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It’s my business whether I want to see her or not and it’s her business whether to find me or not.

He knew that Sa wouldn’t agree to his confession.

But it was one thing to know and it was another thing to hear her refuse.

“Boss.” Driving the car, Chris glanced at Jason who was sitting in the back seat and said, “You’d better send a message to Miss Yeats. She should be very worried about you.”

“If she really worries about me, she has found me and taken me home.” said Jason naturally.

She was the daughter of the Yeats Group.

This not only meant an identity, but also an ability.

At this moment, he was still in Chris’s car, which was enough to prove that in Sa’s heart, his status was very low.

Chris paused.

Thinking of what he had said to Sarah when he stopped her…

“Didn’t you send so many bodyguards to stop her?” Chris tried to help Sarah find excuses for her action and tried to suppress the anger of his boss. “Miss Yeats may think that you don’t want to see her.”

“It’s my business whether I want to see her or not.” At this moment, Jason got into a dead end. “It’s her business whether to find me or not.”

Chris was speechless.



What he said made sense. He couldn’t even refute.

“From now on, your phone is powered off,” said Jason in a cold tone, staring at Chris.

“If I find that you have a connection with her, you will bear the consequences.”

“If I don’t contact Miss Yeats, how can she find you?” Chris tried to reason with him.

“Don’t you want Miss Yeats to take you back?”

“Without your help, she can find me with her ability,” said Jason clearly. “Unless she doesn’t want to see me.”

Chris was speechless

‘What should he do?

What should he do?

“Give me the information about Alicia tomorrow.” Suddenly, something occurred to Jason.

Everyone there had learned hacker techniques from the king of hackers, except Sa. It was strange.

Without thinking too much, Chris just agreed obediently, “Okay.”

Instead of going back to the community where he and Chris lived, Jason chose a hotel to stay. Coincidentally, this hotel was not far from Sarah’s home, and it was in the only road for her to go back. After they returned to the hotel.

Chris’s phone was taken away by Jason and he gave him another one.



“It’s for your contact and work.” Recently, Jason’s mind had become very useful. “It’s bound to my phone. I’ll know whoever you contact and who you send messages to.”

“You don’t have to be so serious, don’t you?” Chris didn’t expect his boss to be so ruthless.

He had thought about it before.

Even if his boss took away his phone and he couldn’t remember Miss Yeats’s number, he could call his father and ask him to tell him her number.

After all, he had just called Miss Yeats with his father’s phone last time.

But now…

No privacy!!!

Not to mention to contact Miss Yeats, the boss would know if he asks his father to tell him Sarah’s phone number.

“It’s up to me,” said Jason. He intended to give Sarah two days.

“You just need to do your job well.”

If Sa didn’t take him home in two days, then he would take actions. He would make her agree to be with him in his own way.

Chris’s mind was in a mess.

According to what he had told Miss Yeats before he left, she might be waiting for his news.

He didn’t send it, which meant that his boss was fine.



Miss Yeats would not contact…

“Boss.” He decided to have a talk with his boss. “If you really like Miss Yeats, you should talk with her and do not take the toys out of the pram.”

“Take the toys out of the pram?” Jason’s eyes falling on Chris were dangerous.

Chris was bold and said, “You got angry and left when you were refused. Isn’t it a behavior out of temper?”

“No,” said Jason seriously.

He listened to her and behaved well, but she still didn’t like him.

If it was Will who spoke first today, would she refuse so decisively? He didn’t think so.

She always treated that person better than himself.

If Sarah knew Jason’s thoughts, she would probably be pissed off.

She was good to the captain, but she was also good to Jason. Except for being a little alienated from him at the beginning, she always took care of his emotions.

After returning home, she called Jason.

Jason saw it.

But he didn’t answer it.

Chris didn’t understand what he was doing, so he asked directly,

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?”



“I was rejected by her. I’m sad now,” said Jason slowly, but his eyes had been staring at the word “Sa” on the screen of the phone. “If I answer the first call, what am I to her?”

Three times.

As long as Sa called him three times.

He must answer it.


He didn’t wait that.

He didn’t even receive the second one, let alone the third.

Seeing that no one answered the phone, Sarah didn’t call again. In her opinion, if he was in a good mood after seeing the phone, he would call her back or send her a message.

If he was in a bad mood and still held a grudge against her refusal, then she would only annoy him by calling the second one.

So she just called once.

After the phone call, she sent a message to Chris, indicating that he should take good care of Jason and contact her at any time if anything happened.

After she finished all these things, she made a phone call to Serial.

No one answered the phone.

Then she called Bella.



She always knew that the relationship between Bella and Serial was special. As long as it was about Serial, Bella basically knew.

But she didn’t ask about the specific relationship between the two.

When Bella received the call from Sarah, he had just taken a shower. With a bath towel around his waist, he was not cold at all in the room with heating.

As he answered the phone, he went over to get a dry towel to dry his hair.


“Do you know what Serial is busy with recently?” Sarah had a good relationship with him, so she cut to the chase. “It seems that Jason has fully recovered his sanity. I want to talk to Serial about something.”

Looking out of the door, Bella paused for a moment and asked, “Are you urgent?”

“Yes.” Thinking of what Jason had said before he left, she felt that his character was a little strange.

“Wait a minute.”

Bella’s voice was pleasant to hear. Sarah said yes and waited.

Bella opened the door and went, looking at pitiful Serial in the living room. He frowned imperceptibly.

Serial was thinking about how to make Bella forgive him.

The sudden sound of opening door attracted his attention. When he looked over, he was stunned.

Bella was naked!!!

At that moment.

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Serial made up his own head canon and even wondered if Bella had forgiven him.

However, all his imaginations were shattered by Bella’s actions and words.

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