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I just want to be with you

Sarah wanted to ask, but she knew that with the current situation, Serial didn’t tell her anything.

She hung up the phone.

During the next two days, she took good care of Jason, and he was also obedient.

On January 15th, it was twenty-four in December in the lunar calendar. It was only a few days before the New Year’s Eve.

Mr. Noth, who had said that he would come to New York, also came on this day.

“I’m going to pick up your father at the airport. Will you go with me or wait for me at home?” Sarah asked Jason.

“I’ll go with you,” he replied quickly

He didn’t want his so-called father to come.

But judging from the current situation, he couldn’t stop him. He might as well go with Sarah, so that his father would have no chance to speak ill of him.

Then Sarah took him to the airport.

In the car.

“Sa, is my father very serious?” Jason looked nervous in the car.

“No. He’s nice.” said Sarah honestly. “And he loves you very much.”

No way.



This was Jason’s first reaction.

From the phone call before, he felt his father was obviously a difficult person to deal with.

“Will he come to pick me up?” asked Jason, looking at Sarah with his clear eyes. “I don’t want to go home. I just want to be with you.”

Sarah paused.

Now, he was seventeen years old.

As long as she introduced all his family members to him and told him something about the past, with his superb acting skills, he should not be doubted.

Maybe he could really go back to have the New Year’s Eve dinner.

“Sarah,” said Jason.

“He’s here to see you.” Sarah didn’t say it directly. She planned to talk to Uncle Noth later.

When they at the airport, Sarah asked the driver to pull over by the roadside. Then Mr. Noth came out.

Sarah went downstairs to pick up him.

The driver put away the luggage for Mr. Noth and got on the car.

Jason and his father sat on the passenger seat.

“Don’t greet me?” Seeing that Jason sat by the window and didn’t want to talk, Mr. Noth asked slowly, “When did you become so impolite?”

Jason was speechless.



Sure enough.

He didn’t like this man.

“Still don’t call me?” said Mr. Noth.

Jason saw that Sarah turned her head, he pursed his lips and said reluctantly, “Dad.”

“Good.” Mr. Noth smiled.

His heart broke.

This man was unpredictable. Generally speaking, a father should be serious about his son, shouldn’t he?

Why do you still say ‘good’?

“Uncle Noth, I’ve booked a restaurant.” Sarah was very nice to them, “I’ll talk to you about Jason later at dinner.”

Mr. Noth agreed, “Okay.”

On their way back.

Mr. Noth chatted with Jason from time to time. He had never treated his son who had lost his memory with special treatment.

The way he treated Jason was the same as before.

Therefore, Jason was always defeated in several battles with his father!

Despite this, Jason couldn’t quarrel with his father. After all, Sarah was here.



At half past eleven.

The car stopped at the door of the restaurant.

Sarah went in with Mr. Noth and Jason. Under the manager’s lead, they went to the reserved room.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, Sarah told Mr. Noth about Jason’s situation.

After hearing the whole story, Mr. Noth notice a problem. “In other words, except for

his mental state does not recover, he all-right?”

“Yes,” said Sarah, nodding her head.

“Jason.” Mr. Noth looked at him.

A bad premonition arose in Jason’s heart. He looked up at his father.

His intuition told him that his father was going to make trouble.

“Since you are fine, you can go back to Atlanta with me tomorrow,” said Mr.

Noth in a calm tone. “Your mother and grandfather miss you very much and hope you can go back to celebrate the new year with them.”

“No.” Jason refused without hesitation, and he said to Sa, “I’m only with sister Sa.”

Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows slightly.

Sister Sa?

“I won’t stop you if you want to be with Sarah.” Mr. Noth continued in an unhurried tone. “But the new year is coming. Do you still want to go to Sarah’s home to celebrate the new year?”



Not to mention whether Sarah was willing or not, he was ashamed of going her home to celebrate the new year for what he had done before.

If he really went, he would annoy her family.

“Why don’t they want to?” retorted Jason.

“The new year is a reunion of the whole family.” Mr. Noth said deliberately.

“If you go there, you will make them unhappy. What if Mr. Yeats and others feel bad because of your appearance? What do you want Sarah to do?”

Upon hearing this, Jason thought for a moment and suddenly didn’t know how to refute.

From Sarah’s father’s point of view, there was a man who made her daughter unhappy. He definitely didn’t want to see this man again.

But if he went home, he was worried if the relationship between Sarah and that Captain Leon progressed quickly?

“Do you think what I said is very reasonable?” Mr. Noth raised his eyes slightly.

“I’ll just wait for Sarah at home,” said Jason, “We don’t have to have dinner on New Year’s Eve.”

“You go back with Uncle Noth,” Sarah said. “If you still want to come after the new year, I’ll ask someone to pick you up.”

Hearing that, Jason became unhappy and annoying.

Did Sarah want to drive him away?

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“Grandpa Noth and Granny Noth miss you very much. If you don’t go back, they will worry listen to her. you,” Sarah. She really hoped son would

Jason wanted to refuse, but he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on

Sarah. “I don’t want to go back.”

“Sarah doesn’t like unfilial people.” Mr. Noth deliberately whispered to him.

Jason was speechless.

This man was born to be his opponent.

He tried to find an excuse, “I don’t know them, and I don’t have any memory of the past. If I go back, they will definitely notice it. At that time, they will be more worried.”

“You’re overthinking it,” said Mr. Noth, who was very keen on making fun of his son.

“Your grandfather won’t care you after you come back. As for your mother, I’m the only person that she has been paying attention to all the time.”

Jason looked at him speechlessly.

Was he showing off love?

However, Jason said, “Since I’m so unwelcome, why should I go back?”

“You’ll know if you get back.” Mr. Noth gave him an ambiguous answer.

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