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To confess on the phone

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Sarah said after deliberation.

This moment.

All eyes fell on her.

Will was a little surprised. His temperament was dignified and his said slowly, “Do you support my confession?”



“How does she know you like her if you don’t tell her?”

“What can I do if we cannot be friends after I say that?” Will began to dig a hole for her.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are friends or not.” Sarah was an activist, and her idea was very simple. “You want her to be with you, not her to be your friend.”

“No,” Will said slowly and continued to dig the hole. “I won’t easily tell her before I’m sure she will be with me. She is very important to me and I don’t want to lose her.”

Sarah paused. She thought, ‘He liked her so much?”

“What kind of person is she?” she asked.

“Much like you.” Will really felt that Sarah was slow in this aspect. “Then you can express yourself at ease.” Sarah suddenly said this sentence, but she said it very seriously. “If her character is really like



mine, even if you fail in your confession, you would still be her friend.”

“Really?” Will asked.

Sarah said, “Yes.”

“Will she get along with me as before?” Will asked again.

“I don’t know.” Sarah answered all honestly, and didn’t know she was trapped. “If the rejection caused you a lot of harm, she would probably alienate you for a period of time. If there was no harm, she would be the same as before.”

Will clicked on the phone and handed it over, “I have recorded what you just said.”

Sarah was puzzled.

Sarah was at a loss and asked, “Why?”

“If she hides then, you have to help me find her.” Will said slowly. Sarah didn’t realize it. Her mind was full of helping Captain Leon chase for that girl, so she agreed, “OK.”

In her opinion.

If Captain Leon confesses his love, it’s probably no problem.

After all, Captain Leon was really good.

Hearing these words, Jason’s eyes darkened, and he also knew that

Will was ready to confess his love for Sarah.

He calmly took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Chris. [Are you ready?]



Chris replied, [Ready.]

Jason texted Chris back, [Start in ten minutes.]

Chris replied, [OK.]

Confess, right?

Then he will join him.

He wanted to see who Sa would choose.

“It’s still early. Let’s play for a while.” Will also began to act, winking at Julian. “Go on.”

Julian understood.He began to deal.

“Nine of hearts.” Jacob took the lead in turning the card.

Robert also opened his own card, “Jack of clubs.”

Jason said, “Seven of diamonds.”

“Sarah,” Julian asked. He was nervous and feared that he had made mistakes. “What about yours?”

“King of hearts.” Sarah opened it.

The crowd then focused on Will and he slowly opened his own card in the eyes of the crowd.

Five of spades. Sarah got the maximum while Will got the minimum.

“Captain, do you choose truth or dare?” Sarah had decided what to ask Captain Leon to do.

If he chooses the truth, she will ask him who he likes.



If he chooses the dare, she will ask him go to the person he likes and confess his love for her after the party today.

“After playing all night, there is no one to choose the dare. Captain,

why don’t you choose the dare?” Jacob gave him a look.

Julian also agreed, “The dare is more exciting.”

“Choose the dare.” Robert also said.

“OK.” Will suddenly wondered what Sarah wanted him to do.


“After the party is over, go to the person you like to confess.” Sarah hoped Captain Leon could be happy. After all, in her heart, Captain Leon had always been a very excellent person. “Take us with you.” Will picked his eyebrows lightly, and his eyes were full of smiles. He looked at Sarah and said, “Are you sure?”



Will agreed.

He didn’t know how Sarah will react when she knows that she is the person. “Why wait for the party to be over? Now to confess on the phone.” Jacob shouted. After the party, Pumpkin may forget what she just said.

It was better to strike while the iron is hot.



This was the key.

Julian agreed, “Yes! Confess on the phone.”

“Would it be bad?” Sarah was serious in this respect. “Isn’t face to-face confession more sincere? Captain Leon can’t detect the real reaction of the girl in time or determine her real intention on the phone.”

In her opinion.

It was better to say important things in person.

If you can’t see his or her emotions, eyes and reactions on the phone, you will miss a lot of things.

Jacob and Robert coughed lightly and hid their emotions, and gave the two wry looks.

“Let Captain Leon choose.” Julian turned his eyes and could not wait to see the play.

“Both are ok.” Will suddenly felt a little nervous. Sarah did not say anything. She thought, ‘Both ok?’

Will saw her pausing there and added, “Or call her first and tell her I have something very important to tell her in person?”

“Yes.” Sarah thought this was better.

“So I called her?”


As the words fall.

Everyone’s eyes were on Will.



He unlocked his mobile phone, clicked on the phone number which he was particularly concerned about in the address book, and then clicked the dial button.

At this moment, Will’s heart beat faster than ever.

Although he had been ready to be rejected by Sarah, he still was a little nervous.

He unconsciously thought about her reaction when she saw his name. Did she think he had dialed the wrong number?

Jacob and others were also nervous.

Their eyes turned to Sarah after the phone was dialed out.

Right now.

Sarah’s mobile phone rang. She was stunned and a little confused. She thought, ‘Why did my mobile phone ring?’

“Sarah, your mobile phone rings.” Julian was also nervous, but still calmly reminded her.

Sarah was speechless.

Can’t she know that her mobile phone rings?

At this time, her phone rang. Was she the one the captain like?

If so, should this phone be answered or not?

In the eyes of all the people, Sarah still took her cell phone from her clothes pocket with all kinds of feelings, and her eyes also fell on the caller on the phone at this moment. Jason?

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Jacob, Robert and Julian were very baffled.

A series of question marks appeared on their foreheads.

They looked at their captain at the first time, apparently asking what was going on? Didn’t Captain Leon call Pumpkin?

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