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She was confused and didn’t understand what was wrong.

After careful imagination, she came to a conclusion that

Sarah must be there with Will. Sarah must have grabbed the phone and blocked her out, worrying that she would tell those things.

Lola wanted to send WhatsApp message to talk about it.

But she was afraid that Sarah would do something again, so she gave up.

Will did not care about this matter anymore, nor did he worry about what Lola would say to his parents.

He knew his parents were not the kind of people who would listen to others’ words easily. They would make judgments based on their own understanding, no matter about things or about people.

After taking Sarah back last time, he knew that his parents liked her very much.

After washing up in the bathroom, Will lay on the bed with his mobile phone, thinking of someone living next door, and sent a message to her: Good night, my girlfriend.

But Sarah didn’t see the message.

She didn’t like to play with her phone. She put it down and went to sleep. In addition, she turned on distraction free mode, so all message prompts were automatically muted.

So that when she saw this message the next morning, she could only reply: Good morning.

The doorbell rang just after she sent the message.



When she opened the door, she saw Will standing outside in his home clothes, and his voice was slow, “Wouldn’t it be better to say that in person?”

“I didn’t see the message last night.” Sarah explained.

Will leaned over and said, “Kiss me and I’ll forgive you.”

Sarah was stunned.

She slipped away decisively and said, “I’m going to wash up.”

“Come to have breakfast after washing.” Will had come specially to invite her. He said that he would contract for three meals a day.

“I’ve kept some for Muffin and Wilson. Don’t wake them up.” Sarah nodded.

Rita liked to stay in bed, so did Wilson.

If they didn’t have to go to school or go to work, they might not be up until ten.

And it turned out to be pretty much what they thought.

Rita and Wilson both got up slowly at about ten o’clock. Sarah left a message for Rita, so she came directly to Will after waking up.

She finished breakfast with Wilson, and Wilson began to talk about business.

Things were not discussed well last night. He wanted to get it done today.

He wanted to be a rich playboy!He was not interested in work at all.He just wanna have fun.



“When will you go back to take over the position of President of Yeats Group?” Wilson sat on the sofa and asked directly.

Everyone looked up.

They were all confused.

They didn’t expect that he would suddenly say this.

There was no foreshadowing.

“There is no objection from uncle and grandpa, and I’ve sounded out the shareholders, and they’re in favor.” Wilson wanted to have fun. But Being a boss was really not a fun thing. “As long as you agree, you can take office at any time.”

Sarah was silent for a moment and gave the condition, “I will share my shares with you.”



“Not interested.”

“All of it.”

“Even if give me all of yours and Muffin’s, my answer is a no.”

Wilson said seriously, but also with some arrogance, “I want freedom, not money.”

“Besides being a little tired, there are many benefits to being a boss.” Sarah tried to persuade him.

Wilson was puzzled.




“Why didn’t he see any?” He thought.

“You may not find true love if you are a rich man who only knows to idle about.” Sarah said to him seriously.

Wilson subconsciously denied, “No way. I can find love with my face.”

“Do you think you’re better looking than captain?”

Wilson was speechless.

“No.” Rita answered for him.

Wilson’s eyes were wide open. But he could not refute.

Sarah continued to persuade him, her tone particularly sincere,

“Some people may like because of your face and money, but these will not attract a person for long. As long as there is a person who is better-looking or richer than you, those advantages are gone.” Wilson thought deeply.

This sounded reasonable, but he just didn’t feel right.

“The president of Yeats Group is not only a position.” Sarah was really a persuasive talker, “Which do you think is more attractive, the boss of a listed company or a rich man who sit around and wait to die?”

“Nonsense, of course a boss.” Wilson blurted out.

The future of a rich man was uncertain If the family went down one day, wouldn’t he be nothing?



Most of the people in this circle were related to interests. When someone went bankrupt, they would be the first to stay away. But a boss had the ability to stage a comeback even if went bankrupt.

“Do you still want to quit the position of president of Yeats Group?” Sarah asked.

“No…” Wilson just said a word, and immediately realized that it was wrong. “It’s not right.”

Sarah was stunned. She couldn’t believe he realized it so quickly.

“Damn. You almost fooled me.” Said Wilson. He realized that he would always be the boss of Yeats Group.

Had it not been for his cousin Sarah, he would have retorted calmly from the first sentence.

He really didn’t expect that Pumpkin would also play trick on him. Sarah kept calm, “What?”

“Stop pretending, what you just said doesn’t hold water.” Wilson said with reason. “Even if I resign now and become just a rich man, none of that would happen. I’m not really fooling around and waiting for death. I’m capable.”

As for what true love, he didn’t really care.

“Next Monday, on the 7th, remember to sign in at Yeats Group.”

Wilson was determined this time. “I’ll be angry if you don’t come.”


Sarah had nothing to say. She felt that she had been hasty.

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“Of course, it’s ok if Will is willing to help you.” Wilson’s eyes fell on Will who was calm from beginning to end.

Will looked over with indifference and said slowly, “I have a question.”

“Go ahead.” Wilson was more satisfied with Will now.

“In your opinion, is promise important?” Will set him up step by step.

Wilson was confused.


“Why it has to do with this?” He thought.

“Of course, it is important.” Wilson just thought it was between him and Sarah. “As a man, you should do what you promised. If you can’t do it, don’t promise casually.”

No matter whether it was the matter between Will and Sarah, there was nothing wrong to say that.

Anyway, he was talking about men, not everyone. “What if you promise and don’t do it?” Will asked again.

Wilson looked at Sarah, and wondered whether the two were in conflict, otherwise why would he ask such a question at this time.

Sarah said, “Captain is asking you. Why look at me?”

Wilson sounded a ten-level alarm bell in his heart.

“They have a contradiction.” “They must have a contradiction!”

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