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Bossy female president and her pretty boy

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Sarah asked again, “Is he sober now?”

“He woke up a little in the morning, and now he is asleep again.” said Serial. What he said was all made up, and it was impossible to tell Sarah the real situation. “I will tell you when he is stable, and you can come here to see him again. What do you think?”

“You are hiding something from me,” said Sarah confidently.

Holding the phone in his hand, Serial kept smiling.

He knew that K was difficult to deal with.

“How is that possible?” He said in a calm tone, without any abnormality. “If you don’t believe me, you can investigate. With your ability, you should have found out everything.”

Sarah didn’t say anything. Serial’s hand holding the phone was sweating.

He was betting that K would not easily use hacker technology.

After all, the K he knew wouldn’t use hacker technology if that was not something important. But as long as she used it, she could easily find what she wanted to know.

“How’s his wound?” Sarah didn’t insist on that problem.

“The stitches will be removed tomorrow. He is recovering well,” said Serial honestly. “Don’t worry. I will take good care of him.”

Sarah: “I’m coming.”




Why did she still come here!

“I just came here to ask about the situation on behalf of the family of the patient,” explained Sarah. “I have to tell uncle Noth the progress of his illness from time to time.”

“All right,” said Serial.

After hanging up, Sarah and Will headed for his base.

Mr. Lance had also taken emergency measures.

It was already eleven o’clock when they arrived at the base.

Wearing a white coat, Serial greeted them with a gentle smile. It seemed that he was easy to get along with, but in fact, no one could guess what he was thinking.

Looking at Will standing next to Sarah, he once again felt that this business was really a loss.

When he had seen Will on the Butterfly Island, he had always thought that he was on a mission. Now he realized that it should not be that simple.

“Mr. Gardner, you…” Serial didn’t finish his words on purpose.

“We’re here to visit Jason. I don’t know if it’s convenient or not.” Will knew Serial’s background and was not surprised that he knew himself.

“Of course, it’s convenient. But now, Jason’s situation is very special. You two can only look at him outside the medical room through the glass window. You can’t go in.” said Serial in a low and natural voice.



“Okay,” replied Will.

A moment later.

Then Serial took Sarah and Will there.

After passing through the corridor full of technology, they walked through two gates with passwords. When they arrived at the door of the room, Serial pressed a switch on the wall.

After a while, the middle of the wall automatically opened to both sides, revealing a large transparent glass window.

At this moment, Jason was no different from before.

Although her face was not as pale as before, it was still bloodless. His deep eyes were tightly closed, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.

“Miss Yeats.” Seeing that they didn’t find anything unusual, Serial said, “Since Jason doesn’t want to have too much contact with you, you’d better tell me when you want to know the situation in the future. I’ll call you. What do you think?”

Sarah pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.

Even now, she still felt that there was something wrong with what happened that day.

“Miss Yeats?” asked Serial.

“Okay.” Finally, she agreed.

Serial felt relieved.

After observing for a while, Sarah asked for the physical data about



Jason from Serial, and Serial cooperated very well.

After a series of things, the two did not find anything unusual.

Before leaving, Sarah thought of what had happened to Jason and said to Serial, “If you need any help during the treatment, contact me at any time and I will solve it.”

“How about the money?” asked Serial.

Sarah: “I’ll take the responsibility.”

“Okay,” said Serial. He was satisfied, “I like someone as forthright as Miss Yeats.”

“Don’t tell this to Jason,” said Sarah.

Since Jason didn’t want to have anything to do with her, there was no need for him to know these things. After he recovered, they would be strangers and do not disturb each other.

His plan was working and he had saw a lot of money. “No problem.”


“Please go ahead, Miss Yeats.”

“Don’t think about making a fortune from him after he recovers.”

Sarah saw through what he was thinking.

Serial was speechless.He didn’t think he had such an intention on his face.

Seeing the stagnation on his face, Sarah knew that her guess was right.



Serial Lance came from a rich family and was a talented man. He was the best in his field, but even so, his love for money was unimaginable.

Sometimes she was curious why he didn’t go back to inherit the billions of family property, but went out to make money through traps.

But it was not her business after all, and she would not think too much.

After leaving the base, Sarah and Will went to have lunch before they went to the Angel International Group.

When they entered the elevator.

Will comforted Sarah and said, “Judging from Serial’s reaction today, he should be very confident that he can cure Jason. You don’t have to be too anxious.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

When the elevator stopped, Sarah walked out with Will.

Sarah went to her own CEO Office, while will went to his own office for special assistant.

This scene was not only seen by the people in the Secretary Department, but also by Sivan, who was arranging things in the

Secretary Department.

Everyone was gossiping about the arrival of such a tall, handsome and elegant man like Will. Now that their boss and this new assistant entered the company together, their hearts of gossip were burning.

“Sivan, is the boss dating with the new assistant?”


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“I have seen they are often together, and the distance between the two is very close!”

“I suddenly feel that our boss and Will are a perfect match! The bossy female president and her pretty boy.”

“What are you talking about? Will is not a pretty boy. He looks like a wolf.”

Everyone was gossiping.

Sivan couldn’t tell how he was feeling now.

Although the fluctuation was not very dramatic, it was still a little strange, as if he was about to be abandoned.

“Sivan?” People in the Secretary Department called him, “Why don’t you say anything?”

“Don’t gossip about things that haven’t been announced.” Sivan was still businesslike, without any personal emotions. “Finish the things I just arranged earlier. After confirming, take them to the boss to sign them.”

“Okay.” Everyone agreed.

As soon as Sivan left, they began a new round of gossip, but this time it was about Sivan and Sarah.

Sivan ignored them. As soon as he saw Sarah, he took all the contracts and documents that needed her to sign in person and told her the progress of the work

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