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He’d better in a hurry

Thinking about this, he just felt that his mood was getting out of control.

The anger and negative emotions that had been suppressed before erupted at this moment, and he had a lot of opinions on this matter.

She obviously treated him well before.

But in the twinkling of an eye, she chose someone else.

“Since you don’t like me, why do you want to save me?” Jason asked Sarah. He really didn’t understand. “Wouldn’t it be good for everyone to let me die?”

Sarah twisted her eyebrows.

Was he out of control?

Will came here at this moment.

Jason was even more stimulated by him. Those emotions came out like they were not under his control and occupied his heart and head. He was about to speak when will beat him down with his hand.


Jason lost consciousness and passed out.

Will caught him in time.

Sarah didn’t expect this process, so she was surprised: “Captain.” “There is medicine in the bag in my room.” Will considered everything carefully. “Take it and I’ll inject him.”



Sarah passed immediately.

She looked at the name and took it.

Will held Jason in his arms and put him on the bed. He skillfully injected the medicine into Jason’s body, and handled it calmly throughout the whole process.

“This effect is better than sedatives, and the side effects are less serious than sedatives.” Will explained to Sarah, “After he wakes up, his mood will be stable, and you can also tell him what you want to say.”

“When did you prepare it?” Sarah was a little relieved and asked.

“I asked the doctor to give it when I went to the organization to ask Jason’s situation.”

Will considered most things thoroughly. “You go to eat first, and he will probably wake up in half an hour.”

Sarah was in a complex mood.

She was worried now. If Jason can’t accept the matter of restoring memory, or misunderstands it, how can she solve it?

After Will finished his work, he saw that she was preoccupied and concerned: “What’s the matter?”

Sarah told him what she had talked to Serial about.

Will led her outside and gently closed the door of Jason’s room.

“Whether he can accept it or not, it is a necessary process.” Will rational analysis,

“The complete Jason needs the memory of the past.”



Sarah knew the truth, but she would think more unconsciously. She really thought that Jason was crazy.

In order to save her, he made such a deal with Serial.That research was still in an immature stage. If he was not careful, he might collapse all the brain nerves, or become a living dead person, or loosed his life.

How dare he took such a big risk.

“Well, don’t think about it.” Will rubbed her head, and his broad palm warmed.

“Everything will wait until he wakes up. If he doesn’t want to restore his memory for the time being, don’t force him.”

Sarah sighed.

Will left a portion of every dish for Jason, and then started eating with Sarah.

In the process of eating. He fed Sarah all the way.

Knowing that she was feeling a little heavy, he gave her the dishes that best suited her taste.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Jason woke up.

At the moment, he has calmed down. Maybe because of the medicine, his mood is particularly calm. But when he thought that Sarah has been with Will, his heart would still be depressed. He didn’t go out at once, but lay on the bed with his mind empty.

Sarah and Will waited outside until eight o’clock. When they saw that Jason’s room was still open, Sarah got up and looked at it.

When she pushed the door in, Jason’s eyes just came over.



Four eyes were opposite.

It seemed to be solidified all around.

“Get up to eat.” Sarah’s words were as simple as usual. “Change the medicine after the meal is finished.”

Jason didn’t move. His eyes didn’t move away from her from the

moment she came in.

He really wanted to know.

If there were no past events, would Sa choose him.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah, seeing that he didn’t speak, said with more concern, “Is the wound hurting again, or is there something uncomfortable?”

“No.” Jason’s hoarse voice sounded.

He seemed to have made a decision. He lifted the quilt and sat up.

After taking his clothes and putting them on his body, he walked out step by step in slippers. Each step was particularly heavy.

Sarah opened her mouth and said nothing after all.

Will first observed his mood after seeing him come out, and then asked, “Eat?”

“Hmm.” Jason said in a faint voice.

Will brought him the hot food and put it on the table. Sarah also helped.



Looking at their two warm ways of getting along, Jason’s eyes moved for a moment, and his heart was darkened.


Will was the best choice for Sa.

“Eat it.” Sarah also brought up the last dish, which was specially left for him.

Jason picked up his chopsticks and began to eat. Obviously, the food tasted delicious, but he always felt bitter.

After taking two bites, he stopped and looked at Sarah and Will sitting opposite him. He asked Sarah, “You are going to find Serial this afternoon, right?”

“Yes.” Sarah didn’t hide it from him.

“What did he say to you?” Jason asked her with a mouthful of white rice.

Sarah paused.

She was considering whether to say it.

Jason’s mood at the moment was very calm. Apart from the feeling of loneliness and sadness, there was no other emotion: “It’s okay to say anything. I can accept it.”

“He said he could help you recover your memory.” Sarah told him,

“You can choose the time, and you can recover as you want.”

“OK.” Jason agreed.



After that, he didn’t speak any more and ate the meal mouthful after mouthful.

Sarah was a little worried about his situation. He was as excited and out of control before, but now he is as dull as eggplant.

Ten minutes later.

Jason finished his meal.

After clearing the dishes, he looked at Will and said, “I want to talk to you.”

“Where to talk?”

“Sa’s study.”


The two men entered her study in front of Sarah without saying a word.

Jason was still calm at the moment because of the medicine, but that didn’t prevent him from saying what he wanted to say.

What did they talk about inside?

Sarah didn’t know.

She only knew that Jason was the first to come out of the study.

After coming out, he went back to his room without saying anything and closed the door.

He stood on the balcony of the room and dialed Serial.

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Serial was at a critical moment now. Bella, who was holding a change of clothes, was standing in front of him, handing the clothes to him and talking.

Serial was very happy.

Bella still cared about him.

However, his mobile phone rang at this time.

When he saw that Jason called, he grinded his back teeth and suppressed his emotion.

This guy! He’d better in a hurry.

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