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Being found

“Brother, you…” Edwin looked at the phone and then at Jason.

Jason’s body stiffened.

Almost in an instant, he knew that his secret was exposed.

“What’s this?” Without giving him a chance to speak, Grandpa Noth turned a straight face and said to him, “Watch the game without saying anything. Don’t disturb us.”

Edwin looked at Jason a few more times.

Jason just glanced at Edwin and continued to play chess without any panic. He was so calm.

Curious as Edwin was, he didn’t say it directly. Instead, he sat down next to Jason, thinking that he could have a talk with Jason after the game was over.

It was not a thing that Jason could do to cheat with some software.

Jason didn’t play chess too long with his grandfather. After three rounds, he found an excuse to leave.

The reason was simple.

His phone ran out of power.

“What’s wrong with you today?” Grandpa Noth stared at the stones on the chessboard and frowned.

“What?” Jason asked.

“The style of these three rounds is very different from what you used to be.” There was a bit of complexity in Grandpa’s eyes. “And I feel that your skills of playing chess is as good as before. What’s



going on?”

“Maybe I’m tired,” said Jason calmly. “I’m not in a good mood.”

It couldn’t be.

Grandpa Noth denied it immediately.

Being tired and unstable, the chess style would not change.

“Forget it,” said Grandpa without thinking too much. He just thought that Jason was still angry about what had happened before. “Go and have a good rest. We’ll continue in two days.”

“Okay,” said Jason, nodding slightly

They put away the chess pieces and stopped.

Jason was about to go to the yard to have a rest, but as he just sat down on a chair in the yard and saw Edwin walking over casually with a smile on his face.

Jason took a look at him and said nothing.

Sitting next to him, Edwin propped his head up and joked, “Jason, don’t you have anything to say?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve seen that you cheated with your mobile phone,” said Edwin directly. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell Grandpa?”

“If you want to piss grandpa off and make him sick, just tell him,” said Jason. He was good at acting, but his mind was not here at all. “I don’t care.”



“You’ve never been like this before. What’s wrong with you?” Edwin asked. If it weren’t for the fact that Jason’s appearance and all the characteristics were the same as before, he would have doubted if this person was his brother or not.

Jason lost his temper when he came back.

And he even cheated when playing chess.

These two things had never happened in the past more than 20 years.

What happened to Jason to make him change so much.

“It’s none of your business,” said Jason seriously.

“Are you in a bad mood because of my sister-in-law?” Edwin guessed.

It was not right.

Edwin knew that Jason wouldn’t dump his bad mood on Grandpa. Let alone such an abnormal behavior.

“Bad mood?” Jason didn’t like the two words and wanted to turn the tables. “I’m living in her house now. Is this a frustration?”

Edwin was shocked.

He was confused.He wondered if Jason had some paranoia.

“Don’t tell this to Grandpa and mom.” Thinking about what his father had told him before, he said reluctantly, “Let’s talk about it after I get Sa back.”

Hearing that, Edwin was really stunned.



Jason had never called anyone so sweetly.

Now he even called her Sa??

Most importantly, he didn’t seem to mention father. “Does dad know that?”

“Yes,” said Jason honestly.

Thinking of his father’s attitude as usual these days, Edwin had to sigh that father was really cunning and he didn’t show anything unusual.


When the two were talking about this, the Butler came over and said, “Mr. Jason Noth, Mr. Williams is here.”

“I don’t want to see him,” said Jason without hesitation.

According to what Sarah had told him before, this Edgar was a complete scum.

If he had too much contact with the jerk, he was afraid that Sarah would think he was a jerk as well.

He had to keep a distance from Edgar.

“No?” Edgar came in by himself. The two families had a good relationship. “I bother you?”

“If I am close to you, I’ll also be a jerk.” Jason said calmly and looked at him with alienation and disgust in his eyes. “I don’t want to stay with a scum like you.”

Edgar was confused.



He walked over and kicked his chair. Frowning, he stared at Jason and said, “What’s wrong with you? You are also a jerk! I made such a wrong decision because I was worried about Eve’s health. You’re obviously a jerk.”

“Since you are so dissatisfied with me, why do you want to see me?” asked Jason. Jason wasn’t the man he used to be. He would quarrel with anyone he disliked.

Let alone the man Sarah didn’t like.

Edgar was speechless

Edgar’s words made sense and Jason felt that he couldn’t refute.

Seeing that they were about to quarrel, Edwin decisively left the battlefield and let them fight.

“I want to drink with you,” said Edgar.

Jason looked at him strangely. He was really good at acting.

Edgar sat down in the place where Jason had sat just now. Leaning against the back of the chair, Edgar looked very lonely, saying,

“Eve divorced me.”

Since he signed the divorce agreement, he had thought about to get Eve back.

But Eve had made up her mind.

“She didn’t ask for a penny. The only request is that she doesn’t want me to disturb her.” Edgar would rather she asked more, but she was tough. “We are completely over.” Sometimes, he really hoped that Eve could put forward all kinds of conditions that were good for herself just like Sarah when she divorced.

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But Eve was stubborn.

In fact, the reason why Eve didn’t want anything was that she didn’t want to owe Edgar anything. What’s more, she didn’t want others to gossip that she and her children worship Edgar’s money after this matter was exposed.

After all, not everything was clear in the Internet world.

Once the news came out, due to the background gap between Eve and Edgar, someone would say, “one billion and four hundred million dollars? Not to mention letting me have an abortion, I can cut my kidney.”

Or some may say that “if my husband gives me one billion and four hundred million dollars, he can have a mistress outside. I promise not to disturb them.”

Some of them might be joking, but these would really hurt the person involved.

There was no empathy in this world, and the people on the Internet would not know that some soft- hearted people were really desperate after being completely hurt.

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