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“Are you still angry?” said Grandpa Noth sincerely. At this moment, he was a kind senior.

“I’m not angry. I just don’t understand why you asked me to come back since you don’t welcome me.” Jason wasn’t that angry as before.

“We welcome you back,” said Grandpa Noth slowly. “You are the most promising child in our family. We used to get along with each other like this. It’s my fault. I didn’t notice that you were in a bad mood.”

The expression on Jason’s face changed.

Grandpa… It seemed that Grandpa Noth really cared about him.

Sarah didn’t lie to him.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Grandpa Noth asked calmly.

In accordance with Sarah’s requirements, he maintained what he used to be and said,


“Because of Sarah, right?” Grandpa Noth blurted out.

Jason looked over again.

Grandpa picked up the teapot to pour tea and wanted to talk to him slowly.

However, before that, Jason took the teapot and poured the tea for Grandpa. Even he himself was surprised by his habitual behavior. It was not his consciousness at all, but the conditioned response of his body.



With a complicated expression in his eyes, Grandpa felt more and more guilty.

“Jason.” After thinking for a while, he decided to have a good talk with him. “If you can’t get Sarah back, just give up. You have done those stupid things in the past, and it’s impossible for her to remarry you.”

Most of the women were softhearted.

But Sarah was different. She would be softhearted, but it would never affect her decision.

“I’ll get her back,” said Jason. “As for the past, she has forgiven me.”

At first, Grandpa was overjoyed, and then he sighed. He was afraid that Sarah forgave him since she didn’t want to have anything to do with. him.

What a silly boy!

If he had known this earlier, he would not have done that.

“Go to see your mother later.” Seeing that Jason was not in a good mood, Grandpa said, with a complicated expression on his face. “It’s my fault. Don’t let your mother suffer.”

“Okay,” said Jason, nodding his head.

After telling Jason to have a good rest, he stood up and left.

Looking at the disappearing figure, Jason was upset, stood up and say, “Grandpa.”

Hearing that, Grandpa Noth stopped, and his eyes flashed with emotions.

“I’m sorry,” said Jason apologetically. He couldn’t bear to see worries in senior’s eyes.

“I was impulsive just now.”



“If you know you are impulsive, you should apologize to your mother.” Grandpa seemed to be revived with a bit of pride. “Otherwise, if your mother is too worried, your father will definitely punish you.”

Jason was surprised.

This way of getting along with each other was incomprehensible.

But no matter how hard he couldn’t understand, he had to admit that his heart was warm.

Different from the warmth when he was with Sarah, this kind of warmth could give people great power, as if it was the support of everything.

After Grandpa left, Jason obediently went to see Mrs. Noth.

According to what Sarah had told him, Jason had disguised the real version of himself very well and made up a random excuse that he was uncomfortableness.

Mrs. Noth was his mother. As the person who had watched him grow up and give birth to him, she found something wrong after the simple chat.

However, she didn’t say it out in front of Jason. Instead, she asked Mr. Noth after

Jason left.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with Jason?”


“Don’t pretend. If you don’t say anything, you won’t be able to enter my room tonight.”

“I really don’t know.”



“I don’t believe it.”


Mrs. Noth felt that Mr. Noth was too cunning. When she was about to force him in another way, Mr. Noth held her in his arms. His movements were extremely gentle and a bit flirtatious.

Mrs. Noth had always been unable to resist him like this.

But unfortunately, Mr. Noth was cunning, and he changed the topic.

After comforting his wife, Mr. Noth went to see Jason. As Jason came back, Mrs. Noth was worried about him, and he had to teach him a lesson.

When he looked for Jason, he saw that Jason was talking to Sarah on the phone.

Jason was telling Sarah that he wasn’t welcomed after he came back.

“Sarah, can you come to pick me up earlier?” Jason’s attitude was totally different from before. “I’m not happy here.”

“Really?” said Mr. Noth casually, standing outside the door.

Jason frowned slightly.

Jason’s intuition told him that this man was going to spoil his good plan.

“Your grandfather has a good relationship with Sarah.” Mr. Noth really didn’t want Grandpa Noth and Mrs. Noth to worry about this bastard. “If I tell Sarah your attitude towards your grandfather just now, guess what will happen?”

“How dare you!” said Jason with his mouth wide open.



“Of course, I dare.” Mr. Noth didn’t care about it at all. He looked calm. “Do you dare to hit me?”

Jason was speechless.

He really wanted to hit this man.

Was this man really his dad???

Jason just felt this man always made trouble for him all day long.

He really didn’t know how he lived in such a family and how he was still so calm.

“Okay,” said Jason. He went back to reply to Sarah and told a lie, “Grandpa sent someone to call me over. I have to hang up now.”

Then he hung up the phone.

At the same time, he clenched his fists.

“What do you want?” said Jason, feeling that his father was really getting in his way!

“Just do as Sarah told you.” This time, Mr. Noth didn’t joke with him, but became more serious. “Your grandfather is old. He can’t be stimulated, nor be too worried.”

“I don’t need you to remind me,” said Jason. He had changed his attitude towards his grandfather

“I’ll play chesses with your grandfather later.” Mr. Noth reminded him. “If you don’t know how to play chess, install an application to open one high-end round to cheat. Don’t expose your lie.”

Jason didn’t like it.


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It seemed that he was a good cook.

But he lost his memory, so he didn’t know how to play chess then.

With his own strength, he was defeated by his grandpa.

Finally, he cheated in the high-end game.

At first, Grandpa Noth was wondering why Jason’s skill had retreated so fast, but after the second round had begun, he dispelled this suspicion.

They were very focused. One was serious to play chess, and the other was doing two things at the same time. While putting down the set, Jason needed to look at the mobile phone under the table.

In this way, he didn’t notice what happened at his back. When Edwin came over with the tea he had just made and was about to put it down, he saw Jason’s mobile phone hidden behind. Naturally, he also saw the game of go.

The chess pieces on the phone were exactly the same as that on the table.

What happened?

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