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They are coming

“I don’t misunderstand,” said Rita with an innocent smile. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Sarah was speechless. She was sure that Muffin must have misunderstood.

Will who didn’t want to trouble Sarah said,

“Please come to find me at noon one day before New Year’s Eve.”

“As long as they see you, it doesn’t matter whether we have lunch or not.” “Really?” asked Sarah.

If so, this was indeed the best choice.

“Yep,” Will replied.

After this matter was settled, the four began to eat. During this period, Andrew took good care of Rita.

Most of the time, before she began to pick up food, he could see what she wanted to eat. He was so considerate that even outshone Sarah.

Sometimes Sarah wondered whether her future-brother-in-law would spoil Rita like this?

But on second thought, although Muffin had relied on Sarah since she was a child, she was still very independent when she was alone.

After dinner.

The driver picked them up with a seven-seated commercial vehicle. After sending Will and Andrew back, the driver took Sarah and Rita to the villa where they usually lived.

When the bodyguards saw Sarah, they were stunned and then greeted them.”

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“Is dad at home?”


Two bodyguards hesitated.

Sarah sensed something was wrong and stopped walking inside. “What’s wrong?”

“Miss Black and Mrs. Brown are here.” Bodyguards knew that Sarah didn’t like them, let alone that they came here.

“The chairman didn’t welcome them, but it was snowing outside and they were wearing thin clothes, he had to call them in.”

“Okay, I know,” said Sarah who didn’t care much about it, because this place was not where her mother usually lived.

“Don’t stand outside. You can work in the monitoring room later if there is nothing wrong.” “No thanks!” the two said in unison.

Sarah was confused, so was Rita.

“Don’t worry. The salary and bonus will be paid as well.”

Sarah added lest they were worried about this.

“No, it’s not because of this.” Two bodyguards were both about thirty years old with good looks.

“Staying in the monitoring room isn’t as domineering as standing outside?” Sarah was a little perplexed.

How to explain this?



“Please come in.” They smiled and seemed to get along well with Sarah.

“It’s cold outside. If we can’t stand it, we will accept your invitation.” “Don’t take it head-on.” Sarah knew they were stubborn.

“Yes! Madam.”

The two were in high spirits.

When Sarah entered the room, the two bodyguards stood there attentively.

They were very simple. When they didn’t know what to do, Miss Yeats provided them with this position, trained them, and paid them.

Otherwise, with their abilities and knowledge, they would never be able to get such a high salary all their lives.

For this reason, they had to help Sarah safeguard this house.

When they entered the living room, Wendy and Linda were sitting in the living room.

Eric, Sarah’s father, was sitting opposite them, frowning with a little worried look. As the door was opened,

Eric looked in the direction of the door subconsciously. After a while, he stood up and walked over.

When he saw Sarah and Rita who came in, Eric was stunned, looking particularly uneasy.

“Pumpkin…” Eric was flustered. He didn’t expect Sarah to come back on this day.

Will Pumpkin misunderstand me?



He had no choice but to let them in.

“Yes, I am,” said Sarah, walking towards them with Rita. “Are you busy now?”

This position was invisible in the living room.

“I’m not busy.” Eric still didn’t know why this mother and daughter came to him now, “Mr. Brown said she had something to talk to me. I thought it was snowing heavily outside, so I let them in.”

Sarah paused.

The bodyguard said that Eric stopped them at the beginning.

It’s impossible for the bodyguards to lie to me, which means that father didn’t tell her the whole process because he failed to stop them.

“Okay,” said Sarah, nodding her head.

“You…” Eric was worried. “Are you angry?”

“I’m not angry as long as they don’t dinner here and stay overnight.” Sarah could treat this as usual and called him by the way, “Dad.”


Eric was confused.

Somehow, he felt that Pumpkin seemed to have matured a lot all of a sudden.

“You’re the father of Rita and me. Don’t talk to us like that…” Sarah said in a low voice.



She thought for a while and continued, “You don’t owe us, so please don’t be so careful…” Thinking of another position was needed.

If Sarah was in the same situation as her parents at that time, she might not be able to do better than them.

Their parents got married for family interests when they couldn’t resist their families. They both had a lover, but they were forced to marry.

At that time, it was not easy for them to rebel under the order of their parents.

That was also the case right now.

People who claimed to be single lifelong and never get married could not hold on finally.

The pressure from the family was much greater than that from the parents.

It was good enough for her and Rita to grow up in happiness without going astray.

“Pumpkin…” Eric became more complicated.

After careful consideration, Sarah gave a hug to her father who had always been worried about her.

If only her mother was still alive…

If she had put all her attention on medicine studies from childhood, would her mother be saved from the death when Bella was at a loss?

But… there is no if in this world. Time would not stop and flow back because of anything.

Eric froze, and then his eyes turned red.

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My Pumpkin.


“Sister, I want a hug too,” said Rita who adjusted the atmosphere at critical moments.

“You naughty girl.” Eric spoiled his two daughters very much. “You even want to be jealous of me!”

“My sister is mine.” A touch of flirtation and cunning existed in her words. “I am also the one she loves most.”

Eric poked her forehead.

The atmosphere was lightened up.

Since they were back, Eric asked them to talk there together.

“They’ve just arrived. I don’t know why they are here.” Sarah didn’t want to go. It had nothing to do with her. However, Rita pulled her and said, “let’s go together!” Linda and Wendy were nervous at the sight of Sarah and Rita, with a slight emotional change in their eyes.

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