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The next morning.

In Sarah’s home.

Sarah got up and came out after washing. As soon as she was going to see Jason, she saw a post-it notes on his door.

–Sa, I have something to go out. I’m with Chris. Don’t worry.

Looking at the news.

Sarah sent him a message asking if he would come back for lunch. Jason said no.

Sarah sent another message to Chris. It probably said she asked him to take care of

Jason, let her know if anything happened. Chris said yes.

After confirming that Jason was really with Chris, Sarah was relieved.

Will came to ask her for breakfast just as she was about to cook some breakfast.

“I’ll take care of your three meals a day.” Will knew that she was not good at cooking.

“Don’t cook.”

“No.” Sarah subconsciously refused.

Will looked at her as before and reminded her: “Atha.”




“I’m your boyfriend.”

“I know.”

“It’s my responsibility as your boyfriend to make you happy.” Will was calm and lax.

“Or are you going to refuse my kindness and find an excuse to dump me later?”

Sarah: “?”

Sarah denied: “No.”

Having accepted the confession, she would be well with him.

It is not her character to be promiscuous.


Thinking about what Jasmine had said to her before, she said again and again,



“When will you leave and go back to inherit the family property?” Sarah asked very seriously.

Will’s brow flickered. “Are you driving me away?”

“When you joined the Angel International Group, didn’t you do special help around me to catch up with me?” Sarah said so calmly, “Now it’s time to go back and inherit the family property.”

Will paused and looked at her with dark eyes.



It shouldn’t be. With Atha’s character, it’s impossible to realize his purpose.

“What’s the matter?” Atha was seen very uncomfortable.

Will asked directly, “Do you know that I entered the Angel

International Group to pursue you?”

“Jasmine and Julian told me the other day.” Sarah didn’t hide it.

Will raised a radian with his thin lips.

No wonder.

How could this guy know.

“I don’t have to worry about my dad running Gardner Group.” Will said solemnly, but in a low voice. “My task is to take care of my girlfriend and help her out.”

Sarah: “…”

She stopped talking and ate breakfast.

Angel International Group would be open for a long holiday after Christmas.

After breakfast, Sarah planned to go to know the information brought back by the captain. Before she left, will stopped her and said, “Atha.”

Sarah turned her head.

She saw the captain holding a bunch of beautiful yellow roses.



“Love gift.” Will presented the blooming and beautiful flowers to her, and the smile on his lips was warm and healing. “Its flower language is not suitable for our current situation, but I know that you prefer it to the bright red roses.”

In the world between him and Atha, flowery words mean nothing.

Liking was the most important thing.

As long as she liked it, that was the best.

Sarah paused and reached out to catch the flowers. Her heart was warm at this moment: “Thank you, Captain.”

“Do you like it?”


“Kiss me.” Will raised his beautiful lips, and his voice was low and slowly enchanted.

Sarah was stunned.


Will raised his hand and flicked it on her forehead, spoiling: “There is a gift in the middle flower, don’t you take it out?”

Sarah looked carefully and saw a necklace.

She had never been interested in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other things, and even won’t wear this jewelry except for occasions where she must dress up.



So far, she hadn’t bought it in these years, and the latest model given by the brand side was also directly given to Muffin.

But now.

Looking at the necklace lying in the flowers, she liked it imperceptibly.

She took it out of the flower and saw clearly the complete appearance of the necklace. The corner of her lips raised a little radian unconsciously.

Seeing her like this, Will knew it the right thing to send. Girls liked to be loved.

Although Atha was excellent in all aspects and took care of people everywhere, in the end, she was just a girl who needed to be loved.



Sarah moved her eyes, stood on tiptoe and kissed him gently.

Will didn’t expect her to do this. He was stunned. The moment the kiss fell, it was like a feather gently brushed on the tip of his heart.

Before he could immerse himself in the experience, Sarah had already walked away with flowers in her arms.

Will looked at the woman who ran away from the door, raised his

hand and touched the place where she kissed. The radian of the corner of his lips became more and more intense, and his eyes were full of laughter.



The little frog was his.

He didn’t chase.

Atha looked very indifferent. In fact, he had to take care of her feelings as a boyfriend in such a matter.

Sarah came back to her room and closed the door before she realized what she had done. Her little heart was pounding, and all she could think about was standing on tiptoe to kiss the captain.

She raised her hand and squeezed her eyebrows.

Why did she kiss the captain out of control? After adjusting her mood, she put the flowers in her study and opened a search engine. She searched online for gifts for her boyfriend.

After looking around, she didn’t think it was suitable.

She opened her chat box with Jasmine and Jim and decided to ask them.

Sarah: [What do you think is a good gift for boys?]

Jasmine: [?]

Jim: [?]

Sarah: [?]

Sarah followed them with a question mark.

Jasmine was so excited that he said, “Who are you sending?”

Can’t it be Jason?

Or other people?

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Did the captain know?

Sarah: [Not from me, but from my friend. My friend wants to give her boyfriend a present, but she doesn’t know what to choose.]

Jasmine was trying to expose her.

But on second thought, the captain said that he had to solve Jason’s problem before confessing to Pumpkin, that is, there was no doubt.

Jim: [Look at your friend’s budget.] Sarah: [Not bad for money.]

Jasmine: [Cars, rooms, watches, neckties, cufflinks, clothes, etc.]

Jim: [Cars, houses and clothes are suitable for people of all professions, watches, neckties and cufflinks. They are more suitable for business people. If he is a sporty person, she can also give him his favorite shoes or favorite sports stars autographed uniforms and so on. If he likes esports, she can send video cards, computers, mechanical keyboards, mice and the like.]

Sarah stared at these for a moment.

The captain should be regarded as a business person now.

Maybe she should send a watch first. The captain seemed to have had his watch for a long time, too, and she would give him the others after a while.

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