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He’s not in a good condition

“You can refuse. No one forces you,” Bella said coldly

Serial held his breath. He really wanted to throw the paper and pen on his face and said domineeringly, “I refuse.”

But Serial also knew that if he was so willful, the consequence would be that something bad happened to Jason. At that time, the deal he had spent so much effort to get would be in vain.

No way.

“Can you lower it?” Serial began to talk to him in a good attitude, “One billion in RMB?”


Bella took the paper from his hand. She walked out lazily and didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“I’ll sign it,” Serial said.

“The last ten seconds,” Bella said as she handed the paper to Serial. With less words and sleepy eyes, he added, “It will be invalid if you exceed the time limit.”

Serial held his breath.

One day. He wanted this guy to spit out all the food he had eaten.

With all kinds of resentment and emotions, Serial stroked his name on the paper. In order to make sure that he wouldn’t go back on his words, Bella handed him a small box of ink and said, “Press the fingerprint.”



“I won’t go back on my words.”

“Three seconds.”

Serial was speechless. He hadn’t had this much emotion this year than today.

Reluctantly, he took the ink seal and pressed his finger print on the contract. He was determined that he would get the lost money back from Jason.

“You know what kind of person I am,” Serial said, handing him a piece of paper with signature and fingerprint, “When haven’t I done what I promised you?”

Taking a glance at him, Bella said, “I don’t believe you.’

Serial was speechless.

Damn it!

He still couldn’t get along well with him.

“The person you need to save is inside. The situation is very serious,” Serial said, “Come with me.”

“Wait a minute,” Bella said lightly.

Serial frowned slightly.

What did Bella want to do again?

Without answering him, she waved to the outside with a piece of paper.

Serial followed his sight.



Just as he was curious about who could be treated like this, he saw that Sarah got out of the driver’s seat with the same expression as before.

“Sarah?” Serial looked at her and asked, “Why did you bring her here?”

Bella ignored him.

It was a waste of time to talk to him more.

Looking at the piece of paper in his hand, Sarah glanced at the face that had returned to normal and asked, “Have he signed it?”

“Yes, he did,” Bella said, handing the paper to her, “Keep it safe.”

Sarah took it over.

After making sure there was no bug, she put it away.

This series of operations made Serial confused. His eyes were surging and he asked, “Are you together?”

Bella didn’t respond.

He walked inside and asked directly, “Where is the guy?”

“Are you with Sarah?” Serial asked.

Although he looked lazy, he was indifferent to him and said in a serious tone, “Do you want me to save him.”

This sentence made Serial come back to his original form.



His Adam’s apple bobbed. He looked back and forth between him and Sarah with complicated eyes and finally said, “Follow me.”

After disinfecting his body, Bella changed into a surgical gown. Under the guidance of Serial, they went to the operating room. As the door was closed, Bella walked in, and the door completely isolated the distance between the two people.

Sarah put away the contract and waited in the corridor outside the operating room.

She didn’t ask him how was Jason doing. If it weren’t for the worst, he wouldn’t have spent so much money to make a deal with her.

It meant that Jason was in extreme trouble for Serial to invite Bella.

When she was waiting outside, Serial walked towards her and sat beside her.

The two didn’t say anything.

After a long time.

Turning to look at her, he asked, “What’s the relationship between you and Bella?”

“Friend,” there was only one word from her.

“Boyfriend and girlfriend?”


“Then why did he bring you here?” Serial asked, his heart tightened a little bit, but his expression was no different from before, as if he was just chatting.

At this point, if aman and a woman were alone together, no one would believe nothing happened.



What was more, Sarah was such a lonely person. If she was not important to Bella, she would not stay with him so late.

This meant that when K was in contact with Bella, she was still with him.

Sarah got confused.

Sarah didn’t understand his question.

Serial misunderstood her reaction. He slightly raised his thin lips and said, “Miss Yeats, you are so free and easy in love. You have fallen in love with someone less than two months after the divorce?”

“What do you mean?” Sarah’s heart was almost in the operating room.

Serial didn’t say anything more, but his eyes were full of emotions.

If he hadn’t been reminded by his reason and past, he might have asked more questions that he shouldn’t have asked.

Time passed.

One hour had passed, and two hours had passed, but the door of the operating room still didn’t open.

Sarah also had a guess. She was afraid that something bad would happen to Jason.

The two people in the corridor didn’t say anything.

They had their own thoughts.

At four o’clock in the morning.

The door of the operating room opened and Bella walked out.



Sarah stood up suddenly, but Serial just looked up at her without moving.

“How is it going?” Sarah asked.

“That’s not good. Although the bullet was taken out and the blood stopped,” Bella said simply, “But the central nerve is seriously damaged. Need to see if he can wake up in forty eight hours.” “How could this be?” Sarah’s heart suddenly tightened. “He must have had a high fever before he got it this time,” Bella said bluntly, “He had a high fever again before the high fever was completely gone, and he was seriously injured after losing blood. It’s a miracle that he is still alive till now.”

If the bullet moved a little bit, Jason would have died on the spot.

Sarah was stunned.

“Even if Jason wakes up, he might be unable to speak because of the damage to the central nerve, and he might have feeling disorder, physical paralysis and other problems.” Upon hearing this.

It seemed that there was a huge stone pressing on Sarah’s heart.

All of a sudden, she didn’t know what to do, and she couldn’t imagine what she would do if what Bella had said really happened to him.

“Let’s wait and see,” Bella said calmly from beginning to end,

“Maybe God bless him. He would be fine.”

Then, Jason was sent to the ICU.

In order to make sure that he could recover better, Bella suggest them to visit him.

Standing outside the ward, through the observation window, she looked at the man lying on the bed with all kinds of tubes. She felt a dull pain in her chest.

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He must have taken the bullet for her.

The more she thought about it, the more difficult she felt as if her feet were filled with lead.

“Stop looking at him,” Bella said, who had already changed her clothes, “There are special people keeping an eye on him. You go to rest first. If something really happens to him, you have to inform the Noth family.”

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