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It’s not worth his life

As soon as Sarah turned off the computer and was about to wash up, her phone rang.

She took it over and confirmed that it was Serial. Then she answered, “Hello.”

Hearing this, Serial was stunned.

This voice? It sounded familiar.

“K?” Serial asked as usual.

“It’s me,” Sarah said in a flat tone.

“I saw the e-mail you sent me,” without beating around the bush, he cut to the chase, “I don’t have any problem about meeting up. You decide the time and place, but now I have something to trouble you. I don’t know if it’s convenient.”

As far as he knew, K was a very straightforward person. He didn’t cheat or set a trap. That was why he made things so clear.

If it was in the past, she really wouldn’t.

But thinking that Serial had a deal with Jason, she said, “Go ahead.”

“One of my men was shot. The bullet was close to his heart and he had a high fever. The doctor didn’t dare to perform the operation easily,” Serial said simply.

“Can you help me contact Bella and ask her for a favor?”

“Of course, it’s up to you,” Serial added.



Sarah was stunned.

Gunshot? High fever?

Almost in an instant, she thought of Jason.

She quickly replayed everything that had happened from jumping off the cliff to their separation in her mind, and finally stopped on the shot from Maxwell.

At that time, she was on the yacht. When the gunshot rang, Jason seemed to stagger toward her. She didn’t think too much and just thought that the yacht was shaking.

Now she realized that it was Jason’s reaction after Maxwell hit him.

The video continued to play.

When she was about to check if Jason was okay, he changed the topic and borrowed a coat from Serial. He was a neat freak. It was impossible for him to borrow a coat from someone.

Unless he had a purpose.

For example, he didn’t want her to find out.

For a moment, she remembered all the details that had been ignored before.

Sarah felt a little depressed. No wonder she felt that his face was worse after getting on the yacht than before on the cliff. She had always thought that it was because of the contrast between his dark clothes.

After waiting for a while, there was no response. Serial could not help saying again, “K? Are you listening?”



“You owe me,” Sarah said, “Whenever I have a request, you have to promise me unconditionally.”

After a short pause.

What happened?

Why did k do this?

Sarah didn’t urge him. She wanted Jason to be safe more than

Serial, but she had to get Serial’s words. Otherwise, when Jason recovered, something bad would happen to him.

“Okay,” Serial said after thinking for a while, “As long as you ask Bella to cure my guy, I will agree to any request.”

K was not a profiteer. The guy might be in trouble when Serial made this promise.


“I sent it to your e-mail. She must be there in twelve hours, or my guy will be dead.”


Sarah hung up the phone.

After checking the e-mail and finding the address in New York, she took the car key and went out. On the way, she called Bella.

When Bella saw it was Pumpkin, she quickly picked it up, pretending to be sleepy. Lazily, she said, “Pumpkin.”



“Where are you?”

“New York.”

“Help me save a person.”


The conversation between the two was extremely simple.

After hanging up the phone, Sarah sent the address to Bella on

WhatsApp and drove to pick him up.

Along the way, she kept the car window down.

The cold wind blew in and made her very sober. She also realized that she could not keep calm and careful one hundred percent when something happened.

Normally, even if Jason had a fever, Sarah could find anything unusual as long as he was shot.

But this time, she didn’t notice it.

No wonder he kept asking her to leave and emphasized that he had something to do. She didn’t know how to describe her feelings now. Guilt, self blame, worry, everything.

She knew why he did this and why he kept it from her. But for her, those things were really not worth giving his life away. Besides, she had forgiven him.

With this mixed feeling, she sped up, picked up Bella as soon as possible, and took Bella to the place mentioned by Serial.



Bella was a handsome man, more precisely, a handsome man who always looked sleepy. He was more than 30 years old, but there was no trace of time on his face. He looked very young.

With a slightly messy hair, he turned his eyes and asked, “Who is in trouble?”

“Jason Noth,” Sarah said honestly.

Bella was confused.

Who was Jason?

He searched for memory and a person appeared, “Your ex- husband?”


“He will pay the market price.”

“Serial will pay,” Sarah gave him three words.

Thinking of the series of phone calls just now, Bella connected the two things and agreed, “Okay.”

He took the paper and pen from the side, and after asking about the conditions of Sarah, he wrote down the requirements on the paper. In addition to the thing that Sarah had said before that Serial owed

her, he had to give Bella one billion dollars. The car stopped at the gate of the private hospital. “Have a look. Is there anything else that needs to be added?”

“One billion dollars?” Sarah was a little surprised to see the content, “Have you forgotten that you can never get a dime from Serial?”



“He will,” Bella yawned and said in a lazy tone, “He has never called me since we were enemies. This time he called many times.”

“There is nothing to be added,” Sarah handed it to him. “Ask him to sign first. I’ll get off the car after he signs.”

Sarah couldn’t show up before Serial signed it.

Once she showed up, he would definitely throw Jason to her. He didn’t care whether Jason was alive or dead. Anyway, it was her business if Jason died. She could still talk about the deal between Bella and Jason if Jason survived.

Bella nodded and got out of the car with a pen and paper. He was wearing a sweater, loosen, lazy and sleepy.

Since Serial made the phone call, he had been waiting in the corridor. He didn’t know when K would come, nor did he know when Bella would come.

Waiting and waiting.

Finally he heard footsteps.

When he was about to stand up to see who it was, a piece of paper appeared in front of him, followed by the emotionless voice, “Sign it. I save him. No sign it. I’ll go. I’ll give you a minute.”


As soon as he took the paper, he saw that Bella was standing in front of him as if they had met for the first time.

He still looked like he deserved being punched.

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“You still have fifty seconds left,” Bella reminded.

“I’ll sign it,” Serial said. He took Bella’s pen and started to sign on it. But he saw the number on it when he was writing. He pointed at that place with a pen and said, “One billion.”




“Why don’t you go robbing?” Serial asked. He didn’t expect that this guy would be more arrogant than him.

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