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I want you to remember me

“Since you know you’re still messing around?” Sarah didn’t understand what the meaning of his doing this was.

Jason didn’t answer her question, but insisted on an answer, “If I was killed by that man just now, would you feel sad for me?”

Sarah’s action of holding the rope paused. She don’t understand why he suddenly asked this.

“Will you remember me all your life?” Jason asked again.

“Since I’m here, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Sarah avoided his question, “If I can’t alleviate the crisis just now, I will agree to stabilize the situation first.”

She didn’t say anything at that time because she was sure that she would solve those people.

Without getting an answer to the question, Jason’s eyes accumulated some emotions.

Sarah didn’t look at him or find it. She threw the rope aside and looked at him with her eyes downcast, “I’ve found you, follow me back.”

“The game is not over yet.” Jason opened his mouth in a deep voice.

There was confusion in Sarah eyes.

What other games?

“Today you can only choose between agreeing to associate with me and my life.”



Jason stood up. At the moment he was a mischievous and willful person, “The game is not over until you make a choice.”

“Why?” Sarah asked.

“You are the most important person and the person I care about most in my life.”

Jason looked at her with deep eyes. “If I must choose a person to prove my existence, I hope that person is you.”

As soon as this was said.

Sarah immediately noticed the implication of his words.

She pursed her lips. Her pupils swayed for a while, but pretended to maintain normal and said, “You don’t need anyone to prove your existence. You are the eldest son of the Noth Family, the president of Noth Group, and many people know you.”

“I am not him.” Jason blurted out four words.

These four words shocked Sarah. She stared at his still good-looking face and lifted her red lip, “What do you mean?”

“I’m not Jason Noth who married and divorced you.” Jason’s eyes were full of Sarah,

“I’m not the eldest son of the Noth Family, let alone the president of Noth Group.”

Speaking of this. He took a step towards Sarah and drew closer to her, “I’m just your Jason, and there is only you in my world.”

Sarah’s mind was in a mess. The amount of information in these words was too large.




Was the present Jason a new personality?

“You……” All her words were stuck in her throat.

“You don’t understand why I said these strange words, do you?” Jason said with his deep thin lip and a little lonely smile. “Even I don’t understand.”

From the moment he met Sa in Serial Medical Base, his head told him that this person was the most important person to him.

At that time, he didn’t know why.

But then he accidentally opened a box and saw an agreement in it, which clearly stated the previous transactions he made with Serial Lance.

At that moment, he had a guess. He might not be really Jason Noth.

Later, he looked up a lot of information, learned a lot of things, and became more and more sure that he might not really be him.

“But one thing I know very well.” Jason’s eyes looked deeply at her face, and his possessiveness almost overflowed, “I love you more than him, there is only you in my world, and you are my only one.”

Sarah felt like a stone pressed in her heart, “Jason.”

If the person in front of her was really a new personality guided by Serial Lance, then what was her previous alienation from him? “I know I have deceived you and lied to you, and I admit it.” Jason completely dissected himself at the moment and let Sarah understand himself thoroughly. “But I did all that because I was so afraid of losing you, so afraid of not getting your attention and care.”



Because of his fear, he put his life into acting. As long as she liked, he could pretend anything.

He was afraid that she would not want him.

He was afraid that she would deny him all because of the past Jason, and even more afraid that her world would be broken into by others, and would never spoke to him again.

“Sa.” Jason smiled deeply and gently, “Make a choice.”

He admitted that he was cowardly.

Before he was rejected, he could deceive himself that as long as he worked hard, the chances were as great as Will Gardner next door.

But after being rejected so clearly and without hesitation, he was afraid and understood that either he forced her to stay with him by his life, or she would be farther and farther away from him in the future.

Or, he had no future.

“Don’t think nonsense, you are him.” Sarah wanted to help him calm down. “The reason for these strange thoughts is that your brain has been injured for a long time with a high fever and memory loss.”


Jason smiled desolately. His mood was on the verge of collapse, but he still said to Sarah, “I’m not him! I hate him! I hate him for not loving you! I hate his arrogance! I hate everything about him!”

If it was him, he would never let Sa suffer any harm.

It would not come to this point.



“Jason.” Sarah’s heart was also stuffy and uncomfortable at this moment.

“Do you know why I’m so sure I’m not him?” Jason wanted her to remember himself too much.

Sarah panicked in her heart, “Why?”

“Because before I met you, I only had one thought, and that was to destroy what didn’t look good.” Jason said his truest self, “After seeing you, I want to destroy those who robbed you and competed for you.”

Sarah’s heart was tight.

A dangerous p personality?

“But I didn’t do that because I knew you didn’t like it, you would hate it.” Jason continued, really planning to make an end today, “I think you like me.”

Sarah put down her emotions and became gentle with him, “Let’s go home and talk slowly.”

“I can’t go back.”

“I can get you back.” Sarah really wanted to talk with him.

After all, the man in front of her, apart from cheating her and acting, had never done anything to hurt herself.

“Sa.” Jason kept his distance from her. He looked at the door and then continued, “Do you really want to stay with me?”

“I…..” Sarah was ready to respond to him.

She tried to coax him back first.


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However, Jason said seriously when she spoke, “I want to hear the truth, and I don’t want you to cheat me.”

“We spent too little time together.” Sarah told him the truth. “If you really care about this, I’ll treat you as a brand new Jason Noth and get along again for a while, okay?”

“No thanks.” Jason’s deep and dull eyes were distressing.

Sarah pursed her lips.

Jason looked at her deeply, “I have a request and I hope you can agree.”

“You say.”

“I want you to remember me.” Jason said very seriously.

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