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Sarah is going to Atlanta

“What’s the chance of him being fine?” Sarah asked.

“It’s not even zero point one.”

His words sent her into an abyss.

Zero point one, which meant that he would either become a vegetable patient or have all kinds of sequelae after his central nerve was seriously damaged.

This result was still hard for her to accept, not to mention Grandpa Noth and the others.They beat and scolded Jason, but she knew that they all liked him and cared about him.

“You don’t have to worry too much. Serial is the best in this respect,” Bella said, “With the things he has studied before, maybe Jason will be fine.”

Sarah didn’t say anything.

Serial did have great attainments in psychiatry and neurology.But Sarah was really worried about what was going on with Jason.

Standing not far away and watching them talking, Serial exhaled a mouthful of stale air and walked over, “Thank you for what happened today. You can go back now. I’ll take care of Jason.”

“Are you sure?” Sarah asked.

“No, I don’t know if it is true or not. But now you have no choice but to hand him over to me.”

Sarah was silent.



Serial was right.

The rest was about the domain of Serial. No one knew better than him.

Looking at the worry in Sarah’s eyes, Bella asked, “How much confidence do you have?”

He didn’t want to answer her question.

“To be honest, the one billion we talked about before can be reduced by half,” Bella said indifferently as if she was talking to a stranger.

Serial wanted to say who cared about it, but when he thought that it was in dollars, he answered, “About fifty percent, but the time is uncertain.”

“Are you sure it’s fifty percent?” Sarah asked.


“As long as you can cure him, the price will be up to you,” she hoped that Jason could be safe, “If you need anything, you can tell me at any time.”

“One billion,” Serial glanced at Sarah and said.

Without hesitation, Saran said, “Okay.”

Serial was speechless. He stopped talking decisively. It seemed that he had fallen into the eyes of money.

“He still has a deal that hasn’t been made with me. I’ll cure him just for this deal,” Serial said. He didn’t want anything from Sarah. He didn’t want Jason to make fun of him when he woke up, “You just need to leave him to me.”



“Well,” Sarah paused before she continued, “I can’t make the decision.”

Such a big thing should be known by the members of the Noth family.

A few days and a few months were not a big deal, but if it took half a year or more, an explanation had to be given to his family.

“If he passes the dangerous period in forty-eight hours, I will tell his family about it,” Sarah made a decision while thinking, “Ask for their opinions.”

Serial didn’t reply. He fetched a family agreement and handed it to her, “Let them sign here after the agreement is settled.”

“Okay,” Sarah said.

She spent the next two days in the hospital.

Forty-eight hours passed, and her heart was in a mess. She didn’t even notice that her palms were full of cold sweat.

The process of waiting was always very tormenting.

Every minute that passed felt longer than a year. It had only passed one minute, but Sarah felt that it had been half a year. When Serial came to tell her about the situation, he saw the worried look in her eyes. “If you’re so worried about him, why did you divorce him back then?”

Hearing the sound. She looked at Serial.

“How is it?” she asked.

“The dangerous period has passed. The good news is that he won’t become a vegetable patient,” Serial said more seriously than before, “The bad news is that the damage to the central nerve may



cause all kinds of symptoms, including but not limited to what Bella said before.”

Sarah’s heart seemed to be hammered heavily, and her whole heart was clenched, “When will he wake up?”

“One or two days,” Serial replied, “Take the family agreement and sign it in these two days. When he wakes up, I will transfer him to my place. It has more equipments, which is good for treating him.”

“Okay,” Sarah said.

Seeing that she was still standing there, Serial slightly raised his eyebrows and said, “If we don’t go there now, it will delay the best time for his treatment.”

“I want to have a look at him,” Sarah said.

Serial let Sarah to see Jason.

Sarah came to the ward.

At this time, his eyes were deeply closed, and his face was bloodless. He was no longer cold and aloof as he used to be, nor was he as lively as before. He was extremely quiet.

Looking at Jason like this, Sarah’s heart ached. She stood beside his bed and looked at him for a while before leaving the ward.

She got all the physical data of Jason from Serial and booked a ticket to Atlanta.

She had never expected that things would turn out like this.

According to the original plan.

They divorced and they will live their own life.



If it weren’t for Maxwell and if she hadn’t proposed to cooperate with him, nothing would’ve happened.

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. Her sanity was broken through at this moment.

Her mind was in a mess. She got on the plane and went to Atlanta.

Sitting on the plane, she looked out of the window at the blue sky and white clouds, and all kinds of past memories of her and Jason flashed through her mind. She had been gentle and patient when she had just gotten married, respected and understood, then doubted and distrusted, looked at each other sternly, and now he was risking his life to protect her.

As if it had happened yesterday, scenes appeared.

It was at this moment that she understood what people often said, except for life and death, everything was not important. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the plane landed.

When she walked out of the airport, she was about to call a taxi to the Noth family, but then she thought of the old Grandpa Noth and kind Mrs. Noth.

If she told them directly, they might not be able to bear it.

Thinking of this.

Sarah took a taxi and left the airport.

After getting in the car, she sent a message to Mr. Noth. She was afraid that Mrs. Noth would hear her over the phone call.

Sarah: “Mr. Noth, are you there?”

Mr. Noth: “Yes, I am.”

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“Is it convenient for you now? I have something to talk to you alone.”

Seeing that, Mr. Noth stopped what he was doing with his mobile phone and subconsciously glanced at his wife who was playing chess with Grandpa Noth.

While his wife was playing the game terribly, Grandpa Noth didn’t show any displeasure. Instead, he guided her patiently. “What are you looking at?” Grandpa Noth scolded Mr.Noth, not caring that he was already a father, “If you didn’t occupy Stephanie that much, she would be so much better than me. What a waste.”

Mr. Noth was speechless.

He’d better let his son come back.

Otherwise, he would always be scolded even he was a father.


“Yes, you are right.”

“If you know that I’m right, you should go out and earn more money,” Grandpa Noth simply wanted to retort him, “You always read newspapers and do nothing!”

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