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Complicated Heart

“How feather-brained you are. Don’t you help Eve secretly?” said Jason who didn’t want to talk to Edgar anymore.

“As for the dream, it doesn’t conflict with money.” Edgar tightened his fists.

If this fellow didn’t make sense, he would teach him a good lesson.

How dare he call me feather-brained?

“It sounds like you are brainy.” After hearing the solution, Edgar didn’t care if he would offend Jason or not.

“Have you forgotten that you divorced Jenny because of Sarah?”

“So what?” asked Jason calmly.

“I don’t know who regretted it before.” Edgar snorted nonchalantly.

Looking at his complacent face, Jason said slowly, “I advise you to mind your politeness when talking to me.

Otherwise, I might tell you what you have done later to Eve. You don’t want her to know, do you?”

Edgar seemed to have a lump in his throat.

Damn it!

“Moreover,” said Jason who felt the most arrogant to say it. “I do regret, but now Sarah has forgiven me and allowed me to live in her house.”



“Impossible!” Edgar blurted out.

Although he didn’t know Sarah well, he was sure of one thing, that is, she would never forgive a playboy who had hurt her.

How could she let Jason live in her house? It was more unbelievable than the fact that

Eve had forgiven him.

Jason appreciated Edgar’s shock satisfactorily.

Then he took out his phone.

Regardless of whether he should hide it or not, he clicked on the photo on his phone and handed it to Edgar. “Look at it yourself.”

Edgar took the phone.

He saw a photo, which should be taken when Sarah was busy.

For a moment, he frowned.

The layout of this house is obviously not that of Jason’s home, and it isn’t an old photo in the past. But… how could Sarah let him live in it?

It doesn’t make sense.

“If you still don’t believe me, I can give you a call,” he decided to stimulate Edgar completely.

Edgar didn’t believe it, “call her.”

After staring at Edgar, Jason called Sarah.



When Sarah saw the call from Jason, she told them to spare her to answer the phone alone. Then she clicked the button and said, “hello.”

What the hell?

Why does indifferent?

I behave so gently, instead of being alienated a

“Sa, Edgar doesn’t believe that I live in your house,” explained Jason who knew how to make a fuss.

“He compelled me to call you for a truth.”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

How could she answer this ridiculous call?

If she admitted that Jason lived with her, they would misunderstand that they were likely to remarriage.

If she denied it, with Jason’s current mental state, he would probably be insane.

Edgar was at a loss then. When Jason called her sa intimately, she neither refuted nor satirized him.

Something went wrong.

“Well,” said Sarah in a low voice.

“What are you doing now?”

“Go shopping with Muffin.”

“Have a good shopping. I won’t bother you anymore.”




Then she hung up the phone.

Edgar had planned to revenge, but now he suddenly asked Jason for a favor, “how did you get along so well with Sarah? Can you tell me?”

Not to mention remarry, as long as Eve forgave him and treated him gently, he would be satisfied.

“No,” said Jason determinedly. “Go ahead with your own business. I have something else to do.”

After that, Jason stood up and left without considering Edgar’s response.

He didn’t forget what Sarah had just said.

In the place where Muffin and others shopped.

This meant that besides Sarah’s sister, other people who went shopping with her.

She didn’t know if Will was there or not.

After hanging up, Sarah kept going shopping with them, with two sisters walking in the middle, while Will and Andrew walked behind.

“Sister,” Rita asked Sarah while shopping, “who called you?”


“Didn’t he go back? Why did he call you?” Rita hated her sister’s ex-brother-in-law.

If he hadn’t been immature like a five-year-old child, she would have punched him! Sarah answered casually.



It was not a secret.

“He must have done it on purpose!” Rita couldn’t be calm anymore.

“Why did he do so on purpose?”

“Make others misunderstand,” Rita explained seriously, “You didn’t deny or admit it and seemed to be nice to him with a sign of remarriage.”

“It’s okay.” After thinking for a while, Sarah didn’t care.

It didn’t matter as long as the family Noth made no misunderstanding.

However, Rita was anxious, “sister!”

“It’s not a big deal. If he did it on purpose, he would be shamed in the end.” Sarah said coldly, “I didn’t want to remarry him.”

From what had happened before, she knew that Jason was very scheming now.

He was not as calculated and thoughtful as before. Now he was more like a man who would do anything to achieve his goal.

To be honest, Sarah was a little surprised when he confessed those secrets himself.

After all, if Jason confessed.

It was equivalent to telling her that he was not an innocent person but one with good acting skills and a complex mind.

For him, this was risky behavior.



“Don’t be too kind to him in the future,” said Rita worriedly.

“Don’t worry,” said Sarah, patting Rita’s head gently. “I know what I’m doing.”

Rita didn’t say anything more.

Her sister was always smart, she had to believe her.

After shopping for a while, they found a restaurant to have dinner.

Rita and Andrew sat together, while Sarah and Will sat together.

The two sisters were facing each other.

“By the way, sister,” something occurred to Rita suddenly,

“Grandpa called me two days ago and invited us to lunch with him on New Year’s Eve.

He worried that you might be too busy, so he asked me to tell you.”

“I don’t think I can go,” replied Sarah.

“Why?” asked Rita in confusion.

“I promised Captain Leon to pretend to be his girlfriend in his house at noon on New Year’s Eve.”

Sarah said directly without hiding. “You tell Grandpa that I will go to visit him later.”

Rita was amazed.

Her eyes were overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Almost in an instant, she blurted out, “it doesn’t matter. I’ll take care of Grandpa and you can go to Will’s house for dinner without any worries.”

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“Don’t get me wrong.”

“Misunderstand what?”

“It was Will’s family who urged him to get married, so I pretended to be his girlfriend to help him,” said Sarah seriously.

She always knew that Rita wanted to make a match between her and Captain Leon.

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