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Let’s have a talk in your free time.

“It is Sarah. She has something urgent to ask for you.” Bella handed

Serial his mobile phone. His eyes and tone were all as before.


Serial was speechless.

Sarah was confused.

Serial did not answer immediately. He negotiated with Bella, “Can you forgive me a little if I answer this call?”

“Jason is your patient.” Bella reminded Serial and his attitude had returned to the initial indifference. “It’s not mine.”

Serial was in a mess.

If he doesn’t answer, Bella will certainly feel that he is an irresponsible person, but if he does, he may be busy handling the matter of Jason.

In this way, his efforts to live here were in vain.

After thinking for a while.

He still took Bella’s mobile phone reluctantly and smiled and said after a deep breath,





“It’s me.”

“Jason’s mind seems to have completely recovered.” Sarah expressed her guess, and then said the following. “But there seems to be a psychological problem. His personality is very different from before.”

Serial raised his eyebrows slightly, and was surprised.

Before the Christmas, Jason asked him to keep his full recovery a secret. How could he expose himself now?

He asked, “What happened?”

Sarah explained what happened tonight and highlighted what she thought was strange about Jason’s behavior.

Serial listened and frowned, “Why do you refuse him?”

Sarah was puzzled. She didn’t like him. Should she agree instead of refusing?

“I told you before that he was not in good condition.” Serial only felt that the situation was worse. “With amnesia and mental regression, he needs to live in a stable and warm living environment. He should not be stimulated.”

Sarah said, “Yes.”

“Then why did you refuse him?”

“I don’t like him. If I promise, it will hurt him even more.”

“You should stabilize him first.” Serial was serious this time, and gave a quick suggestion in his mind. “Don’t let him be stimulated any more these two days. I will go abroad to get the medicine, and come



back when I get it.”

“OK.” Sarah agreed.

“Remember, don’t let him be stimulated again.” Serial stressed, “Otherwise the situation will get out of control.”


The phone was hung up.

Serial returned the mobile phone to Bella.

Although he was reluctant to leave here, Jason was in a bad situation. Whether it was his agreement with Jason or the identity as his doctor, he had to go back.

If he doesn’t go back, Jason may be destroyed by him.

“Is his condition very bad?” Bella had never seen that look on Serial’s face.

“Hmm.” Serial nodded. His eyes were a little complicated. “When I finish these about Jason, I’ll talk to you about us.”

Jason’s affairs could not be delayed. He didn’t want to delay the matter with Bella.

Bella never looked at him again, took his mobile phone and walked to the room.

“Bella.” Serial stopped him before he closed the door. “Wait until I finish.”

What responded to him was Bella’s relentless closing of the door.

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Serial did not waste any more time, and immediately booked a flight to abroad. He never thought that Jason’s situation would change so quickly, and he didn’t bring back the research results and medicine.

Follow the deduction at the beginning.

Jason should have been around Sarah.

How did it get so bad?

Due to the lack of air tickets on the same day, Serial had to take a flight abroad the next morning. After packing up his luggage, he called Jason.

Jason hung up and sent him a message.

He let Serial mind his own business.

Seeing this, Serial knew that the situation was very worse. He only hoped that Sarah would not stimulate Jason any more.

But neither he nor Sarah.

Neither of them knew what was stimulation for Jason.

Will came back after Sarah talked with Serial. He came to see her and asked about the situation. Sarah also told him what Serial told her.

“Jason is with Chris. It should be no big problem.” Sarah said her own opinion. “If I go to find him, it will probably stimulate him. Serial stressed that he should not be stimulated again.”

“If you don’t look for him, will he think you don’t care about him?” Will made a guess.

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