed an extremely safe mobile phone system for them.”

Maxwell was puzzled.



Sarah was lost in her thought. It might not be a big deal for someone whom she had helped, but she did sold out a mobile phone system with strong security.

She only sold it to five people.

Did Jason have anything to do with those people?

“Are you sure that the person he contacted was not K?” Maxwell asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Said Alicia in a firm tone. “If it were my master, she would probably send messages to contact him.”

“Check whom your master sold this system to and what background these people have.”

Maxwell quickly responded, “Give me the information when you find it.”

Alicia was speechless.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Maxwell asked, “Why don’t you investigate?”

“I can’t find anything related to my master.” Answered Alicia honestly. “No one could find out the deal between my master and others.”

Maxwell stared at her while shaking his glass.

After a while.

He seemed to have seen through it and said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it out. As long as we arrive at Ella Island, it doesn’t matter whether she comes or not.”

When they got there, he could rest assured to do his job.



Even if K came, she could do nothing.

“Alicia.” Maxwell put down his glass and said, “Come with me.”

Then Alicia stood up and went to the deck with him. She put her hand on the railing and asked, “Why did you ask me to come here?” “When we arrive at Ella Island, you can take a yacht and leave.”

Looking at the sea, nobody knew how Maxwell was feeling at the moment. “I have arranged everything. The following plan have nothing to do with you.”

“May I take Sarah away?”


“All right.” Alicia didn’t force him, nor did she ask more.

That was also an important reason why Maxwell had cooperated with her for so long.

Staring at them standing by the boat and feeling the wind, Jenny bit her lips. She could finally say a few words with Sarah alone. “Sarah.. I’m sorry…”

“You did a good job.” Said Sarah in a low voice, which was just heard by Jenny.

In that case, it was already amazing that Jenny could still take Sarah into consideration.

Tears welled up in Jenny’s eyes.

She was really afraid that Maxwell would fight against Sarah and recognize her identity.

“If there is any danger in the future, you don’t have to worry about me and just leave.” Sarah told her. She didn’t know what was waiting for her, but she couldn’t let anything happen to Jenny. “What about you?” Asked Jenny.

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“I got someone to pick me up.” Said Sarah.

Although Jenny was still worried, she knew that she had to listen to Sarah.

In fact, Sarah had thought about catching Maxwell on the ship and threatening his followers to drive the ship to the place where Jacob and others were. It was straight and simple.

But she also considered the character of Maxwell. He would rather sink the whole ship than let her succeed.

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