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Jason is in great danger

“What are you waiting for? Let’s eat,” seeing that Sarah was standing there motionless, Will said casually.

For the first time, she felt that eating was such a difficult thing. She was so preoccupied that she slowed down her eating speed.

Taking a look at the dishes that he thought were not bad, Will raised his eyes slightly and asked, “Don’t you like them?”

“No, it’s not that,” Sarah replied.

It was the basic etiquette of free lunch. No matter what food was given, the person couldn’t be picky about food. She wasn’t picky.

“My sister was just kidding,” after thinking for a while, Sarah said, “Don’t worry about me when you cook in the future. Just cook for yourself.”

Will didn’t say anything. He put down his chopsticks and looked at her.

Sarah braced herself to look at him.

Although she didn’t need to be trained now, she still couldn’t bear the stare from Captain Leon.

“Atha,” Will called her name coldly.

Sarah’s peach blossom eyes were full of confusion, “What?”

“Don’t think too much. Eat more.”.



Sarah got confused.

What did he mean?

She wanted to ask, but she didn’t know whether she should ask or not since Captain

Leon didn’t want to say anything more.

“Captain,” Sarah thought there might be a lot of things to do later. If she still had to guard against being tricked by the captain, her brain might not be enough.

Will looked at her coldly.

Without moving her chopsticks, Sarah asked, “Do you still remember what you said before?”

“What do you mean?”

“Promise me one thing when I come back.”

After a pause, Will didn’t expect that she would suddenly mention this, “It counts.”

“I called you before and used you as an antidote, can you just ignore it?” Sarah said calmly, but her heart beat faster.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Will asked, “When did I make a fuss about it?”

“You agreed?”


Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

With one less thing in her mind, she felt a little relaxed, so that she ate faster than before.



At first, Will wanted to ask her something, but when he saw that she was enjoying the food, he didn’t ask.

After dinner, Sarah volunteered to wash the dishes, but in the end, the dishes were washed by Will. He had never thought of letting her do housework.

“Have you found out what happened between the two of them?” Will handed Sarah a glass of water after cleaning up, and sat down on the sofa next to her.

“No,” speaking of this, Sarah became serious, “I’m going to ask Serial myself.”

Will’s cold eyes darkened.

Thinking of her work, Sarah said to him in advance, “I’ve handed over your work to Sivan. You can ask him anything later. He’s more familiar with Angel International than me.”


After hesitating for a while, Will agreed.

There were still some things he had to deal with here. Serial was a cunning man, but he was not a bad guy. Will hoped Sarah could deal with him.

After sitting for a while, she went back. She didn’t directly check where

Serial was, but sent him an e-mail, about to see him. She was going to wash her hair after sending it out.


As for Serial.



After sending Jason to the hospital for treatment, he had been waiting outside the operating room.

Several hours had passed, but it was still not over. He couldn’t sit still and had the idea of returning Jason back.

“Boss, why are you so worried?” Serial’s assistant asked.

“It’s Mr. Noth from the Noth group.” Serial casually threw a sentence to him, as if he didn’t care about it, but he was still worried. “If he really dies here, Miss Yeats won’t leave me alone, not to mention the Noth family.”

The most important thing was that it took Serial a lot of effort to make

Jason to agree to make a deal with him. He should have helped, but this fellow was at his last gasp here.

He would be losing too much.

After a while.

The doctor came out with a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

“How was it?” Serial asked.

“He’s in a bad condition,” the doctor said honestly, “His body temperature has been dropping, and he has lost too much blood. In addition, the bullet is very close to his heart, so I don’t dare to take it out easily.”

“Hopeless?” Serial asked ruthlessly.

“Not really,” the doctor thought for a while and said, “If we can get in touch with Bella, who is known as the Hand of God, it should be no problem.”




“Yes, sir.”

Serial frowned and felt that he had suffered a great loss.

Everyone knew that Bella was famous for his bad temper.

As long as he had enough benefits, he could help people. But whether Bella would save someone or not depended depends on his mood. Unfortunately, his medical skills could really get people back from Hades. Most importantly, he didn’t have a good relationship with him.

“If we can’t get in touch with him within twelve hours, I’m afraid his life will be difficult to save,” the doctor said.

“I see,” Serial said. He felt that he had suffered a great loss in this deal for countless times, “You guys keep an eye on him and I’ll contact her.”

Then he walked out with his phone.

After pacing back and forth in the corridor for a while, Serial made a phone call.


After ringing twice, that person hung up the phone without hesitation.

He continued to call, but was hung up.

He called again, but was still hung up.



When he made the twelfth call, the person on the other side finally answered the phone. She said very little, “Say it.”

“There is someone I need you to save here,” Serial said in a gentle tone. He didn’t waste his time and said, “You can make whatever conditions you want.”

“I’m not interested,” after the three cold words, the person hung up the phone.

Serial was speechless.

Taking a deep breath, he stared at the number for a while and continued to dial it.

Did he owe Jason in his previous life?

This deal made him lose so much.

But no matter how hard he tried to call him this time, he didn’t answer the phone again. For a moment, he was wondering why he didn’t blacklisted his phone number, completely breaking his thought?

After making another ten phone calls, the person on the other end of the

line still didn’t answer, so he had to send the message again, but all the messages were sent to the bottom of the ocean.

After about half hour’s delay, he didn’t know what to do.

Since Serial couldn’t get in touch with Bella, he couldn’t save Jason.

It was really…

When he was thinking about this, an email popped out on his phone.

IF Link Broken Then Book Search By Name



He frowned and was about to delete the email as a spam when he saw the sender was – K.


The melancholy between his eyebrows suddenly disappeared and turned into sunny.

How could he forget it.

The relationship between Bella and K was very good. It didn’t matter

whether he could invite her or not, as long as he could persuade K.

In fact, Bella always listened to K’s words.

Thinking of this, the depression in his heart disappeared. Serial dialed the number through the link in the mailbox. This was the only way they could contact K, which was also a virtual number.

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