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The situation of Jason

Sarah could recognize these words, but when they were put together, she felt strange.

She pointed at the first piece and said with a complicated expression, “He… Something happened?”

“It’s not a big deal. He is living a good life.” Serial avoided the serious things, “He can eat and drink, but there is still a small problem I cannot solve.”

Hearing this.

Sarah was relieved.She didn’t think too much. She just thought that Jason knew that she had been in touch with Serial in private.

It did not matter even if Jason had known that. After making sure that Jason was fine, she called uncle Noth and asked them to pick him up. As for the loss mentioned by

Serial, it was not a big deal.

“Okay,” she took his pen and was about to sign.

The moment she was about to write her name, she paused.

Serial was worried and was afraid that Sarah wouldn’t take Jason away, he pretended to be calm and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Are you hiding something from me?” asked Sarah. She looked up at him.

If she remembered correctly, in order to save her, Jason had made a deal with Serial.



With Serial’s character, it was impossible for him to let her take Jason away before he could achieve his goal.

There must be something wrong.

Serial pretended to be very puzzled and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Sarah continued to stare at him.

Serial was still calm, but his hands were sweating. He was very nervous.

“By the way,” he changed the topic in time. “Although Jason can even dance now, he should come to have a reexamination every month.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

Seeing that there was nothing unusual from the beginning to end, she signed.

The worst result was that Jason’s situation was a little bad and Serial could not cure him.

If it was true, it was normal for her to take him away after seeing him.

There were two copies of the contract.

After handing that to her, Serial felt relieved.

Finally, he could throw away the burden on him!

“Miss Yeats, please follow me,” said Serial warmly.

Sarah followed him. This time, they were not going to the previous medical room, but to the opposite direction.



They went through four password doors. When the fourth door opened, Serial in the white coat walked in and said in a tone that coaxed children,

“Jason, your sister comes here to pick you up.”

Sarah was confused.

Jason? Sister?

Confused, she walked to the room where Jason lived.

When she entered the room, she saw the man sitting on the chair and reading a book. At this time, he was wearing a hospital gown and his face was ruddy.

He seemed to feel someone coming in and looked in the direction of the door.

Four eyes met.

Sarah frowned.

His eyes and expression…

“Sister?” murmured Jason, with a trace of inquiry in his confused eyes.

He didn’t know why.

He didn’t like to contact anyone, even the doctor who treated him. But when he saw this sister, there was a strong sense of familiarity in his mind, as if he had known her for a long time.

Sarah was stunned.

Almost in an instant, she came to a conclusion from Jason’s series of reactions.



He lost his memory.

“Yes, she is your sister,” said Serial with a gentle smile, “You can go home with her now.”

Jason looked at Sarah and his black eyes were full of her figure.

The next moment.

He stood up.

After taking two steps forward, he asked tentatively, “Are you really my sister?”

“I…” Sarah tried to say something.

“She’s your sister,” said Serial. He then added, “Go to pack up your things. I have something to talk with your sister.”

As he spoke, he gestured for Sarah to go out with him.

Outside the corridor.

There were many waves in Sarah’s heart.

She had thought of all the symptoms that Bella Roberts had mentioned before, but she had never thought of this.

“What happened?” She asked Serial.

“He has lost all his memories, and his intelligence equals with that of a five-year-old child.” Without hiding anything from her, Serial also told her some dos and don’ts.

“Although it’s bad, it’s much better than other situations.”



Most importantly.

Although his intelligence had returned to the level of a five-year old child, he was still smart.

That was also the reason why he wanted to send him away. If Jason stayed any longer, his equipment would be removed by him!

“You should feel lucky that he is not completely out of his mind.”

Serial mentioned that.

With mixed feelings, Sarah asked, “Will he recover?”

“Yes.” Serial said. He looked inside. “But I don’t know when he will completely recover. You’d better not let him be stimulated after taking him back.”

“Don’t I need to take him to a familiar place to stimulate his memory?” asked Sarah.

“Temporarily not,” said Serial. “He has a child’s mental state now.

If he is stimulated, it is very likely to have other problems. The more stable and warm his life is, the more beneficial to his recovery.”

“Okay,” said Sarah lightly.

Serial pursed his lips.

After a while.

He still said something that seemed inappropriate, but he wanted to say, “I know what happened between you and him, but I hope you can temporarily forget what happened before and take good care of him. After he recovers, you can live your own lives.”

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Thinking of what had happened before, Sarah stared at him. Serial was a little nervous and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Doesn’t he want to be a passer-by with me and not disturb each other?” Sarah mentioned this matter again, “In that case, won’t he be stimulated if I take him with me?”

“It’s a long story,” said Serial in a calm tone. After all, since Sarah had signed her name, most of the problems that bothered him had been solved. “But don’t worry. Since I asked you to pick him up, it means that it’s good for him to recover with you.” Without giving him a chance to deceive her, Sarah said, “Make a long story short.”

“It’s not a big deal for you,” said Serial in advance.

“Your purpose is to live your own life, and he will fulfill his promise after he recovers. As for other things, if you know too much, it will only increase your psychological burden, and there is no need.”

“Only I know whether it’s necessary or not,” said Sarah with cold eyes.

Maybe it was because of her personality, she wanted to straighten out all the suspicious questions, but if there was no doubt, she would not insist on getting the bottom of the matter. The words that Jason asked Serial to tell her were so strange that she would think of them from time to time if she didn’t make it clear.

Although it was not a big deal, it was still a little ink on the white paper.

“Okay,” said Serial frankly.

“Let’s make a deal in advance. I can tell you about it, but if he has a bone to pick with me after he recovers, you have to help me block it.”

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