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That’s a pretty low-level ploy

Thinking so.

She decided.

After understanding Jason’s report and situation, she went out to buy a watch for the captain.

She shopped through Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Aubert, Cartier and so on, finally bought a Patek Philippe, paid decisively and took it home.

At the same time.

At Jason’s side.

After arriving at the base, he called Serial.

Serial came reluctantly, swearing all the way. His mood was extremely bad, but if it was bad, he also recovered to normal when he met Jason.

When he laughed, he felt very comfortable: “Mr. Noth.”

“Tell me about the risk of restoring memory.” Jason opened his thin lips slightly and wore a tailored suit.

“Can I know why you want to restore your memory?” Serial was very curious about this question, and also very persistent. “Do you say you don’t like Sarah?”

Jason changed the topic and didn’t want to talk to him about it at all: “It’s nothing to do with you. You just need to help me restore my memory.”

“Are you afraid of disappearing?”



“It doesn’t matter.”

Serial: “??”

It doesn’t matter?

Was this what this character should say?

“How long does it take to recover the memory?” Jason asked directly. Those dark eyes had lost their look in the past. At the moment, the emotions were all hidden.

“What are the risks? After the memory is recovered, will it be completely better?”

“At least half a day, at most three days.” Serial didn’t mince words with him again: “As for the risk, if things go badly, you’ll have partial memory loss. There will be no other than this.”

“I see.” Jason stood up.

He took out a small thin box from his coat pocket and handed it to Chris. His eyes darkened at the moment, and his voice also had obvious ups and downs: “When my memory recovers, I will give this to Sa.”

“All right.” Chris accepted.

When he went to get the box, he found that his boss was still holding it hard. He looked a little more puzzled and saw his boss staring at the box in his hand, as if it contained something very important. “Why don’t I call Miss Yeats?”

Chris gave a suggestion. “Let her accompany you to restore your memory.”

“No need.” Jason loosened his hand.



If Sa were here, he might not want to get his memory back and be that person.

Now that he was made a decision not to bother her, he was going to do it.

Some people.

He just said goodbye in his mind.

“Let’s start.” Jason took back his eyes, with a desperate look in his eyes. “Try not to take risks. I don’t want her to worry about me anymore.”

Serial was really strange about his state, but he followed him and said, “Follow me.”

Jason followed in.

Chris was afraid of an accident and followed him.

This time Serial did not stop.

After arriving at the specific medical room, Serial made a comprehensive examination for Jason. After confirming that everything was normal, he let Jason change into clothes made of special materials and lay him on the bed.

Jason followed suit one by one.

Before the injection, Serial hesitated for a moment and said: “You still have the last chance to contact Sarah. If you miss this, you’ll wake up back to your old self.”

He knew it was not a vice personality.

But since Jason thought of himself as a secondary personality, he was going along with him for now.



“No,” Jason refused.

“Don’t you say goodbye to her?” Serial was silent for a moment and asked him.

Jason closed his eyes and didn’t answer the question.

He couldn’t say goodbye to Sa in person.

Instead of doing so.

It was better to do so.

Serial didn’t understand. His eyes were a little complicated. He wanted to insist on it again: “Really?

“If you say one more word, I’ll tear this place down.” Jason really didn’t like this person, and simply threatens, “I will destroy you again.”

It was not easy for him to suppress all feelings for Sa, but the man kept asking.

Didn’t he know how hard it was to control one’s heart?

“All right, all right.” Serial also knew that he could not ask anything. He sighed silently in his heart. “Let’s start.”

He injected the medicine into Jason’s body.

Jason’s consciousness became more and more chaotic, and then he completely fell asleep in the past.

The last second.

In his mind was Sarah’s face.

Chris was led out by Serial, and the door of the medical room was closed.



Chris looked at the situation inside through the huge glass window and was vaguely worried: “Doctor Lance, can these medical devices really restore the boss’s memory of the past?”

“Yes,” Serial replied.

In addition to medical equipment, the medicine just now was also the key. Because it was the recovery of all memories, it did not need to be solved through hypnosis.

“Show me the box he just gave you.” Serial was serious. He was really curious about what Jason left for Sarah.

Chris kept his signature smile on his face: “This is the boss’s gift to Miss Yeats. I can’t give it to you.”

“I need to know his situation. What if the contents of that box are critical and affect his recovery?” Serial said solemnly.

“Didn’t you just say that those medical devices can restore the boss’s memory?” Chris was not stupid. How could he not know that Serial simply wanted to know the boss’s things “In that case, it makes no difference whether we understand it or not.”

“Do you want something to happen to your boss?” Serial deliberately changed his tone.

Chris did not answer but looked at him with a polite, gentlemanly smile.

The two sides were deadlocked for a few seconds.

Serial gave up.

What people were around Jason?

It was so hard to ask for anything.

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“Do you know what happened between him and Sarah these two days?” Serial insinuated. “This is more important for his recovery. If there is a risk later, it can be used to relieve the risk.”

“Why don’t you ask Miss Yeats?” Chris knew that he was trying to set up a routine, which was too low. “Miss Yeats should be the clearest.”

Serial: “”


Knowing that there was nothing to ask from Chris, he went to his office room.

In order to completely recover Jason’s condition, he sat in front of the computer and watched all the data changes on the instrument and recorded all the data.

As for Chris.

He was arranged to wait in the waiting room.

He looked at the box given to him by his boss, and his heart was a bit complicated.

He didn’t know exactly what the boss was about. Miss Yeats didn’t tell him, and Dr. Lance didn’t ask.

But the conversation between the boss and Dr. Lance just now made him wonder.

Since it was to restore memory, why did Dr. Lance always ask the boss to say goodbye to Miss Yeats?

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