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Will heard the voice from the phone, ‘The number you dialed is on the line…’

He looked up at Jason who was also holding his phone, and was not surprised.

Since Jason’s mind had recovered, it was impossible for him to watch him confess his love smoothly.

“Why did you call me?” Sarah didn’t answer the phone. She asked Jason whose eyes were full of her.

“Brother Will called the person he likes to confess his love, and I also want to confess my love for the person I like,” said Jason very straightforwardly, with deep affection in his eyes.

“Sister Sa, I like you. Are you willing to be my girlfriend?”

Upon hearing this.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Sarah.

Jacob and the others were all worried about their captain. But in fact, Will was very calm, as if he didn’t care at all.

Seeing that Sarah didn’t answer, Jason urged, “Sister Sa.”

“No…” Sarah just spoke a word.

The door was suddenly opened.

Soon after, a series of firework display made a loud bang, and the whole box was filled with colorful strips and petals.



Putting his phone in his pocket, Jason stood up and walked towards the door, taking the beautiful bunch of roses from Chris.

The bodyguards at the door stood in two lines and automatically made way for him.

With the flowers in his arms, he walked towards Sarah step by step. In his emotional eyes, there was only a reflection of Sarah.

He came to Sarah and handed the flowers to her. “Sa, I like you. Are you willing to be with me?”

“Be together!”

“Be together!”

“Be together!”

The bodyguards shouted in unison.

Standing there as usual, Chris was a little worried!He was sure.

The boss would definitely be rejected!

“Stop it.” Sarah stood up. Her eyes turned cold without picking up his flowers.

“I’m not kidding,” said Jason in a gentle tone. He took a step forward and continued, “I really like you. I want you to be with me in the future. I know that I have done a lot of wrong things to you in the past, but I hope you can give me a chance to make up for it.”

Sarah frowned.

Jason asked again, “Sa, would you like to be my girlfriend?”



“No, I don’t want to,” said Sarah without hesitation.

At that moment.

Jason smiled.

Still holding the bunch of flowers, he bent down slightly to close the distance between him and Sarah. “Can I know why?”

“I don’t like you.” Sarah felt that the person in front of her had suddenly changed, which was somewhat unpredictable. “I have told you before.”

She knew that if she said this, Jason would become extreme or paranoid, or something uncontrollable would happen, but she can’t make him promises she can’t keep.

Giving him a hope even she knew it was impossible.

This was the biggest harm.

“Why don’t you like me?” Jason asked again. At this moment, he no longer disguised himself. “You let me listen to you. You asked me not to lie. I told you everything I lied to you. I did what you said. Why don’t you like me?”

His question made her speechless.

She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to refute.

With his eyes darkened, Jason asked, “Do you still mind me hurting you in the past?”

“No.” Sarah denied.



“You’re lying,” said Jason, putting a hand on her face. His eyes were so dark that no one could see through them. “If you really don’t care, why don’t you accept me?”

“I don’t have feelings for you.” Sarah didn’t know how to answer, so she could only say, “I don’t want to be with you either. If I have to like you because you follow my words, I need to respond to many people’s feelings now.”

Robert pushed his glasses.

Jacob smiled to hide her smile. It was a serious sentence, but they suddenly felt it was entertaining.

“I don’t mind if you respond to their feelings.” There was only her in Jason’s eyes, and his desire for possession of her increased little by little. “As long as the person you like most is me.”

Sarah was speechless

Sarah didn’t know what to say.

Normally, he should leave after being rejected, shouldn’t he?

“I’ll ask you the last time.” Jason handed the bunch of flowers to her again, as if he had made a decision. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

“No,” she refused bluntly.


An abrupt smile appeared on his face.

He put the flower in her hand and said, “I’ll make you agree.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

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He withdrew his hand and turned around and walked out.

Fearing that something might happen to him, she put the flower aside and chased after him. “Jason!”

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