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Sarah’s trick

That moment.

It was as if the pause button had been pressed on his whole body, the breath all over his body suddenly softened, and a warm feeling flowed from the bottom of his heart.

But he didn’t show it, thinking about her rejecting him without hesitation in front of Will.He slammed the door and showed his dislike thoroughly!

Sarah: “…”

Chris: “…”

According to Sarah’s normal personality, she would leave directly. But her goal now was to stabilize Jason and ensure that he will not be stimulated again before Serial came back.

“Miss Sarah…” Chris was worried.

Sarah took out the master control card from her hand and opened the door without knocking.

Chris was a little surprised.

When did Miss Sarah get it?

Jason was in a good mood when he saw her coming in, but he wouldn’t show it.

Instead, he said sarcastically, “Are the hotels under the Yeats Group so unsafe?

Anyone can hold the master control card.”

“Do you want to change the hotel?” Sarah calmly replied, “I will pay.”



Jason: “…”

Was he talking about money?

Was Sa’s mind not working well?

“If you don’t change, go back with me.” Sarah took the control in her own hands and asked him to follow her order, “If you are not cured, don’t run around.”

“I don’t want to see you.” Jason blurted out.

Sarah walked up to him, close enough to see the tiny hairs on each other’s faces.

Jason’s heart paused for a moment. He didn’t know what she meant, but his eyes couldn’t help but fall on her fluffy fair skin.

This distance.

He can feel her warm breath and see her healthy and rosy lips.

Just looking at it in this way, his anger was much less.

“What are you doing?” Jason calmed down and stared at her.

Sarah didn’t say anything. She stretched out her white slender hand and grabbed his tie, and then untied his tie easily.

This series of operations.

Jason was deeply confused, and Chris was even more confused.

Both of them even thought that Sarah was not trying to use the sex-trap?



But the idea just disappeared in an instant. They all knew her. The sex-trap was impossible for her to use in her life. It was more possible for her to greet them with a fist.

When thinking about this, Sarah already held the tie in her hand.

When they were trying to figure out what she was going to do, Sarah covered Jason’s eyes with the tie and tied a knot behind his head, still in the indifferent tone: “Don’t look if you don’t want to see me.”

Jason paused deeply.

Chris was also a little confused.

More wonderful pictures had not yet appeared.

When Jason raised his hand and was about to pull the tie that covered his eyes,

Sarah hit him at the back of his neck.


A dull voice.

Jason was dizzy, and the whole body fainted. Sarah caught him in time and moved him to the sofa next to him.

Chris was stunned. He thought Miss Sarah was coming to talk kindly to the boss. He never thought it was so simple and rude! She deserved to be his idol.

“Miss Sarah, this…” he was indeed excited, but there were still some things to worry about. “Will the boss wake up angry?”

“I don’t know.” Sarah was not sure.



If it was Jason before, he would definitely be angry because she treated him like this.

But now Jason was not the same as in the past. The captain Leon said that what Jason wants now was her care. She found him and brought him back, should it reflect her care?

Chris broke into a sweat.

However Sarah did not delay. When she called, several bodyguards came up to take out Jason who had fainted.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator to the gate, they was surrounded by another wave of bodyguards.

At this time.

The bodyguards on both sides were in a tense atmosphere.

“This is Miss Sarah, someone the boss likes.” Chris explained. “He was sick and fainted. Miss Sarah took him to the hospital.”

The Noth family’s bodyguard: “?”

If the boss was really sick, shouldn’t they be asked to go up and bring the boss down?

Something wrong here!

“If you don’t want to be fired by the boss, you can get out of the way.” Chris whispered to the bodyguard leader. “The boss finally pretended to be dizzy and tricked Miss Sarah. If his good deed is ruined, you will know the consequences.”

The bodyguard leader paused.



Before he thought about getting out of the way, he saw his boss’s hanging hand give him a sign. At that moment, he understood everything and immediately winked at others.

In a moment, the bodyguards all moved away.

Sarah then let people go out with Jason.

Get in the car.

Sarah helped him adjust the tie she casually tied after he fainted, and then it was restored to its original shape.

Thinking that he had not eaten since he got up in the morning, she asked someone to prepare breakfast in advance and planned to let Jason eat it after he woke up.

However, it was half an hour to get home, and Jason didn’t wake up yet.

Sarah stared at him a few times. According to the time she calculated, Jason should wake up early.

Was… he pretending?

She came to the bed and stared at his quiet sleeping face, thinking about his good acting. She said seriously, “Get up and have breakfast, I know you are awake.”

Jason didn’t move.

“If you don’t get up, this glass of water will pour on your face,” Sarah said deliberately.

Jason opened his bottomless eyes and sat up slowly from the bed:

“You refuse me, you remember? So what do you bring me back for?”



“When did you recover?”

“The day I found Serial.” Jason didn’t hide it. Sarah thought back.

At the moment, she really felt that Jason’s acting skills were good, and she didn’t notice anything unusual.

Jason saw that she didn’t speak, then he felt a negative emotion in his heart: “Angry?”

“No.” Sarah had no feeling at all.

If the former Jason cheated her like this, she might be angry and even feel that he regarded herself as a fool.

But in the face of him now, she had no other feelings actually, she didn’t feel relaxed when she learned that he had recovered, and she didn’t get angry at being deceived, as if he was really just a person who needed to be cured to her, that’s all.

“Get up for breakfast.” She didn’t talk with him more about this.

The hotel was close to here, and it was less than nine o’clock now.

Jason didn’t move. He just asked for an answer: “You haven’t answered what you brought me back to do. Are you regretting your previous refusal and ready to accept it?”

“Want to know?”


“I’ll tell you after you eating.”

The dialogue cannot be simpler.

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After she finished speaking, she walked out towards the living room without wasting time with him.

Jason looked at her back as she went out. His eyes moved slightly, and then he got off

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