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His imposing manner was not normal

“Don’t go with him if you don’t want to.” She wanted to see how far he could pretend.

Then she said to Chris, “Find a way to solve the matter you said. If it can’t be solved, I will bear all the losses.”

Chris was frozen.

How should he answer her?

“Go to wash yourself.” Sarah calmly blocked the sight of the two of them. She continued saying, “I’ll ask Abby to get up for breakfast.”

“Sister Sarah…” Jason was stunned.

He wanted to say something to Chris, but she blocked his sight.

If it went on like this, it was a waste of time for Chris to come here. Sarah asked on purpose, “What’s wrong?”

“I think I should go with him.” Said Jason thoughtfully. “He comes so early, so it should be an important thing.”

“Yes, yes!” Echoed Chris.

Sarah looked at him and asked, “You didn’t want to go just now, did you?”

“I said that just now because I was afraid that you would not care me any more after I went with him.” What he said was reasonable and it was hard to refute. He added,



“But I just knew that you wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“Do you really want to go?”


He nodded obediently.

Sarah took a look at Chris and then told him, “Okay. If you are not happy staying there, call me and I’ll ask the bodyguards to pick you up.”

“Okay,” said Jason.

After a simple explanation, Chris took him away.

In order to get to know more about Jason, she asked Chris to tell her what they were going to talk about later, and he also agreed.

On their way back.

Jason sat on the passenger seat.

Chris was a little confused about his boss’s thoughts.

Although his mental age was only five years old, he still had a strong aura.

Most importantly, he didn’t act like himself at this time as he stayed with Sarah in Chris’e eyes!

He called Sarah sister sweetly, and was also sensible, polite and obedient. But sitting beside Chris at this time, he was so cold and alienated, which made Chris feel uneasy.



“Chris,” said Jason, turning his eyes to look at him with a strong mental aura, “If you keep staring at me, the car will hit someone else.”

Chris had been focusing on driving all the time, so he was sure the car would not hit anyone.

But even so. He was still curious about his boss’s sudden aura…

“Do you remember something?” Chris asked.

“You hope me remember something, don’t you?” Asked Jason in reply, with an expression of paranoia on his face. “Is it because that I’m not as good as before?”

Chris was rendered speechless, “…”

How could he answer this question.

On the way, Chris didn’t talk to him anymore and only drove to the community where they used to live.

During the whole process of getting out of the car and going home to have a talk, Chris kept his eye on his boss and found that his aura was really strong. Although he was still mentally weak, he had a strong aura.

He was totally different from what he was in front of Miss Sarah.

“Boss.” Chris poured him a cup of tea and sat opposite him. “What do you want to talk to me?”

“I don’t want anyone to know all the conversations here today besides you and me,” said Jason before he started. “Especially sister Sarah.”

Chris missed a beat in heart. But he had always been a slick talker. Jason has lost his memory, so he didn’t notice anything unusual about him.

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With a signature smile on his face, he said, “Don’t worry. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“Tell me everything about me and her,” Said Jason in a deep voice, emphasizing,

“Especially something about our divorce you mentioned.”

He knew what divorce meant.

But he didn’t understand why he divorced Sarah.

Was he so unworthy of Sarah’s love?

“Well…” Chris was in a pickle. “Although you and Miss Sarah have only been married for two years, it is inevitable to omit something if I told you your whole story at once, and besides, I can’t finish it in a day.”

Most importantly.

He thought, “What’s the point of talking about this to a man whose mental age is only five year old child.”

Jason said, “Let’s get to the point.” For the countless times, he wondered if this person was really his special assistant?

Why did he linger for a long time for such a simple thing?

He couldn’t compare with Serial at all in Jason’s eyes.

Chris took a look at him, and after hesitating for a while, he told him everything about them, including how did they know each other, how to get married, get divorce and everything after their divorce.



It was already noon when he finished his words. He didn’t notice that when he was talking about these things, there was a slight and slow change in his boss’s expression, temperament, and even eyes.

By the time Chris finished speaking, Jason’s mental age was obviously more than five years old.

“It’s probably what I just said to you,” Said Chris word by word. He nervously added,

“If you want to know something in details, you can ask me.”

He still kept his eyes down. It turned out that he had such a relationship with Sarah.

“Boss?” Called Chris.

“You just said that I was injured because of saving Sister Sarah…”

Said Jason, looking up deeply. All his emotions had been hidden. He asked, “Right?”

“Yes,” said Chris frankly, “I don’t know what happened exactly, but Dr. Lance should know.”

“I see,” Said Jason, standing up

Chris, “???”

What happened?

Why did he suddenly feel that the boss’s aura had changed again?

“Chris,” said Jason, looking at him with his deep and narrow eyes which were no longer as innocent as before.

Feeling a chill on his back, Chris said nervously, “Boss.”



His aura…

His aura was not normal!

“I don’t know what kind of Temper I used to have,” Said Jason, looking at him deeply. With a wicked smile on his thin lips, he continued, “But if you dare to betray me and tell Sister Sarah what I have talked to you, I will send you to hell.”

“Boss… Boss…” Chris was in a panic.

Why did he feel creepy when his boss was smiling!

Most importantly, his boss was completely a different person than he was before. He used to be cold and indifferent to others after all.

At this time, he looked friendly but was actually dangerous.

“If my guess is right, Sarah should have asked you to tell her the conversation between you and me,” Said Jason, who slightly bent down and drew closer to Chris.

After all, Chris had wondered around the world, so he immediately shook his head and said, “No.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Then send her a message now that I have finished talking with you.”


“Do it.”

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The two simple words were with a strong momentum. Although Chris kept calm all the time, but he couldn’t continue anymore, so said, “Miss Sarah must be busy now. It’s not good to disturb her by sending messages.”

“Have you forgotten who is your boss?” Said Jason in a somewhat oppressive tone, raising his eyebrows.

Chris, “!”

He wondered, “Who can save me!”

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