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Ex-husband and ex-wife

He didn’t reply to the messages or call back, but asked Chris,

“When you quarrel with your girlfriend and she is angry, will you coax her?”

“I have no girlfriend,” Chris said solemnly.


“It depends on whose fault it is. If it’s my fault. I’m sure to coax her, but if she is wrong, I would reluctantly give her an out.”

“If she doesn’t answer your phone and doesn’t reply your messages, and she won’t give you a chance to coax her. What should you do?” Jason asked again.

Chris didn’t think much. He just thought it was a simple chat, “Go to her and talk to her face to face.”

It was better to speak it in person.

No one knows what kind of mood and expression those cold words are written with.

“That is to say, if someone really cares about a person, when the person can’t be contacted through one way, she or he will try other methods, right?” Jason’s mind was deep at the moment, and Chris could not guess what he thought at all.

Chris nodded and said, “Almost.”

“Hmm.” Jason didn’t plan to chat with him anymore. “Go and have a rest.”

Chris was puzzled.He thought the boss was very strange!But he couldn’t say exactly what was wrong.



“Boss,” he said tentatively.

Jason’s narrow eyes were slightly raised, and an excellent face was enough to invert all living beings: “Is there anything else?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to contact Miss Yeats?” Chris was still worried about this.

“She just called you three times, do you see those calls?”

With Miss Yeats’ personality, it was difficult to make two consecutive calls.

Three times at a time, the boss should be able to feel Miss Yeats’ concern for him.

Jason’s thin lips curled up and said, “I see.”

“Are you not going to call back?” Chris asked.

“Don’t you say that people will contact the person in various ways if they really care about the person?” Jason said calmly, which was different from the indifferent person in the past. “I can’t be contacted by phone. She can change the way.”

Chris was very confused.

What the boss asked just now were about he and Miss Yeats?

“I just said lovers, couples.” Chris explained, “Not ex-husband and ex-wife.”

As soon as he said this.

Jason became cold.

The last thing he wanted to hear was these two words.



“She said that she would treat me well and take care of me.” Jason began to get into a dead end. He disliked Chris more and more because what he just said. “I also confessed to her. To sum up, we are also lovers.”

Chris was speechless.

He thought, ‘Don’t talk nonsense!

If Miss Yeats dates with you, I will turn my head off and kick it!’

“Don’t stand in the way here.” Jason said bitterly, and gave the order of expulsion. “I’m going to sleep.”

“You don’t want me to contact Miss Yeats, and you don’t recognize her call to you.” Chris still wanted to help Sarah explain, “If it goes on like this, much Miss Yeats’ cares about you will be consumed by you.”

He could promise.

Miss Yeats was good to the boss now because of the fear and guilt that the boss almost died in order to save her.

Not because the so-called like.

“Go out.” Jason became chilling.

Chris would like to say, ‘You are tripping!’

But he dared not.

The current boss was a little different from the previous boss.

If he really said this, he might be asked to pack and go away at once. It must be a real dismissal, not a verbal one.



After adjusting his breath, he had to slowly say, “Have a good rest.”

Then he went back to his room.

After returning to the room, he racked his brain to think how to let

Miss Yeats know that the boss was here. As for the boss’s current state, he couldn’t guess his mind.

He thought for a while.

A thought flashed across his mind.

This hotel was not owned by the Noth Group, but by the Yeats Group.

The boss chose this place on purpose. Did he want him to contact Miss Yeats through the people in the hotel?

As soon as the idea came out, Chris went out of the room quietly, revealed his identity, found the general manager of the hotel and made an appointment.

Theoretically, he could call Sarah by looking for members of staff in the hotel or other strangers to borrow their mobile phone, but in this case, he felt insecure. If he accidentally discloses Miss Yeats’ phone number, it is really bad.

Therefore, it was the most direct way to find the person in charge of the hotel.

Sarah was just ready to go to bed when she received the call from Chris. When she saw that it was a strange call, she still slid the answer button.

“Miss Yeats, this is Chris.” Chris spoke his name and said something about it. “My boss and I are now living in a hotel under the Yeats Group. It is the one nearest hotel to your residence. The room number is 1803.”



Sarah replied, “OK.”

After the call, Sarah didn’t go there immediately.

It was late at night. It was time to sleep. She could not talk much with Jason even she went there.

The next morning.

She arrived at the hotel just after seven.

Jason didn’t get up when she arrived, and Sarah didn’t bother him, just waiting for him outside.

Chris got up very early after knowing that she was coming, and passed a message to Sarah, “Miss Yeats, when you see the boss later, you should treat him as your partner and try to be more patient.”

“OK.” Sarah agreed.

“Thank you.” Chris felt a little complicated.

“It’s OK.” Sarah’s mood didn’t fluctuate much. All she wanted was to cure Jason quickly and send him back. “Did he tell you anything?”

Chris paused and told her what he had talked with Jason last night.

Afraid of being misunderstood by Sarah, he added, “At that time, I thought he was just chatting with me, but I didn’t expect him to imagine you two.”

“It’s okay.” Sarah felt relieved after understanding. She could coax him as he was the angry and jealous Muffin.

It was not a big problem.

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At 7:30, Jason got up slowly. He thought that after one night, there should be many missed calls and messages on his mobile phone, but none.

The good mood of receiving the messages last night also disappeared at the moment, and a little apathy appeared at his eyes.

He took out his mobile phone and called Chris. Chris immediately knocked at the door when he saw the call. His tone was mild and gentle, “Boss.”


The door was opened.

The appearance of Jason who just woke up came into Sarah and

Chris’s sights.

At the moment, there were still coldness and sternness in his black eyes because he got angry after he got up, and his hair was slightly messy. But these didn’t make people feel that he was slovenly, but he looked more like an ordinary man than usual.

He looked at Chris and motioned him to go in. But when he looked at Chris, he saw Sarah standing aside.

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