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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Wilson still felt light-headed.

But when he saw that, he was furious and his eyes were wide open.

He jumped out of the bed with the extremely sudden and shook his fist at Will, shouting, “You asshole! How dare you do that to Pumpkin?!”

With a dull thud, the fist fell into Will’s palm.

As a team leader, Will was way above them in terms of professional knowledge, reflexes and skill.

Even if Wilson ambushed him, he could react quickly.

“Let me go!” Wilson turned fierce, but he had not sober up. Sarah was speechless.

There he went again.

“If you touch Pumpkin, I’ll punch you in the face.” Wilson threatened, but he was still unsteady on his feet. Will was still holding Wilson’s fist and asked with a slanted eye, “Did the wine take away his memory?”

“Didn’t you call me Mr. Gardner before?”

“How did I become an asshole?” Will thought.

“I guess so…” Sarah didn’t know how to explain for him.

“Pumpkin, come here.” Wilson really loved Sarah. He pulled her to him with the other hand and said, “I’m here with you.”



“He’s my boyfriend.” Sarah made an introduction and could only reason with him slowly, “He didn’t do anything to me.”

“I saw that he was trying to kiss you!” Wilson said forcefully.

He could only see Will’s back from where he was standing so there was some misunderstanding.

Sarah asked directly, “Isn’t it normal for a boyfriend to kiss his girlfriend?”

Wilson was stunned.

His mind immediately went into a state of emptiness.

He wanted to think about whether it was normal, but his mind went blank.

“Just lie down and don’t mess around.” Sarah told him, “I’ll make honey water for you.’


Wilson calmed down.

This time he didn’t make any noise like the last time, and became very obedient.

Sarah went out of the room to prepare honey water after he had settled down. If he didn’t drink it, he would have a headache when he got up early tomorrow morning.

Will followed her out.

In the kitchen,

When Sarah went to get the honey, a broad hand crossed her and took it down first.

Her back was just against his chest, and she could clearly feel his heart beating.



Sarah immediately withdrew her hand and turned to escape from his arms.

But Will did not let her go. At the moment she was trying to slip away, he held his hands on the granite countertop behind her and trapped her.

“Captain…” Sarah felt her heart jump into her throat.

Will leaned down slightly to close the distance between them, and they could feel the warm breath from each other.

As the temperature in the kitchen rose, Sarah’s hands on both sides tightened unconsciously, and the calm in her glittering eyes was gone.

She tried to speak, but all the words seemed to be stuck.

Will looked at the way she was trying to slip away. He smiled and said with his voice low with a bit of enchantment, “You just said that it is normal for a boyfriend to kiss his girlfriend?”

Sarah froze.

Her red lips were tightly pressed and her heart beat very fast.

“I was just joking.”

“So it’s not normal for a boyfriend to kiss his girlfriend?” Will had eyes for her.

So close up, he could clearly see her curly eyelashes flickering like butterfly wings, and her red lips were plump, making people want to kiss her.

Sarah was confused when asked. She didn’t know how to answer.

Whether yes or no, she will be kissed.



Will drew closer again, and when his thin lips gradually approached Sarah, the latter immediately said, “Muffin is still outside. This’s not right.”

“She is not there.”

“She is.”

“I checked. I don’t think she wants to interrupt our time together. She’s back to your place.”

Sarah was speechless.

Will’s lips were only three-tenths of an inch away from her, and he said slowly in a demagogic voice, “You are so afraid of me kissing you?”

“No…” Sarah replied with no confidence.

She didn’t know why her heart was out of control, beating so fast.

Will smiled slightly, and said in a deep voice, with his eyes full of tenderness, “So I can kiss you?”

Sarah was a little freaked out.

She didn’t understand why he asked her about that.

Will dame even closer, and the atmosphere between them became more ambiguous. The cool and clean smell rushed into Sarah’s nose, making her heart pound.

As she waited for the kiss to fall, there was a soft touch on her face.

She froze.

On the face?



“You may wanna take it slow.” Said Will. His lips left as soon as they touched her face and his voice was a little more muted, “Next time, on your lips.”

“Captain.” Sarah hesitated to say.


“Have you never been in love before?”

Will looked puzzled.

He raised his eyebrows lightly and thought,

“You are questioning my abilities?”

“Who would give a heads-up before kissing people?” Sarah said very seriously, but she had not completely calmed down. “These things happen when the time is right, and you’ll kill the mood if you ask questions.”

Actually Will did not kill the mood just now, but she was nervous every time he asked.

So she said this in order to put an end to this continuous psychological torture. It must be ended.

Will gave her a meaningful look and said, “Really?”

“Hmm.” Sarah nodded.

“Are there any other precautions? Let me know.” Will asked. Sarah was stunned.

Other precautions?

Sarah thought for a moment, but could not think of anything else.



Will was still keeping her between his arms. The smile on his lips could hardly be concealed and he said, “Why don’t you teach me how to kiss?”

Sarah was speechless.

Now she really wanted to run away. She took away his arm and slipped out. She felt that Will was very dangerous now and she must stay away.

Will held her weak hand at the moment she slipped away and took her back to his arms.

The unexpected action made Sarah bump into his chest. Before she started, he saw Will’s face come to her, and then his thin lips fell on her red lips.

At that moment,

Sarah’s head went blank, and everything around her seemed to be cut off.

Will put his arms around her waist, hold her back of the head with one hand, and took her down step by step. The soft feeling was so addictive to him.

The kiss was like magic, making Sarah’s legs and feet soft gradually.

A moment later,

Will released her. His dark eyes were already stained with desire, and his voice was hoarse and sexy. He was obviously suppressing some feelings,


Sarah’s cheeks were flushed, and there were some water stains on her red lips, which were charming and attractive. Her beautiful eyes lost their usual indifference at the moment.

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“Well, I guess that’s a yes.” Will kissed her again gently, “So, I feedback.” want a positive

He dare not give her soul kiss again.

The self-control he was proud of almost collapsed after just a taste. If he went on, he was afraid to scare Sarah away.

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