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Only those who never suffered from the heartbroken pain could say indifferently that they didn’t care about love at all.

But that was not a case for Eve who attached great importance to love. If she took the money, she would feel the debt in their relationship paid off.

That was why she stuck to give up everything.

Her behavior might be very stupid for some people who believed it was nothing wrong to take the property after marriage since Edgar owed her.

But Eve couldn’t resist her inner voice. She just wanted to make a clean break with him.

As for Sarah who grew up in a silver spoon, her character was quite different from that of Eve.

Even if the breaking news was exposed one day, no one dared to gossip about Sarah for her identity and wealth.

Unfortunately, Edgar didn’t understand.

He thought Eve refused to accept anything from him because she still hated him.

“Why don’t you persist to give even if Eve doesn’t want it?” said Jason with a sneer.

Although he was very shameless about what he had done in the past, at least Jason had given Sa 1.4 billion dollars, a house, and at car.

This man, Edgar, was a one-hundred-percent jerk.



“What can I do?”

Jason felt that his brother had become a little strange. “Eve returned all the money I have received to her. She also threatened that if I transferred it back to her, she would disappear for the rest of my life.”

Jason glanced at him with extreme disgust.

Edgar was irritated, “Why do you look at me like that?”

Damn it!

How could he dislike me?

“It seems that you don’t really like her.” Jason behaving like a saint in love said in a calm and appropriate tone, “In that case, don’t disturb her.”

“Bullshit,” said Edgar.

He was quite sure that he was into Eve.

It was because he loved her so much that he held back his unwillingness to fulfill her wish when Eve was so determined to divorce him.

“Don’t pretend that you like her very much,” said Jason seriously, “If you still have tiny affection for her, you should give her the money.”

Edgar was confused. He really wanted to beat Jason.

“Pretend to like her”, what does he mean?

However, after listening to Jason’s words afterwards, Edgar asked, “do you have any way out?”



“Beg me.”

Edgar was dissolved into speechlessness.

“Unwilling to beg?”

“When did you become so evil?”

Some emotions welled up in Edgar’s heart. It must be to blame Jason’s so-called father.

Edgar wanted to compensate Eve to make her live well, so he finally asked with embarrassment and reluctance, “will you tell me if I beg you?”

“Of course.”

“Please help me out!”

Jason didn’t know what to say.


He didn’t feel any sense of achievement.

“Should you help me now?”

“Beg me three times.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Edgar failed to bear it and suddenly hated him. “I haven’t seen you for months. How did you have this disgusting idea?”

How dare him ask me for a beg?

Shame on him!



Seeing angry Edgar, Jason was in a better mood. “It’s up to you whether to beg me or not. It’s not me who has a problem to solve.”

Edgar was silent again.

Who taught him to be so bad?

Was it Chris?

“I have some errands to do and have no enough time to talk with you”, said Jason as he stood up.

Although he was still waiting for Edgar’s beg, he had already become himself who was arrogant in his heart. “Take care of yourself.”


“What’s up?”

Clenching his fists, Edgar glared at Jason with anger. After finding excuses for meeting this stupid requirement and calming down.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Jason, Please help me.” Damn it! It’s disgusting as I thought before.

“I don’t think you really want my help.”

“Please help me!” said Edgar word by word. He couldn’t restrain his temptation to beat him.

At last, Jason felt somehow accomplished. He didn’t know if Sa would praise him after she knew it. “Beg me three times”

“Oh, please help me out.” Every word was filled with more hatred than the previous one.



“Go on.”

“I have begged you three times.”

“The first time sounded so reluctant. Can it be counted?”



I’ll revenge after I manage to persuade Eve.

“Now, tell me what to do next,” said Edgar with considerable hatred, trying hard to hold back his nausea and disgust.

“You don’t have to transfer the money directly to compensate her,” said Jason who thought Edgar was so stupid.

Jason suspected what kinds of people Edgar made friends with before countless times. Chris is too foolish.

My friend Edgar is not clever, either.


“What do you mean?” asked Edgar, “make it clear to me.”

“Isn’t Eve an actress?” Her introduction was almost unforgettable to him. “Give her film, television, and advertising resources secretly.”



“Based on her current position and influence, she won’t get much even if I help her.” Edgar had thought about this before, so he was worried.

“She has been promoted to the second tier without activities recently. If I make some strings for her, she is almost degraded to the third or fourth tier.”

“You don’t know how to make her popular?” asked Jason who didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“If I help to promote her, she must know.” How could Edgar not think about this solution?

He had planned to give some money to Eve first and then secretly support her.

But she seemed to have guessed it right and told Edgar not to interfere in her career, which would make her further hate him.

That was why he was worried.

“Excellent Eve might attract many pursuers.” Now Jason was much smarter than before.

“You can find a suitable person to help you. Of course, it would be better if he had a conflict with you before.”

Only in this way could Edgar not expose himself.

Edgar refused without hesitation. “No, if I do so, Eve will definitely thank that person. What if she is cheated?”

“Sa…Sarah is around Eve and she can protect her,” said Jason who nearly expose himself.

“Are you afraid that Eve will be cheated, or she will mistake your favor for someone else?” This simple sentence exposed and embarrassed Edgar.

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Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was really afraid that Eve would mistake his good intentions for others.

He wanted Eve to know his favor and desired to resolve their unpleasant past. Once he did as Jason said, Edgar would help others instead of himself.

“If you can’t do it, it means that you don’t love her as much as you think.” Now Jason was on Sarah’s side, so he naturally spoke for Eve.

“Loving someone doesn’t require a return.” Edgar was struggling in his heart.

On the one hand, he wanted Eve to know his goodness, and on the other hand, he wanted her to be happy.

“Even so, the person who helps to make her popular may fail to help her much to be a first-tier star.

Moreover, her dream is to be a performance artist.” Edgar said this after careful consideration. He didn’t know about Eve’s dream until recently.

If time could go back to the past, he would cherish her from the very beginning.

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