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Wilson came

Rita, “??”

Rita pulled him back and looked at him with a puzzled face, “What are you doing?”

“Eat.” Wilson said. He was more excited than Rita in his heart, but he kept it down.

“Didn’t Mr. Gardner let us in?”

“Didn’t you eat?” Rita gave him a wink.

Don’t go in and be a light bulb.

Brothers should be very reliable. Why was hers not reliable at all?

Wilson understood, but he wanted to know the identity of this man too much, “When did I eat?”


“Let’s go. Don’t let others down.”

Rita was forced to enter.

Wilson glanced at Will from time to time.

If he remembered correctly, wasn’t this the handsome man who sent Sarah home!

Sarah also said that they were not lovers.




Then why did they have dinner together?

“Sister…” Rita said with a little guilty.

When she came in, she noticed her sister’s coat on the sofa and some documents on the coffee table.

They passed the afternoon obviously together.

Did she really disturb their world of two?

“Sit down and eat.” Sarah didn’t care about it. She heard Rita’s conversation with Will at the door. “We can talk after eating.”

Rita obediently agreed.

Wilson handed Sarah the dinner he brought, and slowly said, “Uncle was afraid you were hungry, so he asked us to bring it.”

The food was not enough. With this, the four people were just ready.

When eating, Wilson always looked at Will who was sitting opposite him from time to time, and finally began to talk, “I just heard Rita call you Mr. Gardner, what’s your name?”

“Well, Will Gardner.” Will knew Wilson.

At the time of selecting team members, it was necessary to check their family members. He had seen the information of them personally.

Naturally he knew Wilson.

“My name is Wilson Yeats, cousin of Sarah.” Wilson subconsciously wanted to make friends with such a man who was full of integrity. “We can have a dinner together.”



Will picked his eyebrows lightly. He felt it slightly unexpected. Sara was not sociable, while her cousin was out going, just the opposite.

Rita felt that she was going to be angry with her brother. She specially gave him a piece of meat: “Brother, eat a piece of meat!”

“No…” Wilson was about to refuse when he saw Rita’s eyes full of “love” for himself. He was very clear.

If he didn’t eat this meat, he would be beaten!

“Captain is very busy. Don’t make an appointment.” Sarah helped Will to refuse. She was really afraid that her brother would get drunk again and make trouble.

“Don’t interrupt when adults talk.” Wilson said bravely. “You’re not your captain. How do you know he doesn’t have time to make an appointment with me?”

As soon as this was said.

He received two dangerous eyes, one from Rita and the other from Sarah.

He was always afraid of his two sisters. But at the moment he couldn’t! He had to keep a good relationship with Will. From a man’s intuition, he was a good man. He had to help Sarah get him.

“I listen to her.” Will’s voice was deep and loose, and there was something else in his dark eyes, “She rules our family.”

Sarah, “?”

Rita, “!!!”

Wilson: “!!!”



Their eyes were staring at the boss.

Rita swallowed the meat in her mouth without chewing. She was surprised and excited, “Our family?”

Was it done?

Tell her if it’s done!

Ah ah!

“Are you… together?” Wilson realized later.

“The relationship that was just confirmed yesterday.” Will declared his sovereignty, glanced at the person who ate with her head down and did not lift her eyes, and continued, “Now it is the relationship between men and women.”

“Hello, brother-in-law!” Rita said, with a smile on her face.

Sarah stopped eating and looked at her blankly.


So fast?

“Wow, you are my brother-in-law.” Wilson smiled contentedly.

“Do you want to drink to celebrate?”

Sarah, “…”

Rita, “…”

The two women said the same word this time, “Wilson.”



“What Wilson, call me brother.” Wilson was really happy. He was so touched by his elegance in the evening many years ago.

At that time, he was thinking that this man was good. If only he could make him Sarah’s boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, Sarah was married before he started!


Everything was back on track.

“Did you forget what you did last time you drank?” Sarah kindly reminded, “Do you want me to show you the video?”

Wilson’s face stiffened.

Hidden story!

Rita explained to Will, “My brother is not very good at drinking. Whoever drinks with him will suffer.”

“Don’t talk about me like that.”

“Isn’t it true?”

“Don’t you want to know what your brother-in-law will look like when he is drunk?” Wilson took out his trump card and whispered in Rita’s ear, “Drunken people are easy to expose their nature. I’m here to help Sarah test him. It’s the so-called, if you want to know a man, let him drink.”

Rita gave him a look.


Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine


Keep bluffing.

If we let you drink, you would be the worst man. “Brother-in-law, do you want to drink?” Wilson directly targeted


Will glanced at Sarah, but finally didn’t refuse, “All right.”


Sarah had a good relationship with her brother.

If he guessed correctly, her brother proposed to drink with him probably in order to try him. It was okay.

“Captain…” Sarah hesitated and said with complicated eyes. “My brother behaves bad when he gets drunk.”

“Nothing.” Will comforted her, “I can handle it.”

Sarah, “…”

Forget it.

Let them go.

If the situation was really out of control later, she would beat him up.

When Wilson saw that his goal had been achieved, he called the bodyguard downstairs to ask them to fetch the wine. He had to drink some good wine for the first formal meeting with his brother-in-law.

“Why are you here?” Sarah planned to talk about the business before they started drinking.

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He wouldn’t come to her directly if there was nothing.

Rita and Wilson looked at each other.

Rita urged him to say, “It’s your business. Say yourself.”

“It’s nothing serious.” Wilson didn’t plan to say it now. He planned to change the way. “It’s not too late to talk slowly after I finish drinking with my brother-in-law.”

Sarah, “?”

She was a little suspicious, looked at Rita and waited for her to say

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