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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

No one ever won him

The two talked about something else.

After seeing that the atmosphere was suitable, she puckered her lips and said a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry about the past, I was against you and said bad things about you.”

“It’s gone.” Sarah said slightly.

If she cared about the past, she will fight back directly. If she didn’t care, it was not worth her attention.

“If my mother comes to see you, you should be careful with her.” Wendy thought for a while, but said, “She knows this thing and she is very supportive. I’m afraid she will do you harm.”

“OK.” Sarah answered.

That was all the talking.

The big stone in Wendy’s heart was finally gone.

Before Linda had no relationship with Eric, Wendy was just an ordinary girl.

But later.

Eric was generous to both of them.

Buy whatever she want, never be stingy in material life, and there were servants in the place where they live.

These changes in her life have made a great change in her heart, so that she always felt that she would become the daughter of the Yeats family and become an upper class person.



This led her to look down upon people more and more, and she began to do things badly.

It was only after meeting Sarah, the real eldest lady of the Yeats family, and getting along with her several times that she gradually realized that she was just an ordinary person.

She also understood from Sarah that the real upper-class people did not feel that they were superior because of a lot of money, but they knew a lot of knowledge, understood a lot of things, had a broad vision, but still only regarded themselves as an ordinary member of the crowd.

“But you don’t have to worry too much,” Wendy said. “I will have a good talk with her when I go back, and give up her dream of marrying me into a wealthy family.”

As long as this was over. She won’t think about these things anymore.

“Marrying into a wealthy family does not necessarily mean happiness. “Sarah knew this circle very well, “Most wealthy families pay attention to being well-matched, and if boys don’t love girls enough, girls will have a hard time. ”

She had seen such a situation.

At that time, she was only seventeen years old, which was the most impulsive age.

At that time, she went to the restaurant reserved by Robert and the others had booked, and saw a girl crying on the way, so she went to comfort her and asked the reason.

Knowing that this girl was run out by her husband’s family, who often said that she was lucky to be able to marry into their family, and they even humiliate her in front of many rich ladies, Sarah just advised her to divorce.

It was said that it was better to demolish a temple than to destroy the marriage.



But at that time, she did things based on her mood, and she was the type to scold people and things she didn’t like.

But the girl refused. Sarah thought she was afraid that she would not be able to get a divorce or other reasons, so she promised to find the best lawyer for her.

In the end, she still refused. She still remembered what the girl said.

She said – “I just feel a little uncomfortable being scolded by her. Let me take a break.

I won’t lose a piece of meat after being scolded for a few words. I don’t need to consider material issues If I don’t get divorced. And I don’t have such a big house to live in and a good life after divorce.”

At that moment, Sarah said nothing.

Everyone had everyone’s choice. Since they were strangers to each other, she didn’t interfere too much.

“I know.” Wendy answered her words, and she really understood. “I’m going to sell the house Uncle Eric gave us, buy a three- bedroom and two-living house, and live an ordinary life with her.” That money, as long as they live a normal life, was enough for a lifetime.

Sarah agreed, but didn’t say much.

It was something sent by her father, and they have the right to deal with it freely.

“Sarah, thank you.” There was a warm smile on Wendy’s face. “It was you who made me find my original self.”

“You figured it out yourself.” Sarah was always in a low mood. “Just thank yourself.”

Wendy smiled.



She took her bag, said a word and left, then checked out.

Sarah also stood up and walked outside. As soon as she walked out of the door, she saw Jason standing outside the door, broad shoulder and narrow waist, slim and beautiful.

“Why are you here?”

“Wait for you.”

“Eat first.” Sarah didn’t say much, and took him to eat lunch.

After lunch, they went back.

Later in the afternoon, Jason stayed in his room. Nobody knew what he was doing.

On the other hand, Soon after returning, Sarah received a call from

Jacob and asked her out. When she left, she said to Jason, but Jason said nothing.

When she arrived at the place Jacob said, she found that Julian was also there.

Originally she thought it was just a simple chat and shopping, until Jacob asked,

“Guess who the captain Leon likes?”

Sarah: “”

How to answer this question?

“I discussed with Julian and the others, there is a high probability that it is you,” Jacob said intentionally to test Sarah’s attitude.



In this way.

The captain Leon’s next confession will be much easier to succeed.

Julian added: “Yes!”

“Why do you say that?” Sarah actually knew it, but she always felt a little sudden.

When the captain Leon called you last night, you were talking to someone else, and the captain’s phone shows that your phone is in the middle of a call.” Jacob just wanted Sarah to face this problem, “Isn’t there an incoming call reminder on your phone? Check for text messages. ”

Sarah: “…”

There was a text message.

“Yes?” Jacob said.

“Yes.” Sarah had to admit.

“What do you think?” Jacob struck while the iron was hot, “With the character of the captain Leon, if he fails to confess his love this time, he will definitely find a chance to confess to you again. Are you going to reject him or agree to him?”

Julian and Jacob looked at each other and began to joke: “Say no to him.”

Sarah was confused, “Ah?”

“The captain Leon was so fierce when he trained us. Who knows if he will train you as before after being with you?” Julian blurted out, deliberately, “It’s better to refuse.”

“I think so,” Jacob agreed.

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Sarah: “????”

“The captain Leon has good skills and a good mind.” Jacob said seriously, “If you want to be with him, he will definitely trick you every day and make you suffer in all kinds of ways.”

“He is not such a person,” Sarah explained subconsciously.

She thought the same before.

But judging from this period of time spent together, the captain was very careful in many details.

“You’re not with him. How do you know he’s not such a person?” Jacob said very seriously. “Think about when we were trained by him before, were you as tired as a dog every day?”

“That’s for us to be less injured when we go out on missions,”

Sarah explained. “Don’t make excuses with him.” Julian also participated. “The captain Leon is smart, no one can win him!”

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