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Take good care of her

“He doesn’t want to manage the company anymore.” Rita did not hide it, and sold Wilson decisively. “He told father that he would hand over the company to you this year. It was approved by father and grandpa, and he also went to ask the shareholders.”

Sarah, “.”

When Wilson saw that the matter had come to an end, he said, “Brother has helped you manage it for so many years. Is it time to give me some freedom?”

“No,” Sarah said absolutely.

Dad agreed, which she expected.

But grandpa…

Didn’t he always dislike her and think she couldn’t do anything well? How could he agree to hand over the Yeats Group to her?

“Sarah.” Wilson was pathetic. He did not look cold and vigorous like he was in the office.

He also wanted to be a typical rich boy.He didn’t want to work!He just wanted to enjoy his life.

“If you really don’t want to manage, hire a CEO.” Sarah deliberately dug a hole for him. “You could hand over ordinary business to him and the secretary office, and you decide the big deals.”

“No.” Wilson refused without thinking.

Yeats Group was the treasure of Sarah. How could he give it to others? Looking at him like this, Sarah was moved.



Although he was a cousin, he was no different from her blood brother. Taking care of her and Rita, he was very good to them.

“I will ask Sivan to take over your position after the New Year.” Sarah made a decision. She told Wilson, Rita and father about the Angel International Group, “Don’t worry. You can rely on him.”

“No, if he’s coming to the Yeats Group, what would you do?” Wilson still couldn’t bear to let Sarah work too hard. “Let me think again.”

Then they ate their own meals.

In the middle of the meal, Wilson focused on Will.

“Or, let brother-in-law take charge?” Wilson’s calculation has already started. “I will teach him what he doesn’t understand and promise to make him an excellent boss.”

Will didn’t speak.

He knew that Sarah would help him.

In fact, as he thought, Sarah refused without hesitation, “Captain has his own business to manage. Don’t think about it.”

“What family business? I’ll help him manage it.” Wilson really regarded Will as his family member, “I promise to make everything in order.”

Sarah paused, “Are you sure?”

“Sure, there’s nothing uncertain about it.” Wilson didn’t realize the problem at all, and he didn’t think that the family business Sarah said would be an antique industry he rarely involved in.

Sarah looked to captain and asked for his advice. Will didn’t care, “Alright.”

Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine


“Then you go to Gardner Group to report in two days.” Sarah said with a bland face, and her tone did not fluctuate. “I ask Captain to speak to his family.”

Wilson, “??”

Wilson, “?”

His mind was full of question marks. Gardner Group?

Was it the low-profile Gardner Group he knew?

“What’s the matter?” Sarah asked after seeing that he hadn’t answered for a long time.

“The wine’s here, I’ll get it.” Wilson looked at his ringing mobile phone, and quickly moved on to leave. “Let’s talk about this later. Don’t worry.”

After he didn’t say it, Sarah didn’t say it either.

When the wine was brought back, Wilson drank with Will. Sarah and Rita did not disturb them.

Like the last time, Wilson wanted to get some information.

However, when he drank, his consciousness floated away.

At first, the two people were still talking normally, but soon after, Wilson was drunk and spoke hard to Will.

“I tell you that Sarah is the treasure of our family and my treasure.” Wilson put his hand on Will’s shoulder, and he was like floating. “If you treat her badly, I will not let you go.”

Will was not drunk at the moment. After hearing Wilson’s words, he looked at someone sitting on the sofa watching TV with Rita. His eyes were full of spoiled and gentle.



After a while, he replied, “She is also my favorite.”

All his life.

He would take good care of her.

“Brother.” Will opened his mobile phone to record with indifference and began his routine.

Wilson was very satisfied with this title. Will also said the following, “Do you want Sarah to suffer?”


“Do you want her to be tired?”


“What about you still take the Yeats Group?” Will said with a low voice.

Wilson didn’t think about it, but blurted out, “OK!”

Will was satisfied.

He put away his mobile phone and didn’t continue to drink with him.

After hearing that there was no sound there, Sarah looked at them, then got up and walked over.

“Put him in my house.” Sarah knew Wilson well. “After he wakes up, he will probably think he is a great warrior with unparalleled martial arts and toss around.”

“Nothing.” Will didn’t care. “Just let him sleep in my house.”

Since he would toss and turn, don’t let her worry.



Sarah hesitated to speak.

Will lifted Wilson up and sent him to the bedroom to rest.

Looking at the thoroughly drunk person, Sarah was still a little uneasy. As soon as he was about to speak, Will called her, “Sarah.”


“I’m your boyfriend.” This was Will’s countless times to emphasize this problem.

Sarah nodded, “I know.”

“You can rely on me. Don’t worry about this and that like a little old lady all day.” Will gently pinched her white face, “Or it would seem that your boyfriend is useless.” Sarah paused.

Why was it anything to do with being useless?

“You don’t have to face everything with full spirit, and you don’t have to do everything yourself.” Will released her face, and his voice was lazy and low. “You’re not alone, you have me.”

Sarah pursed her lips. She was used to dealing with things by herself.

“I hope you need me.” Will talked to her slowly.

Sarah’s eyes met his dark eyes. When she saw that his eyes were all of her, she said, “I’ll try.”

“Be good at using your boyfriend.” Will rubbed her head, “it is conducive to emotional cultivation.”

Sarah was a little uncomfortable.

Will puckered up a beautiful radian with his thin lips.

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At first sight, Sarah was also cool to things, but said more than now, and she were livelier.

The reason for this was that she was hurt in her last love. People who have been hurt in the last relationship are always easy to hide their true self.

He was not in a hurry.

Take your time.

One day, she would know that she was really loved. Wilson, who was lying in bed, felt his brain was in a daze. He opened his eyes and looked at it.

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