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Let me get you a new boyfriend

“If you can’t do it, give yourself a castration.” Wilson said very seriously without hesitation. “As a man, you can’t break your word!”

“Then please continue to serve as the president of Yeats Group.” Will said with a joking smile on his face.

Wilson was stunned.


He looked confused, “What do you mean?”

Will took out his mobile phone and played the voice recorded last night.

“Wilson do you want Sarah to suffer?”


“Do you want her to be tired?”


“Then how about you keep the Yeats Group in your hands?”


The moment when the recording ended,

Wilson felt a thunderbolt on his head.



“When did this happen? Why don’t I remember anything?” Wilson asked himself in his mind.

“Pumpkin.” Wilson wanted to cry, and his liking for Will fell rapidly. “Let me get you a new boyfriend. He’s too cunning!”

He couldn’t believe will screwed him over. He was Sarah’s cousin. How could will be so ruthless?

Damn it!

Sarah was also surprised, “When did you record it?”

“Before taking him back to his room last night,” With that, Will played with his mobile phone in his hand.

Man was selfish. He wanted to make it easy for his girlfriend, so he could only make it harder for Wilson.

Wilson was extremely aggrieved.

“They do that for your own good.” Rita comforted him, but it was better not to. “It’s a place where you can put your skills to use. It may be hard sometimes, but you have all the fame and fortune. It’s a good deal.”

“Since it’s a good deal, you should take care of it.” Wilson glared at her.

“No, it’s too tiring.”

“Tiring for you, but not for me?”

“You can only bear the tiredness. Who makes you not have the best cousin in the world?” Rita blinked her big clean eyes, and said with a charming and lovely tone.

Wilson was pissed off at once. “Forget it.”



“Sarah is just a little girl.”

“Who makes me the best cousin in the world?”

“Humph.” Wilson comforted himself in his mind.

“But, even if I am the best cousin in the world, you have to take one out to manage the company after you two get married and have children.” Wilson again compromised, saying to Sarah and Will, “otherwise I will give myself a castration!”

He planned that in the last few years,

When Sarah married Will and have children, he would definitely give up immediately.



And Will

Were all speechless.

But Wilson continued, “What are you looking at? Do you hear me?”

“Let’s talk about it then.” Sarah said lightly.

Angel International Group was basically stable now, and there were not many problems in the future.

If Wilson really wanted to quit, she would take over.

But now, he was obviously joking.



“Talk about it then? If you don’t say yes today, I’m gonna kidnap your boyfriend to my house.” Wilson pretended to be fierce, “and you won’t see each other for months.”

“If you really have this ability, I will take over the company now.” Sarah gave a somewhat provocative remark.

Not to mention Wilson, even if she and Robert went together, it was unlikely that they could take Will down.

She could not defeat him physically.

Wilson gave a puzzled look.

He could not believe that Sarah was looking down on him.

He groaned, walked to Will, and whispered in a low voice, “Now come home with me, I will tell you about Muffin’s childhood, and help you deal with the Yeats’ family.” Will said nothing.

Since he liked Sarah, getting the approval of her family was what he should do.

“I’ll tell you what she likes.” Wilson saw that he was unmoved, and offered another condition.

“I know everything she likes.” Said Will. He knew Sarah as well as Wilson did. “We just got together, and it’s not worth spending months apart for what you’re saying.”

Wilson’s face drooped. He knew now that Will was difficult to be fooled.

“All right, you should go back to work.” Rita said, “As your cousin, I will support you mentally.”

“Shut up,” Wilson said to her.

After knowing that there was no possibility for that, Wilson didn’t insist.



However, he had decided that as soon as Sarah’s child could run on the ground, he would quit immediately.

Wilson gave a wicked smile.

Before noon, Sarah sent a message to Chris asking him about Jason, and Chris replied the same as yesterday.

After learning that he still didn’t come back today, Sarah told Will.

Although she was worried about Jason, Chris was there, so she didn’t ask too much.

As for Chris,

As soon as he texted back to Sarah, he received a call from Serial.

When he learned that Jason was going to wake up, he immediately put his business aside and drove to the base.

But when he got there, Jason hadn’t wake up. “He won’t be awake for another half an hour if anything goes wrong.” Serial, wearing a white coat, looked gentle and dignified.

“Don’t you call Sarah?”



“Mr. Noth told me not to tell Miss Yeats,” Chris said directly.

Serial rubbed the material in his hand and said, “He’s not still trying to lie to Sarah, is he?”

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Chris didn’t speak. He didn’t know what Jason was thinking.

But if he recovered his past memory and character, Chris still dared to talk back to him.

After half an hour.

All data of Jason were stable.

“All right.” Serial was completely relieved. “His memory should completely recover. Let’s go and check on him.”

He took Chris with him.

After arriving at the medical room, Serial took all the testing instruments off Jason’s body.

Chris stared for a while, but Jason didn’t wake up. He couldn’t help but worry, “Doctor Lance, why isn’t Mr. Noth awake?”

Serial also twisted his eyebrows.

It shouldn’t be like this.

According to the monitoring, he should wake up.

“Jason.” Serial called him.

Jason lay still on the bed, still closed his dark and indifferent eyes and breathed steadily.

Chris was worried. He was afraid of accidents.

“Go out and wait.” Serial said to Chris while checking Jason. “I’ll check him.”

Chris went out without delay.



He wanted to see the inside through the glass window, but after he went out, Serial locked the door, and the window was sealed. So, Chris couldn’t see anything.

Serial sat on the chair in the medical room, his legs were folded and he looked gentle, “Don’t pretend, I know you are awake.”

Jason slowly opened his eyes.

The dark and indifferent eyes were now dead and lonely. “Chris said that you told him not to tell Sarah about you to restore your memory.” Serial talked to him about immediately. “Are you still going to lie to her?”

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