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After thinking for a long time, he still didn’t get the key, so didn’t think about it.

He put the box away and wait slowly. It was noon.

Jason didn’t wake up.

At lunch, Chris looked at Serial Lance, who looked warm and gentle, and asked,

“Doctor Lance, how long will my boss wake up?”

“I’m not sure.” Serial answered this question. “Judging from the current situation, he can’t wake up today. If you have something to do, you can go first. I’ll tell you when he wakes up.”

“OK.” Chris agreed.

Staff of Noth Group had been working continuously.

Although the New York Branch had been handed over to the former General Manager, there were still some things that need to be handled by him last year.

He needed to finish his job.

Serial, “??”


He just made a polite remark.




“Then please, take care of my boss.” Chris smiled and then handed his business card to him. “This is my business card. You can contact me if the boss has anything.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will pit your boss?” Serial was a little curious.

Chris pushed his glasses, “My boss said.”


“He will give back a hundredfold to those who pit him.”

All Serial’s words were stuck in his throat.

He might not care what others said, but this was Jason. This guy looked indifferent in the ordinary days, but it was terrible when he tried to punish people.

So far.

He hadn’t seen him get angry.

“Excuse me,” Chris said politely before leaving.

Serial looked at the food in front of him and sighed silently. Why did he provoke Jason?

After that, Chris spent the whole day in Noth Group, thinking about finishing the trivial things before the boss completely recovered.


The boss could either stay in New York or return to Atlanda after recovering. Sarah didn’t know the situation here. After buying the gift, she gave it to Will, and added: Love gift.



Will looked at the valuable watch and looked at Sarah.

Compared with it.

The things he sent seemed a little bad?

“Don’t you like it?” Sarah was puzzled when she saw that he hadn’t answered for a long time.

From her understanding of Captain, this watch should be in line with his aesthetics. Why didn’t he respond?

“No.” Will was embarrassed about this kind of thing for the first time. After all, it was his first love in his life. “I was just thinking about what gift to give you next time.”

Sarah, “?”

Next time?


What would she send him later?



Will looked at her beautiful eyes and opened his thin lips slightly. Then he held her in his arms and passed her the warmth of his body.

Sarah is a little confused about the brain circuit of her captain. How can he hug her again?

“Is there anything you want?” Will loosened a little, and his eyes were on her.



“No,” Sarah said. “I don’t need anything.”

She bought what she wanted.

And what she liked.

Listening to this, Will began to think about what to give Sarah for her birthday for some time. He must give her something that can make her happy and has special significance.

Sarah withdrew from his arms and handed him the watch again,

“Try it on and see if you like it.”

“It’s OK.” Will opened his lips slightly with indifference, and his tone was a little loose.

Sarah, “?”


Seeing that he had nothing else to say, Sarah was still a little angry,

“Just OK?”

“Hmm.” Will was very cunning.

“So, have you received something satisfactory before?” Sarah still felt a little disappointed, but after her last relationship, she has learned to control,

“Who sent it?”

Will smiled with his thin lips and slowly said two words, “First love.”

As soon as this was said.



All of Sarah’s expectations and joy faded at this moment, and her heart was full of pain. This feeling that she had once felt appeared again, almost covering her whole life.

For a moment, she wanted to escape.

She used to feel that she had let go of the past, but now she knew that she did not really let go.

When hearing the words “first love” and “ex” in the other’s mouth, she would subconsciously worry about whether he would break up with her because of his ex. When he needed to choose, would he choose her without Hesitation?

“That’s very good.” She looked away and her mood was gone at the moment. “I have something to deal with. I’ll go first.”

She couldn’t fight with her captain.

After all, he just evaluated the two gifts and there was nothing to argue about.

But even if she told herself this, she would still feel angry and even want to say those impulsive words, such as: since you like her gift so much, you can stay with her.

She tried desperately to suppress these emotions.

Will noticed her mood change and also realized that the fool had misunderstood.

He took the hand that turned away and said, “Sarah.”

“Is there anything else?” Sarah’s tone suddenly drifted away, but her anger and unhappiness didn’t show up.

Will raised his hand and flicked it gently on her head. Sarah covered her forehead, a little angry.

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He didn’t praise her gift, and he even beat her. He really thought she wouldn’t be angry with him, right?

“What are you thinking all day long?” Will explained at the first time. While spoiling, he also felt a little distressed. “My first love is you, and the most satisfactory gift is you. There is no one else, no ex.”

He was negligent.He just wanted to tease her and let her step by step get the answer that the most satisfactory gift was her.

But he ignored that Jason divorced her for his ex. Sarah was stunned, and all her anger dissipated, “What…”

“You are the person I care about most and the only love in my life.”

Will knew that she was insecure. “The most satisfactory gift is the confession you promised me yesterday.”

“Then why didn’t you say you like it just now? You said OK.” Sarah’s heart suddenly calmed down.

“My fault.” Will didn’t explain too much. It was thoughtless of him.

“I wanted to tease you, but I forgot to take care of your feelings.”

“Really no ex?”


Sarah was silent.

She didn’t really care about his ex. What she cared about was being compared with his ex. Or, when it came to making choices, he would choose his ex instead of her.

If it was Jason, she will not hesitate to criticize him. But this was Captain.

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For her, it was not only a boyfriend, but also a leader.

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