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Jason’s Abandonment

He sabotaged his affairs every time.

He didn’t really have a grudge against him.

Bella saw him staring at his mobile phone but didn’t answer it. She still said in a lazy tone: “Here are your clothes. Dinner is on the table outside. Remember to eat after answering the phone.”

“Bella.” Serial stopped him and didn’t answer the phone for the moment.

Bella looked back at him with light eyes.

Serial’s eyes were complicated. After hesitating for a while, he asked her, “You still care about me, don’t you?”

“Answer the phone.” Bella threw three words at him and went out. He didn’t answer his question.


He didn’t know whether he cared.

But what he could be sure of was that he would not forgive the past, and this time, he would only take pity on him.

As the door closed.

Serial grinded his teeth after staring at the phone that was still ringing. If there was no such phone, he could wait for Bella’s answer.



After adjusting his breath, he slid the answer button and answered: “President Noth, what’s the matter so late?”

“In the base?” Jason’s tone was shallow and he couldn’t hear his emotions.

“Friend’s house.” Serial said simply, with a slightly soft voice. “What’s the matter?”

“She told me about what you talked to Sa.” Jason leaned his head back on the bed, and his eyes were complicated. “I will come to see you tomorrow. Don’t tell her.”

Serial: “??”

A series of doubts on Serial’s forehead.

He was a little suspicious of life: “What do you want me to do?”

“Restore my memory.” Jason said three words.

If he didn’t know that Sa was with Will, he might still want to stay and tried to change the impression he left in Sa’s mind.

But it was not necessary now.

He could see that Will was kind to Sa and was a responsible person.

He was relieved that he would take care of Sa.

That being the case, he’d better disappear and let the old Jason come back.

After all, Sa always hopes that Jason will be good.

“What?” Serial was afraid that he had heard wrong.



“Restore my memory.” Jason repeated patiently, “After restoring memory, will I be completely better, just like in the past?”

Serial still didn’t respond, but answered his question: “Almost.”

“Then prepare for it. I’ll come tomorrow morning.” Jason said quietly, but remembered in his heart that when he would never see Sarah again in his life, he would feel depressed and painful. “That’s it. Bye.”

After that, he planned to hang up.

Serial stopped him: “Wait!”

Jason kept his previous action and didn’t speak.

“Why did you agree to restore the memory?” Serial was so refreshed that there was a big doubt in his mind. “What did Sarah tell you or other reasons?”

“Don’t you know my character best?” Jason asked.

Serial was shocked.

Jason didn’t talk to him anymore and cut off the phone.

Serial was still confused at the moment, and Jason’s last words had been echoing in his mind.

How could this happen?

According to normal personality development, shouldn’t Jason resolutely disagree with the restoration of memory?

When Sarah said that she wanted to leave the decision of memory recovery to Jason himself, he felt it was very risky. Jason could not agree, but Sarah left without giving him a chance to say more.



But now…

What on earth happened that made Jason give up Sarah?

He gave psychological hints, but only Sarah did.

He wanted to ask Sarah, and then thought of what Jason had just said. Although this guy was obedient in front of Sarah, if he told Sarah his decision, the consequences would be absolutely tragic.

Thinking about it.

His mood gradually became complicated.

If he was sad when Sarah and Bella denied the research before, now he is suspicious of life.

Jason’s current situation had far exceeded his expectations.

He took his mobile phone and went outside. When he saw that the living room was empty, he went upstairs to look for Bella. When he went, Bella was still reading.

When he saw him coming, Bella didn’t answer him except for a superficial glance.

“Are you busy?” Serial held his emotions in place. “I want to talk to you about something.”


“I want to talk to you about Jason.”

“This is not my research field. You should talk to professional people.” Bella said very clearly.

“There was a big deviation in his character.” Serial said to himself, regardless of whether she listened or not, “according to normal development, he will always love Sarah and have a strong possessive



desire for

Sarah, but he just told me that he wants to restore his past memory.”

Once the memory of the past was restored, Jason, who represents the past, would return.

Since he thought he was a vice personality, he should stop Jason from appearing and not let himself disappear.

But his current behavior was clearly unreasonable. Bella paused.

Serial stood there waiting for her answer.

“Memories can be erased, and psychological cues can be dropped.”

Bella told him, looking like he didn’t wake up. “But the heart is the most uncontrollable thing, even if it is his own, he doesn’t know what decision he will make until the end, let alone an outsider.”

Serial was a doctor. He knew Jason best.

But human beings were advanced animals, and thinking was the most uncontrollable thing.

“In other words, my research is really not necessary to exist at all?”

Serial was really thinking about this question this time.

“Even if you let a person have elements such as ruthlessness, strength, and inner strength.” Bella told him the most realistic question, “But as the years go by, his heart will also change because of everything in the world, ruthlessness will be disintegrated, and strength will also be defeated.”

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As for a strong heart, the heart given by the outside world was not really strong. The heart that had become stronger after years of washing was really strong.

Bella saw him thinking and added: “People have many emotions and desires, which cannot be cut off.”

In the fairy tale, even someone cutting off emotions and desires, they would grow again because of heart.

Let alone the real world.

Serial began to worry.

This was how things were now. After Jason recovered his memory, he would be cleaned up. He still knew how much this guy remembers.

“When does he ask you to help him recover his memory?” Bella seemed to ask casually, but in fact he deliberately seized the opportunity.

Serial was still thinking about how to deal with Jason after recovering his memory, and then he said honestly: “Tomorrow.”

Bella said in a faint voice, “Hmm.”

Serial: “??”

Serial immediately noticed something wrong.

In response, he was regretful. Why did he say that? If he went back to the base, Bella would definitely not let him live in it again.

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