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The demon fell in world

Sarah’s heart was racing and she didn’t give an answer to this.

Now she had learned a truth that once a person who had no desire fell in love, he would become a demon who fell in the world, which was more addictive than anyone else.

And Captain Leon was most attractive one among the demons.

“I’m going to make honey water for Wilson.” Will’s eyes were deep, and he was trying to suppress some primitive impulses. “Go watch some TV on the couch.”

“Okay.” Sarah’s voice was very low.

Will pressed his thin lips and rubbed her head with broad and warm palm. He took the honey aside and made the honey water.

Then he took it to Wilson.

Wilson was sitting on the bed and looking at him with a mixture of different emotions, as if he was dissatisfied with him, “I saw it.”

“Hmm.” Will was not surprised.

When Wilson came out, Will heard footsteps, and naturally knew he saw them.

“You bullied Pumpkin.”

“You will also have people you want to bully one day.”

“I want to bully you!”



Will was silent.

He handed the cup to Wilson and asked him drink it.He knew that what Wilson said about bullying was to beat him. In his current view, he bullied his sister.

But… It was still weird.

Wilson didn’t want to let Sarah worry about him, so he drank it.

Will asked him to have a good rest and then went out with the cup.

Wilson was surprisingly good that night. After drinking the honey water, he fell asleep.

He did not regard himself as a great hero with unparalleled martial arts, nor did he make any noise.

Sarah was sure that he totally calmed down, and she planned to leave.

It was quite late.

She would better not stay any longer.

Just now, she did feel that Will’s temperature rose. She admitted that she was a little freaked out.

“Are you leaving now?” Will said in a nice voice.

Sarah was stiff.

She was afraid that he would kiss her again.

Will held her in his arms, and the happiness spread in his heart. He said, “Here is a task for you.”




“Figure out what to call me by the end of the month.”

Sarah was confused.

“Don’t call me captain.”

“I’m not used to any other appellations,” Sarah explained.

Once she got used to calling someone a name, it was hard to change it.

Will pinched her face and said, “So you wanna call me captain in front of the children in the future?”

Sarah was shocked.


At this moment,

Sarah clearly felt that Will cared about her. He really wanted to be with her all his life, and he had really thought about their future.

“Boss Leon?” She tentatively changed the appellation.

Will laughed helplessly, “Why don’t you just call me Brother Leon?”

“It’s not impossible.”

Will lost for words.

And this was the end of the topic.

Then Will sent her home and asked her to think about the appellation.



He didn’t want to ask her to change the appellation at first. She could call him whatever she wanted, but after careful consideration, she still felt that it was necessary.

The word “captain” was too easy to be misunderstood.

If she called him captain, no one would know that they were lovers except the insiders.

So it was necessary change the appellation as soon as possible.

And he wanted Sarah to get used to it soon.

Sarah could understand Will wanting her to change the appellation, but she couldn’t find a suitable one for a while.

When she returned home, Rita was watching variety shows. When she saw Sarah, she paused the show and started gossip, “Sarah, Did you and Will go real yesterday?”


“How do you feel?”

“Feel what?”

“The feeling of falling in love. Isn’t it sweet?” Rita was really curious.

“I feel at ease, and rest assured.” Sarah said.

Thinking that Rita was also in love now, she simply asked her about the appellation, “How do you address your boyfriend?”




“How do you call each other?”

“Andrew and Muffin.” Said Rita and her eyes flashed.

Sarah looked through her and said, “In private.” Rita said nothing with her lips pressed.

It was okay to say that when there were only she and her boyfriend, but it was a little embarrassing to say it at the moment.

“Baby.” She finished said mixed feelings, “or something like that.”

Sarah was stunned.

She imagined calling Will like this, and finally passed it.She thought it was so weird.

“Why did you suddenly ask this?”

“Captain made me. I can’t figure it out.”

“It’s easy, sweetheart, baby, dear, Will baby, Leon baby.” Rita became energetic when talking about this, “As long as it is from you, Will will love it!”

“Not formal enough.” Sarah said solemnly.

“Why do you want formality in love?” Rita said seriously, “Call him captain or his name in front of people, but it doesn’t need to be formal when it is just you two. Just be intimate and happy.”

Sarah paused.

It seems that she has always been in love with the captain in a more formal manner.



“You can also play coquettish or act like a spoiled kid.” Rita had a lot of experience and guided, “for example, let him screw the bottle cap for you when drinking water.”

Sarah was a little puzzled.

“Or ask him to carry your bag when going out.”

Sarah did not quite agree. She thought about it carefully. The love theory come up with by

Rita was not suitable for her.

Rita also made a conclusion, “Every couple has a different way of getting along. You just need to remember that you are a woman with a boyfriend.”

Sarah was very independent since childhood. Even if there was an elder male cousin, she would not act like a spoiled child.

Such a sister was Rita’s idol.

But she would worry that Sarah would bear too much and would be tired.

“Let me think about it.” Sarah was very serious, and then told Rita, “Don’t watch TV too much, and go to bed early.” “Okay.” Rita was very obedient. Sarah hummed and went to the study.

Later, Sarah looked up the appellation in the study, while Will began to think about the future of him and Sarah.

Just when Will was thinking about how to prepare for the wedding, his mobile phone rang.

After seeing the caller, he naturally answered the phone. His voice was a little more alienated than when talking to Sarah, “Hello.”

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“Mr. Gardner,” A cheery female voice came from the other end of the phone, “This’s Lola.”

“I know.” Will’s voice was cool and his tone was casual, “What’s the matter?”

“I hear you’re in love?”


“Is she Sarah?”


“I don’t know if I should tell you this.” Lola hesitated, then said mysteriously, “The girl you are seeing may not be a good person, you…”

Before she could finished,

Will hung up the phone without hesitation, then blocked the number out.

He wouldn’t allow his girl to be slandered. Lola thought that something was wrong when she saw the phone was hung up, and didn’t know she was blackmailed until she dialed again.

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