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Don’t you have a sense of crisis

“Okay,” said Sarah.

After getting the answer, Serial felt relieved.

There was a guarantee in K’s words.

“What you had heard in the hospital before was that he told me.” Serial said. “On the way I took him to the hospital for treatment, he had woken up once and told me when he woke up. If his condition is more serious after that, he asked me to convey those words to you.”

Sarah frowned.

“He doesn’t want you to feel guilty, nor does he want you to blame yourself. He thinks that this is what he should do.”

“In other words, he didn’t wake up in the hospital before?” Sarah quickly came to a conclusion.

“Not only is he still in a coma, but it’s also very serious,” said Serial frankly at the moment. After all, it was all in the past. “If it weren’t for me who cured him, the urn he buried on the ground would have sprouted.”

Sarah paused. She couldn’t tell how she felt.

“I don’t know what happened between you two,” said Serial from a bystander’s point of view. “But from what he did after he was deeply injured, he really loves you very much.”



He even admired Jason’s willpower. It was a miracle that he could wake up and speak so many things under that kind of situation.

“Delete me?” thought Sarah.

“He was afraid that you might suspect him, so he told me the password of his phone.”

Without hiding anything, Serial said, “He asked me to delete you and tell you those words at the right time.”

Glancing at the closed door, Sarah had mixed feelings.

“You don’t have to worry that he will pester you after he recovers. From what he said to me before, as long as you are unwilling, he won’t disturb you anymore.”

Sometimes, he felt that Jason was contradictory.

He was decisive in the business, but there were two extremes in his attitudes for love.

Either he acted on his own will, or he focused on the other’s feelings. However, these two extremes had all been reflected on Sarah.

“I know,” said Sarah lightly.

“So you are willing to take him away?” asked Serial tentatively.

He was afraid that K might think he had tricked her.

He could not burn his bridges. They would meet in the future, and there would be a long way to go. If K hated him for setting her up now when he asked K for help, he would be doomed.

Sarah nodded.



She followed Serial to sign some documents, and then took Jason out of the medical base.

On the way back, Jason sat in the passenger seat quietly, just glancing at her from time to time.

His pure black eyes were full of tension, uneasiness, and a little uncertainty.

Just like a five-year-old child.

“Sister,” he called out.

Sarah glanced at him sideways and continued to drive steadily. “What’s wrong?”

With his hands on his legs stirred, Jason asked cautiously, “Don’t you like me?”

Sarah was stunned.

After throwing away the messy thoughts in her mind, she asked, “Why do you ask that?”

“I feel it.” His voice was very gentle, with a little child’s tone.

“Don’t think too much.” Sarah didn’t know how to answer his question. “Go back to take a shower and have a good sleep. I’ll call your father to pick you up tomorrow.”

Without answering, Jason just lowered his head and kept silent.

There was only one thought in his mind, ‘His sister really didn’t like him.’

Sarah didn’t know how to face him.

His current situation was caused by saving her, and it was natural for her to take care of him until he recovered.



But she didn’t know how to answer some questions, and just like the one just now. If she coaxed him as if he was an ordinary five- year-old child, what if he thought she still liked him after he recovered?

If she was indifferent to him, he would be only five years old now, which was a very sensitive time.

Children were so sensitive that they could notice many subtle things.

Thinking of this, Sarah drove to the community.

When Sarah got out of the car, Jason followed her out with his belongings. He followed her silently all the way, like an invisible person.

She took him into the elevator.


When she walked out of the elevator, she met Will at the door, who was about to send Julian away.

Looking at the two people coming out of the elevator, with his eyes wide open, Julian asked in disbelief, “Sarah, you…”

Damn it!

What happened?

Why did Sarah get involved with Jason again?

“Take him back to have a rest.” Sarah explained briefly.

After taking a look at Jason with his dark eyes and noticing the position and expression on his face, Will asked, “Hasn’t Serial cured him yet?”



“No,” said Sarah simply. “Now we can only wait for him to slowly recover.”

Julian was completely confused.

What kind of treatment and recovery?

Taking a deep look at the silent Jason, Sarah said, “I’ll take him inside to have a rest.”

“Okay,” said Will in a low and cold voice, “Call me if you need anything.”

After saying “Okay”, Sarah took Jason into her house.

As the door was closed.

“Captain Leon, don’t you have a sense of crisis?” asked Julian curiously, looking at his captain.

“What sense of crisis?” said Will indifferently, with no emotion in her long narrow eyes.

“Stop pretending,” said Julian, as if he had known everything. “We all know that you like Sarah.”

“And then?” Will was calm.


He thought, ‘Sarah has brought her ex-husband back. Shouldn’t you be nervous?’

“It was her ex-husband who went in with Sarah just now. They had been together for two years.” Julian thought that it was necessary to emphasize that to Captain Leon, “He saved her life before.”

“I know.” Will’s voice was still idle.

Judging from what he had just seen, there must be something wrong with Jason’s brain.

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After all, his eyes and temperament were much different from before when the first time they met.

Julian wanted to give him a thumbs up.

Only Captain Leon could be so calm at this time. “Anyway, be careful,” said Julian. He didn’t want his sister to fall into the trap set by Jason again. “If she is chased by Jason, you will be alone.”

“Drive carefully.”

“I know.”

Julian always looked back, but finally he entered the elevator. He had to tell them about this. As long as Jason took any action to chase Sarah, they would try their best to destroy it!

At this moment, Sarah didn’t look at her cell phone, nor did she know that there had a fierce discussion about the fact that she had brought Jason home in their chat group.

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