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Can I go to your place for a while?

“When will you bring him here?” Serial asked after a moment of silence.

“It depend on himself.” Sarah has no habit of helping others make decisions. “For you, he is still the former Jason, but for him, he thinks he is not.”

“That’s because he doesn’t understand this.” Serial explained.

“Do you really think he has nothing to do with the second personality?” Sarah felt that the matter was not so simple. “I don’t understand the second character and don’t know your research, but his character, behavior and other things are different from before. Are you sure that he is just Jason who has lost his memory?”

Hearing Sarah’s words,

Serial paused.

Sarah’s mood was a little complicated, “I’m not qualified to interfere with your research, but in Jason’s case, I don’t recommend you continue this.”

Everyone can change their character and live in a different way without using these.

“There are many people who need this.” Serial was a little more serious. “They want to be strong. They don’t want to be defeated by anything. They can’t do it, but I can help them.”

“Really?” Sarah asked back.

Serial replied, “Yes.”



“No matter how the character becomes, it may collapse and fail. No character is impeccable.” Sarah made it very clearly, “Only a strong heart will not be defeated.”

Character is only the result caused by a variety of circumstances.

The heart, however, is a solid stone polished by all experiences.

“I will go back and tell Jason about the memory and he can decide whether to restore it.” Sarah did not want to talk to Serial anymore.

After that, she left, leaving Serial standing there motionless. His mind echoed with what Sarah had just said, again and again.

A heart?

For so many years, he has been studying this aspect in order to complete what his sister said before she died.

She said that would be better if there was a medicine in the world that could make her strong and help her forget all the sadness.

Serial didn’t have any medicine, but he can help people change their character.

But now… is he wrong?

At this moment.

His emotion was complicated.

He suddenly wanted to contact someone.



He took out his mobile phone to find Bella’s phone number, stared at it for several times, and then he called Bella.

After making a few rings, the other side has answered the phone, still with a cold attitude, “Just say.”

“Bella.” Serial sat on the sofa, drooping his head and looking lonely. “Do you also think that what I am studying now is meaningless?”

Bella paused while he was drinking water.

Did he be crushed?

“Just now, k told me that I was not recommended to continue this research.” Serial did not care if the other side would give him a response or not, he just said it to himself, and began to doubt what he had done before.

“If you change the direction, you will do better.” Bella gave him a good suggestion this time.

Serial was shocked.

So is he really wrong?

“No matter what kind of character people have, they all have been hurt more or less in their lives.” Bella said with a gentle voice,

“This also means no character is indestructible.

Serial was silent, but he began to seriously think about the problem.

“To make a person truly indestructible, you need to understand his living environment, working environment and circle of friends.” Bella has studied Serial’s research, so she knew how to



communicate with him, “Most importantly, you should know what will happen to him in the future, so you can build the most suitable character for him according to his issue.

“But you should ask yourself, can you do it?” Bella asked the most important question.

Serial moved his throat and replied reluctantly, “I can’t do it.”

Not to mention how difficult it is to fully understand a person’s all relationships, let alone understand what will happen in the future. It is impossible to do with current technology, let alone him.

Bella didn’t speak again.

Serial is a top researcher in the field of nerve and spirit. He can do it when others can’t wash away the designated memory.

Bella believed that he would understand.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up first.” This is the first time Bella said this in so many years.

Bella used to hang his phone up directly.

And won’t pay any attention to him.

Serial gave an imperceptible ‘hum’ to Bella.

After hanging up, Serial thought about Jason’s case, and thought about what Sarah and Bella said seriously.

Finally, he think what Sarah and Bella said is reasonable.

At first, he was a bit shocked, but when he has thought that Bella had talked so much to him and hung up the phone very gently just now made him feel that the shock was nothing.



It’s just a research. If he fail, he can just go in another direction.

But it is very rare to see that Bella being gentle.

Thinking of this.

Serial’s secret thoughts rushed up. He rubbed his mobile phone and opened the message dialog with

Bella. After deliberation, he sent a message, [Can I go to your place for a while?]

Bella just picked up chopsticks for dinner when she saw the news.

In her heart, she refused to have dinner with Serial.

Bella didn’t want to have too much contact with Serial. She can’t let go of the past so quickly. But she can’t bear to think of his downy head and lonely face at this moment.

After a serious consideration.

Bella still agreed and sent back a message, [Okay.]

Bella has made a decision, as long as Serial was in a better mental condition, she would drive him out. Now that he was crushed a bit, she would reluctantly accept him as a stray dog.

Serial almost jumped up when he saw this word.

That old saying is indeed true.

If you got frustrated in the workplace, then you will get satisfaction in love.

He also didn’t care about the research. He took his mobile phone and stood up to tidy up his luggage.

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His clothes, pants, shoes, daily necessities and other things were all packed in the trunk. He carefully thought about it. According to the situation of K just now, Jason would not come to him to recover his memory in three or two days.

He can stay at Bella’s home for a few more days.

He was forced to leave Bella’s home last time because of Jason, so he won’t let anyone to ruin his opportunity this time. After packing up everything, he neatly put his suitcase in his trunk, and the wonderful images of him and Bella stay together night and day filled his mind.

The more he think about it, the warmer he feels.

When he started the car and intend to go there, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

He is now being crushed by K. He is in a bad mood. It is impossible for him to pack his luggage well to find someone in this bad mood.

If Bella saw that he had packed so well, she would doubted. After thinking about it, he threw his suitcase into the base, took the car key and mobile phone and went to Bella’s house directly. Anyway, his height and figure were almost the same as Bella’s. If he didn’t has clothes to change, he would wear Bella’s.

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