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The signal disappeared

Time passed quickly, but slowly as well.

When the ship was on the way, Maxwell called Jason and asked him to go to a place.

When he arrived, someone would take him to meet Sarah.

Sarah didn’t know about this phonecall.

She had been on the ship and wanted to take a stroll around the whole ship, but she was stopped by Maxwell.

More than an hour later, it only took five minutes to arrive at the Green Island. By the time they arrived, the eyes of Sarah and Jenny were covered by a thin layer of cloth.

The ship slowly sailed into the Green Island.

If Sarah could see, she would find that there were all kinds of large signal blocking pagodas and men in black who were disguised with guns.

They had besieged the entire Green Island.


Sarah knew nothing about it.

She didn’t know that the danger would happened later would be countless times higher than she had imagined, and she also didn’t know that Maxwell was really crazy this time.



The ship stopped on the Green Island. Sarah and Jenny were taken away, and the others on the ship also left one after another. After a while.

There were only Alicia and Maxwell left on the ship.

Standing on the deck, Maxwell gazed at the yacht not far away and said to Alicia, “Don’t come back no matter what noise you hear later.”

“What do you want to do?” Alicia had never seen him like this.

“I’m going to put an end to the matter between me and Jason.” The corners of his thin lips continued to rise. “Anyway, if you want to live, don’t come back. I’m not sure whether I can control everything here.”

Alicia frowned.

Maxwell hinted her to take the yacht and leave.

Instead of staying, Alicia went to take her computer. When she left the ship, she asked,

“What are you going to do if Jason doesn’t love Sarah anymore?”

“I will kidnap his whole family.” There was no warmth in his words, but his face was gentle. “Let him see his family die in front of him one by one.”

He was a little regretful now.

It was too boring just to kidnap Sarah. He should have kidnapped Jason’s whole family when he just divorced.

Only in this way could he feel comfortable.

“What a lunatic!” Alicia commented.



Maxwell smiled, “So do you.”

“I’m going.” Without answering his question, Alicia waved at him with her back towards him and left by yacht.

Maxwell was right.

They were all crazy.

But she was different from him. Her madness and paranoia had been cured when she met K, and to put it nicely, now she was free and easy, or put it in a bad way, she was even heartless.

She could leave everything behind at any time except herself.

Just like at this moment, even though she knew that the Green Island was in danger, she still did not take the girl named Sarah away.

It was nine thirty in the morning in New York.

The time of the Green Island was in sync.

Since Sarah’s eyes were covered after disembarked, she had kept remembering everything around her.

At this moment, through the wind that blew to her face and the sound of water waves hitting rocks, Sarah guessed that she was on the edge of a cliff.

In fact, it was true. After the group of bodyguards brought Sarah and Jenny to the edge of the highest cliff on the Green Island, they untied the black cloth covering their eyes.

Sarah regained her sight and saw everything clearly.



When she saw someone standing there with a gun, she immediately looked around.

Only then did she see the situation clearly.

The whole Green Island was packed with people. Those men in black all had guns in their hands. She couldn’t count exactly how many people there were.

At this moment, an idea came to her mind.

Jacob and Captain Leon and others couldn’t come here.

With so many people arranged by Maxwell here, even if they came here, they could not change anything.

There were at least a few hundred people. How could they solve the problem without any sound? With Maxwell’s personality, as long as he found that one person fell down, he would immediately counterattack. She couldn’t afford the consequences of counterattack.

Thinking of this.

She took out the micro locator Captain Leon gave her, which was only the size of a grain of rice.

She put it into her mouth, bit it into pieces and swallowed it.

This kind of precise device could not be crushed in any way. It couldn’t be thrown on the ground with great fanfare and smashed with a stone. Once it was done, Maxwell would find it immediately.

Biting and swallowing were the most reliable way.

At the same time.

On the side of Will.



He was with his friends. Two of them were sitting in the car, and one of them was wearing a military uniform.

When Will was talking about the dos and don’ts, he suddenly found that the locator he gave to Sarah was gone.

The red dot no longer appeared on his watch.

“Captain Leon… Why is there no signal from Pumpkin?” Jacob also called him right back.

They knew that she had entered a place with a signal barrier before when the other signals were lost. But didn’t Captain Leon said that the one he gave

Pumpkin was the most advanced one? No matter what kind of barrier it was, it couldn’t be blocked.

“You go back to New York.” Will arranged for them right away.

As a former captain, he had to keep his absolute calm and rational all the time.

They paused and asked almost at the same time, “Why?”

“There must be a major change in the Green Island. It’s very dangerous for you to go there without any equipment. Go back and wait for me in New York.” Said Will calmly. The last few words were more like a promise. “I’ll bring Sarah back.”

Sarah was not a careless person.

The sudden disappearance of the signal could not be found. It could only be that she found that the danger in that place far exceeded her estimation.

What a fool.



How could he find her if the signal was cut off!

“What’s wrong?” The man beside him asked seriously.

“I guess that Maxwell has used his ace in the hole.” Will said to him coldly. They must caught Maxwell. “I’m afraid it won’t be easy this time.”

“When did our mission be easy?” The man casually smiled, but he didn’t care. “Don’t worry. Our boss has ordered us to take Maxwell back this time in any case.”

“Let’s go.”

Will’s palms were covered with sweat.

They still needed half an hour to reach the Green Island from their position now.

Half an hour…

After closing his eyes and calming down for a while, Will began to analyze all the possibilities of what Maxwell would done after he used his ace card in his mind. The worst was that the entire Green

Island would be surrounded by Maxwell’s men and no one else could enter.

If so, Sarah would be in danger.

From the moment when Sarah destroyed the locator, she was ready not to go back.

If she was alone, she would immediately injure Maxwell and jump into the sea.

But now, there was Jenny here, and there was Jason, who was about to arrive.

She couldn’t act rashly.

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These were two innocent lives.

What’s more, it was better for her to grasp Maxwell alive. There were some secrets on him that needed to be questioned by her organization.

Sarah kept thinking about a method, but with so many people and a

Maxwell here, whose brain was abnormal and could go crazy at any time, there was really no safe way. Not… a single one.

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