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When did you get together?

When he arrived at Bella’s house, Serial switched his mood in one second.

Not all of them are fake. He still feel more or less uncomfortable when the research is denied.

At this moment, he did not repress himself any more and released all his emotions.

Many people don’t want their loved ones to see their discomfited and weak side, but he is different. He just wants Bella to see it.

Only when Bella saw it would she know that he was not happy in his life without her.

Only in this way could he feel Bella’s long-lost concern and care, and let him feel that he still had a little hope.

He stood outside the door and knocked.

When Bella saw him standing outside the door with eyes full of loneliness, she turned her side to let him in.

Serial wanted to say something, but he just changed his shoes and went in without saying anything.

This acting skill.

Everyone would regard him as a good actor.

Bella didn’t notice anything unusual and closed the door after seeing him enter.

She did not care too much, and their relationship was not suitable for caring, “The direct water is over there, you can pick it up yourself. I have already had a dinner, and you can order the food whatever you




“OK.” Serial nodded slightly.

Bella pursed her lips and finally returned to her room without saying anything.

Serial’s mind is full of question marks.

What’s wrong?

He’s all like this, doesn’t Bella give a hug or something to him?

He wanted to knock at the door to ask, but since he was pretending to be in a bad mood, so he can’t do whatever he likes now, he simply leaned on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.

After a day’s flight and jet lag, he was so tired that he fell asleep on the sofa within ten minutes.

Bella was very tangled in the room. She didn’t want to cook for Serial.

But if she don’t do it. In Serial’s current state, he probably won’t order takeout.

‘Maybe I should just let him starve to death here?’

After a serious consideration.

Bella still put down the book in her hand, stood up and walked outside. Just because she couldn’t care about him directly didn’t mean she couldn’t change the way to take care of him.

But when she opened the door and looked at the one sleeping on the sofa, her eyebrows frowned.

Is he so tired?





“Wake up.”

Bella touched him with her feet.

Serial woke up in a daze. His mind was chaotic at the moment.

When he saw Bella who has a good-looking face and alienated temperament, wearing a loose white sweater, his head was blank for two seconds.

He subconsciously sat up and hugged Bella’s waist, his face pressed against her belly through the sweater, and said in a nasal voice, “Bella, am I really a loser?”

Bella felt his touch and stiffened, “Release me.”

Serial let her go, but his head hung down.

Bella immediately distanced herself from him.

Serial kept his head down and didn’t speak.

At this time, no matter what he said, he would appear to be unkind.

The most important thing is that if he said something wrong, he would be kicked out of the door mercilessly.

“Go to the inner room to sleep.” Bella said very officially, “You should have a dinner soon.”

“OK.” Serial answered obediently.

Bella pursed her lips, but she didn’t say anything more.



After she went in room again, she remembered that she went out to let Serial have a dinner earlier, but she forgot about it because of Serial’s hug.

Serial consciously went to the guest room and didn’t eat anything.

He was starving in bed.

Although he is hungry.

As a person who has been hit and is in a bad mood, he is not in the mood to eat.

The act has to go on.

Compared with the acting mood here, Sarah’s side is much more peaceful.

Will cooked dinner when Sarah went back, and waited for her to come home and have a dinner.

Sarah is never a picky eater, but she can still see that tonight’s dinner is particularly rich, fragrant and looked good.

“Why do you made so much delicious food?” Sarah asked naturally, looking at the person who were still busy in the kitchen.

“To celebrate.”

“Celebrate for what?”

Do they have any happy events to celebrate?

Sarah racked her brains for a moment, and thought that today is ordinary.

Will put down the dishes in his hand and drew closer to her step by step.



Sarah’s eyes were dazed.

What’s up?

“Do you need me to remind you, what day is it today?” Will said calmly, trapping Sarah in front of him.

Sarah thought seriously for a long time, but she didn’t remember what day it was.

Someone’s birthday?

But the captain’s birthday has passed, and her own has not yet arrived.

What day is it today?

Will raised his hand and squeezed her face gently, only feeling that her skin was tender like a baby, “Today is the day we are officially become a couple.”

Sarah was speechless.

Is this a day worth of celebrating?

“Our relationship was confirmed at 3:39 pm, on February 2.” Will felt that he had to teach her well. “Please remember this day.”

Sarah coughed to hide her embarrassment.


She thought the captain would not celebrate such an anniversary.

Will locked her eyes and said in a low and slow tone, “Did you remember that?”



“I’ve already keep it in my mind.” Sarah has a good memory, not to mention this day is what the captain specifically told her to remember.

Will raised a beautiful radian with his thin lips, and did not tease her too much, “Go wash your hands and call Jason out to have a dinner.”

“Okay.” Sarah promised obediently.

As long as Sarah agreed to his confession, there would be no rival in love.

He only regards Jason as a patient who needs Sarah to be in charge for the time being, and naturally doesn’t care too much about something.

When Sarah turned around, she saw Jason standing not far away.

He clenched his fists. There was a backlog of emotions in his eyes.

His eyes, which had always been dark, now dyed a little red. Everyone can see that he is in a bad mood.

Sarah said naturally, “Wash your hands and come to have a dinner.”

Jason didn’t move.

He just keep his eyes on her.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah asked him.

“When did you get together?” Jason’s heart was topsy-turvy at the moment, and countless negative emotions were squeezed in his chest.

Nobody knows how he felt when he stood at the corner and heard those words.

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‘The day they are officially become a couple?’

‘Why did Sa agree with Will’s pursuit.’

‘Why did she refuse me so simply.’


“In the afternoon.” Sarah didn’t hide it. She was frank. “Go wash your hands and eat. I have something to tell you after dinner.” “Why did you choose him? Why did you refuse me?” Jason lost his temper and questioned Sarah. “Didn’t you say you don’t like him? And you won’t promise him?”

“That was the previous choice, not the present one.” Sarah knew that at this time she could only answer positively, “Let’s have a dinner first.”

Jason didn’t move.

He did not understand why it had become so.

Didn’t she choose him firmly in the last few hours and hope he would live?

Why did so many things happen after only a few hours.

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