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Fishing with no bait

“Can I ask you a question?” Wendy said after considering her words.

Sarah stood there, she didn’t need to do anything, it was a beautiful scenery: “You ask.”

“Do you have a bad relationship with the Second Lady of Thomson’s Group?” Wendy hesitated to speak, but was worried about the future. Sarah was stunned.


When she was in the same place as Cindy and Wendy was also there, there was only one time before, but that time Cindy was very enthusiastic about herself, Wendy shouldn’t have known.’

“What I want to tell you has something to do with her.” Wendy pursed her lips and made a great decision. “Now can you talk to me alone?”

Sarah looked at her face a few times, and then agreed.

After asking Jason to go in and order, she changed a place to talk with Wendy.

This was a coffee shop.

“What do you want to talk about?” Sarah took the initiative to speak.

Wendy sat opposite her, her body tense: “I have something for you.”

“What?” Sarah asked.

Wendy has mixed feelings.

She stood up, walked to Sarah with her bag, and opened the buckle of the bag very slowly.



Sarah watched all the way.

“This thing is a little special.” Wendy was afraid of causing Sarah’s misunderstanding.

“When you see it later, can you calm down a little?”

“It’s you who don’t calm down.” Sarah told the truth.

Wendy swallowed a mouthful of saliva, she became more nervous.

After adjusting herself, she quickly took out the extremely sharp fruit knife from the bag and handed it to Sarah.

Sarah pinched her wrist reflexively, with a little force.

Wendy: “!!!”

Wendy’s mentality collapsed.

“I…” She quickly released her hand with the knife, and a clang sound seemed to hit her heart, “I’m not…”

‘What should I do?

Sarah must have misunderstood.’

Sarah let go of her hand and looked at the extremely sharp fruit knife.

“I’m not going to kill you, I swear!” Wendy’s face turned pale, and the whole person was in a panic. “I just want to take out the knife and give it to you. No intention of harming you!”

“Really?” Sarah’s voice was very weak and with no ups and downs.



The more she was like this, the more scared Wendy was.

Even she didn’t know why when she saw Sarah, she was subconsciously cowardly. But she didn’t really want to hurt her this time: “Yes…”

“You can give me the knife on the seat.” Sarah’s affectionate eyes were a little indifferent at the moment. “Why do you need to come over here to give it to me.”

“I… I’m afraid of being misunderstood.” Wendy said the truth. “If someone sees me taking a knife out of my bag, they will definitely treat me as a bad person. Maybe before I say anything, people who are brave and righteous rush up and hold me down.”

If it wasn’t for this, how could she come to Sarah with the bag.

She also deliberately found an angle to block the action of giving the knife.

Sarah added: “You can give me the bag directly and tell me what is inside.”

“I’m afraid that you will think I’m threatening you when you open the bag and see the knife.” Wendy explained again, her mind was in a daze under the panic. “What if you think this bag is a smoke bomb and guess that I will kill you when you see what’s in it?”

Sarah: “”

She really didn’t know what to say about the strange ideas.

Wendy saw that she did not respond, and then anxiously explained,

“I promise that what I said is true. Can you believe me?”

“Hmm.” Sarah said faintly.



Wendy paused.

She was afraid that she had heard wrong. Her eyes were wide open:

“Do you believe me?”

“Sit down and say.” Sarah believed her.

From the moment she grabbed her hand, she knew that Wendy was just going to show her the knife, not kill her.

If people really want to kill someone, there was a force to rush forward. But the arm she held has only a little normal force.

The reason why she didn’t say it immediately.

Because she wanted to see what Wendy would say.

“Thank you!” Wendy could put her whole heart down and felt like she had survived. “You are a good girl.”

A compliment for her.

Sarah: “”

Sarah put the knife back into her bag, and didn’t want to be misunderstood by others in the shop: “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“The Second Lady of Thomson’s Group asked me to do this.”


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Wendy didn’t hide it either, ever since Sarah said she believed in her, her favorability towards her has gradually increased. “She said that as long as I kill you, she will give me the life I want and make me innocent.”

“Do you believe it?” Sarah asked.

“Half believe.” Wendy said about her thoughts. “I haven’t signed any agreement with her, who knows if she will honor it?”

Sarah really didn’t know what to say to her: “Because of this, you didn’t kill me?”

“Of course not!” Wendy replied quickly and didn’t want to be misunderstood. “This is just one of the very small reasons. I didn’t kill you because I feel that the life I want should not be based on your death. If I get this kind of life, I won’t be at ease.”

She thought it over.

Even if the Second Lady of Thomson’s Group really did, she couldn’t do that.

Killing was a crime. The previous arrogance and domineering just make people look down on her, but crime was a very wrong thing. She can’t do it.

“What’s more…” Wendy knew that saying this might make Sarah unhappy, but she only wanted to say her true thoughts. “Uncle Eric and Rita are very good to us. If something happens to you, he and Rita will be very sad.”

“How did she contact you?” Sarah asked.

“She called me,” Wendy said everything, “But, don’t you have a good relationship with her? How did it get so bad?”



“I have nothing to do with her,” Sarah said, and told her the truth by the way, “Besides, she can’t keep any of the promises she made to you. Now she is no longer welcomed by the Thomson family.”

Since the last time she went to see old Thomson, he had told about this matter.

Although Cindy’s father was not in the army, but in business, she still could not tolerate what Cindy did, let alone her brother Andy.

“Don’t the Thomson family have that background?” Wendy was curious.

“Cindy’s father went into business, and her second uncle joined the army.” Sarah explained, “her second uncle’s family are all very righteous people, they will not do favoritism because of family members, let alone do what Cindy said.”

“So she was just fishing with no bait?” Wendy looked stunned.

But at the same time, Wendy was glad that she didn’t do those things, otherwise her life would be ruined. Sarah was surprised. When did Wendy believe what she said?

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