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Go back to the Noth Family

Jason had some doubts.

Was this man really his father?

“If you are afraid of being discovered, I can introduce all the members of the Noth Family to you.” Sarah could easily sense something. “I will tell you some general things so that you can deal with them.”

“Do you really want me to go back?” said Jason unhappily.

Sarah didn’t lie, “Yes.”

“Can you pick me up in Atlanta after the new year?”


“I want you to pick me up.” This was Jason’s last compromise.

“Okay,” Sarah didn’t refuse. “But I can’t pick you up at the Noth Family’s house directly.”

If she went to the house of the Noth Family, it might make the Noths misunderstand her. After all, she wouldn’t go there after the divorce if not necessary.

Once she went there, Grandpa Noth and the others might think that they had remarried.

Although Jason was thinking about it, she was clear that he had no choice on this matter.

Both Sarah and his father were there, so Jason wouldn’t have the chance to refuse.

“You must come to pick me up on the second day of the first month,” said Jason.



Sarah looked at Mr. Noth. Mr. Noth nodded at her and agreed. So did Sarah.

After dinner, Mr. Noth went to the hotel and told him that he had to go back on the eighteen day of the month.

In the next three days.

Sarah introduced all the members of the big family to Jason and told him something about the past. Of course, in case of any emergency, she also introduced his friends, including Edgar.

They had been back for several days, and no one knew whom Jason would meet. It was the best to be well prepared.

Time passed quickly.

Soon it was the eighteen day of the month.

Although Jason was reluctant, Mr. Noth still came to pick him up.

“After we go back, do as I tell you. With your acting skill, it should be no problem.” Sarah said to Jason.

“Okay,” said Jason obediently.

“Acting skills?” Mr. Noth was a little surprised.

Did his son have acting skills?

Sarah told Mr. Noth something but didn’t tell him that Jason lied. She just said that she found that he was good at acting.

Mr. Noth looked at Jason up and down, but said nothing.



After making sure that everything was done, Mr. Noth left with Jason.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived at the house of the Noth Family.

Mr. Noth tidied up his clothes. With a calm and gentle temperament, he looked like a gentle man who wouldn’t be angry easily.

“Sir, young master Noth, you are back.” the butler was surprised to see them.

“Yes.” Mr. Noth said calmly, “Are Edwin and dad here?”

“Yes,” the Butler nodded and spoke. “Mr. Edwin Noth just came back and brought them a lot of things. They are in the main hall now.”

Then Mr. Noth took Jason there.

As they appeared, three people in the room all looked at Jason, as if they hadn’t expected to see him.



“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t come back?”

The three of them said at the same time.

Mr. Noth looked at Jason and said as he walked inside, “He doesn’t want to come back. It took me a lot of time to persuade him.”

Jason was confused.

Were you sure it took you a lot of time?



Wasn’t Sarah talking about it?

“Brother, what are you busy with in New York?” Edwin just liked gossiping and he came to Jason and whispered in his ear, “Are you chasing after sister-in-law?”

Jason looked at him seriously. He felt that Edwin was reliable.

Grandpa Noth became indifferent to Jason again as Mr. Noth said since the happiness of meeting Jason faded.

“Why bother?” Grandpa Noth snorted coldly. He was a stubborn but softhearted man.

“If you don’t want to come back, then don’t. Such a big family doesn’t lack.”

He was a little angry.

In the past, no matter how busy he was, Jason would call him every month and cared about him. He even would come back to accompany him in advance during the Spring Festival.

But there was no news for months. Jason didn’t even call him when Jason came back.

Grandpa Noth wanted to teach him a lesson.

“I don’t want to come back, either. He forced me.” Jason said directly. After all, he was not the same as he used to be.

He didn’t understand.

Everyone in this family didn’t like him. Then why did Sarah ask him to come back.

He became angry and turned around to leave the main hall. According to the layout of the Noth Family that Sarah had introduced to him before he came back, he accurately found the route and walked



towards his room.

It surprised everyone present, including Mr. Noth.

Mrs. Noth quickly stepped forward and stopped him. She asked gently,

“What’s wrong, Jason?”

Jason wanted to ask that “Didn’t you all dislike me?”

But looking at the person in front of him with worry in her eyes, he couldn’t say that.

“Nothing. I’m just a little tired,” said Jason in a softer tone. “I’ll go to bed first.”

Then he left.

Even Mrs. Noth couldn’t stop him.


“Leave him alone.” Mr. Noth’s eyes darkened, but he pulled Mrs. Noth and said, “He’ll be fine.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Mrs. Noth was worried. She had never seen Jason with hostility and alienation. “Did he suffer any grievance outside?”

Mr. Noth and Grandpa Noth just treated Jason in different ways.

Others might feel that Grandpa Noth treated Jason badly, but Jason had always felt that he was living a happy life. He even felt that his grandfather was like an old stubborn boy.

Although they argued with each other, they both cared about each other.



But now……

“What’s wrong with that brat?” Grandpa Noth was also confused.

“I don’t know.” Mr. Noth didn’t say it directly, but explained, “You can ask him after he has a good rest.”

The atmosphere in the main hall was a little depressed.

Both Mrs. Noth and Grandpa Noth looked worried. The only one who was normal was Edwin.

A moment later, Grandpa Noth went to look for him.

When he entered Jason’s room, he saw that Jason was using his phone. As

Jason saw him, he immediately put down the phone and looked unhappy, saying, “What are you doing here?”

Grandpa was stabbed by his cold eyes and attitude.

He was not angry.

He knew his grandson well.

If it weren’t for something serious, he could not go against him like just now.

“I was too impulsive just now,” said Grandpa Noth, who was not stubborn when it came to Jason’s matter. He said, “I’m here to apologize to you.” Hearing that, Jason was stunned.

The hostility and indifference in his heart disappeared in an instant.

He looked at this man who was over fifty years old and his beard had turned grey. An indescribable complex feeling suddenly surged in his heart.

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He felt that his grandfather should be stubborn and have a strong self esteem. He didn’t know why Granpa would apologize to him.

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