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let people know that you are also protected

“Julian told James several times that I was a single dog for ten thousand years. Have you forgotten?” Will didn’t think that the biggest reason why she would think about it was that they had talked about it before.

He thought that the whole team knew that he had never been in love, but forgot that Sarah would temporarily forget because of her wounds.

Sarah paused and didn’t dare to answer. She naturally remembered.

Jasmine and Jim also discussed whether the reason why the captain was single was that he rejected his pursuers coldly, or that he stayed in the organization all year long and no one pursued him.

She was there at that time, too.

But when the captain blurted out the word “first love” just now, she subconsciously thought about the bad side and automatically ignored the fact that his was always single.

Thinking about it.

She felt more and more confused about her anger. She considered her words and planned to apologize.

Will opened her mouth first, and gently rubbed her head with a broad hand, “You won’t worry about anything in your heart. I don’t have an ex. Even if I have, I won’t hesitate to stand by you.”

“What if they are reasonable, I’m not?” Sarah asked.



“Then I should stand on your side to give you enough confidence.” Will’s smile was all spoiled and gentle. “Let people know that you are also protected.”

Sarah didn’t like love words, and thought they were too false. But now, she felt very warm.

She had always told herself that the sense of security was given by herself, but now she suddenly realized that the sense of security could also be double.

One was given by oneself, and the other was given by her love.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah apologized. The captain treated her sincerely, and she should treat him sincerely. “I wronged you in my heart before.”

“I’m the one who didn’t think well. You don’t have to apologize.” Will rubbed her head with a low voice. “Besides, I want to hear you say I love you more than I’m sorry.”



The misunderstanding was cleared, and Sarah felt a little ashamed.

Why did her brain suddenly go offline before? How could such a good person as Will possibly have those stories as what she thought.

“Put it on for me.” Will took her to sit on the sofa. Sarah took down his original watch and put on his new one.

It was a good match.

Will saw that she was very natural all the time. He rubbed the old watch he had just changed and said in a slow voice, “Don’t you want to know the origin of this watch?”



Sarah, “??”


Wasn’t it just a watch?

“Forget it.” Will knew that she had forgotten when he saw her confused.

He put away his old watch and didn’t throw it away.

Sarah was more confused.

However, after knowing that he had no ex, she did not think nonsense. She only guessed that it might be his parents’ gift or the first gift he gave himself.

In the following time, Sarah brought her work to his side.

They were busy with their own business in their study.

Sarah dealt with the affairs of Angel International Group. Will was learning about the departments and some information of the Gardner Group.

Although she didn’t plan to go back to inherit the family property for the time being, she should know something. If one day her father gave up in anger, she would have to take over, and she couldn’t give up.

Time always passed quickly.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, Will went to cook and asked Sarah to ask

Jason if he would come back for dinner.



Sarah called, but no one answered.

She called Chris again.

“The boss didn’t come back for dinner, and he won’t come back to stay tonight.” Chris said something about it, but he was worried that Sarah would find it.

Sarah said, “What is he busy with?”



“This is a secret. The boss specifically told me not to tell you.”

Chris said half the truth, “But you can rest assured that he is all right now.”

“If something happens, call me.” Sarah didn’t ask too much.

Jason was good for her to be with Chris. Chris was serious, careful and reliable.

After hanging up, Sarah told Will that Jason would not come back for dinner.

Will only cooked for two people.

Looking at the busy person in the kitchen, Sarah thought for a while and said a suggestion, “Captain, let’s hire a cooker, so that you can also be busy with your own business without worrying about the meals.”

“No,” Will refused. “That’s good.”

It was convenient to hire a cooker, but he still wanted to cook for



Sarah himself.

To make her love his cook.

So he could rest assured.

Sarah didn’t say more.

In the past, she spent most of her time in the company, and her meals were basically ordered by Sivan for her, so she didn’t hire a cooker alone.

At that time, her mother was still there. Basically, she would go back every weekend.

At half past six.

Two dishes and one soup had been finished.

Sarah was ready to take a bowl of rice when her mobile phone shook.

When she saw that it was Rita who called, she slid the answer button and opened the hands-free, and said, “Hello.”

“Sister, aren’t you at home?” Rita’s voice rang.


Sarah felt as if she had heard the stress. She didn’t think too much, just thought that there was a little problem with her mobile phone, “Yes, what’s the matter?” “I’m outside your door. Please open the door for me.”

Rita’s voice continued to come.

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If it had been before, she would have entered the password by herself.

But after the New Year, her father told her to knock on the door when she came back to her sister’s house.

How clever she was.

She understood in a second.

If Will had something to talk about with her sister, it would be bad for her to break in.

Sarah was stunned.

Will brought up the soup and put it on the table. Seeing her abnormal appearance, he naturally asked, “What’s the matter?”

Rita, “!!!”

Will’s voice!

She glanced at Wilson Yeats, immediately turned around and knocked at Will’s door and hung up the phone.


“Ding Dong.”

The doorbell rang.

Will rubbed her head and then went to open the door. His legs were very long.



As soon as the door opened, Rita looked into the house. When she saw her sister besides the table, she smiled.


“Will, please tell my sister to ask her to look for us next door after dinner.” Rita didn’t intend to disturb their world of two, “We go first.”

Will looked over her and saw Wilson behind her.

He opened the door a little and let them in, “Come in, let’s eat and talk.”

Rita waved her hand and refused, “No!”

“Excuse me.” Wilson stepped in.

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