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Jason’s decision

When eating breakfast, Jason didn’t speak, just ate in silence, and Sarah was almost the same.

At nine o’clock sharp.

Both of them have eaten almost.

Jason crossed his hands on the table. The clothes he was wearing made him look very beautiful and calm. His dark eyes looked at Sarah, and his deep voice slowly said, “Can you say now?”

Sarah: “Say what.”

“Why did you bring me back?” Jason asked directly.

“Aren’t you willing to come back with me?” Sarah raised her eyes slightly and spoke in a very light tone, “You live in a hotel under the Yeats Group, isn’t it just so that I can get the master control card and open your room?”

If Jason was staying in the hotel of other groups, she won’t get the card easily.

The man really thought she didn’t know his thoughts.

“No,” Jason denied, but he was a little happy because of Sarah’s guess. “I live there and just want to find fault with Yeats Group.”

“Then I misunderstood.” Sarah stood up, “I will send you back now.”

Jason: “…”

Jason was a good-tempered person.



Even if he really wanted to vent his angry, he wouldn’t make trouble after Sarah tried her best to bring him back.

“If you want me to go back, I will go back. Why?” His tone was calm, but he was very concerned about one thing.

He looked at Sarah’s face, which was still cold and beautiful without any makeup, and slowly called her, “Sa.”

Sarah: “?”

She looked up at him.

“Are you going to accept me when you bring me back?” Jason knew that the answer was the same as before, but he didn’t give up.

“No.” Sarah still refused, but was afraid to stimulate him and add, “I promised to take care of you and treat you as my little brother, and I will do it.”

Jason was angry indeed.

He didn’t want to be her brother. All he wanted was only Sa.

But he could not vent his anger. The woman who had always been indifferent called him several times last night for the first time, and came to the hotel to find him herself.

Even though she knew his purpose, she cooperated with him and performed the trick.

Such a woman.

It really made him love and hate.



“The last question.” Jason didn’t want to push her too hard.

Sarah sat face to face with him: “You say.”

“If Will was the one who confessed to you last night, would you have refused so simply?” Jason looked deeply at her face and didn’t miss any details on her face.

Sarah paused.

The scene was automatically filled in her mind.

At the same time, she also guessed her own approach: She won’t refuse it so simply.

Maybe it was because the captain Leon has always been very good to her, or maybe it was because of other reasons, she can’t do that.

Jason saw that she had been silent and did not speak, and her face was as pale as ever. He could not guess her thoughts. He could only continue to say, “You should know that the person he wanted to confess is you, and I stopped his confession by calling you one step ahead.”

As long as Sa can treat Will the same way, he can ignore everything before.

Sarah wanted to tell the truth, but she remembered Serial’s words and only gave a half-true answer: “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know, or you won’t refuse.” Jason’s eyes became a little red, and his eyes became a little cold.

“I don’t know.” Sarah answered.

Jason’s mood began to roll again.



Sarah noticed, and added: “Nothing happened. Nobody knows what decision will be made at that moment. If you really want to know, I will call the captain Leon now to ask him if he likes me, so that I can give you a real answer.”

Jason:” ”

He felt that he was going to be angry. Was Sa mentally normal?

“No,” he refused without hesitation.

“Tell me when you need it,” Sarah said.

Jason just let out a sigh.

He should be angry, but Sarah was too frank. He didn’t know how to go on with some things.

“Did you contact Serial?” Jason suddenly made a decision, which was his last test for Sarah. “You want him to come back to check my situation and help me recover my memory?”

Sarah didn’t hide: “Yes.”

“Play a game with me and I will cooperate.”

“What game?”

“I will send you a message tomorrow. Just follow the prompts I sent you.” Jason began to implement his final idea. “This matter can only be known by two of us. As long as you accompany me to the end of the game, I will listen to you.”

“OK.” Sarah agreed.

She didn’t need to worry too much about one-on-one games.



Jason packed up all the things on the table. After finishing his work, he asked Sarah to accompany him out for a walk.

Sarah didn’t refuse.

It was a good thing for her that Jason had no violent reactions and emotions, but she didn’t know why, this calm made her feel uneasy, as if something bad was going to happen.



“You said before that Will and I were in danger at the same time, and you would save me if you could only save one. Is that true?” Jason asked.

Sarah replied, “It’s true.”

“What if I am in danger and need your life in exchange?”

“Then change it.”

Just three words. Sarah said without any hesitation.

Jason’s hand tightened unconsciously, and the complicated emotions in his heart gradually became soft: “Are you willing to give up your family and friends?”

“I can’t give up.” Sarah didn’t hide it from him.

“If I hadn’t saved you in the Green Island back then, would you still have given this answer?” Jason asked again.

Sarah rarely thought about hypothetical things: “There is no if.”


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If he hadn’t saved her that time, it was her who died, and she wouldn’t exist and have a future.

Jason didn’t ask any more questions, just walked around with her silently, even he himself didn’t know why he was so angry with her, and wanted to force her to let her have only him in her heart.

But every time he look at her sincere eyes and listen her frank words, those negative emotions will disappear automatically. Let’s leave everything to tomorrow.

Later in the morning, both of them were strolling. Near noon,

Sarah planned to take Jason to dinner, but was stopped by an unexpected visitor.

Wendy looked at the two people who were standing very close together, and tightened her sweaty hands: “Sarah, I have something to talk to you.”

“Oh, you say.” Sarah said very lightly.

“I want to talk to you alone.”Wendy pursed her lips and looked a little nervous. “This is… important.”

“There is nothing between me and you that needs to be discussed alone.” Sarah didn’t have too much emotion towards Wendy, just had a very light attitude. “Let’s talk about it here.”

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