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“Not anymore.” Jason Noth looked at the ceiling with deep loss and his voice was hoarse.

How dare he cheat her again.

When he woke up, there were many fragments of memory in his mind. Through these fragments, he could know how much trouble he brought to her during the period of memory loss.

He also knew that she was with Will Gardner. Serial Lance paused when he heard what Jason said, “Are you… all right?”

“Why should you involve her?” Jason Noth sat up from the bed and watched Serial Lance as if he had become the same cold and indifferent person as before. “This is just a deal between you and me.”

He felt guilty for what he did to her before.

So as long as she can be good, he is even willing to die.

But he didn’t expect that Serial Lance would involve Sarah during the period of his memory loss, and so many things happened.

“I want to challenge.” Serial Lance explained, “Besides, the contract didn’t mention that she couldn’t be involved. You just said that I couldn’t do anything illegal.”

Jason Noth didn’t watch him again.

At the moment, he didn’t even want to be angry with him.

His mind is full of the scene of Sarah admitting to be with Will Gardner, and the word ‘you’ she firmly said when he asked whom she would choose between Jason Noth and Saran Noth.



He thought that she hated him very much. So she hoped that he could disappear.

“After the deal is over, I will ask Chris to list out the amount you need to compensate in a few days.” Jason Noth said in a cool voice, “After the payment is completed, it will be clear.”

Serial Lance, “??”

Amount of compensation?

He frowned and was puzzled, “What is the amount of compensation?”

Why didn’t he know that there was something to be compensated? Isn’t everything going on according to the contract?

“According to the contract, you should bear all the losses caused by you during the deal.” Jason Noth’s eyes were indifferent and unkind, “You are responsible for compensation for the money the Noth Group lost during my amnesia.”

“Didn’t you say that this part did not count?” Serial Lance was worried. If he should really responsible for the compensation, he can not afford!

It will be tens of thousands of amount of compensation. So he can’t afford.

Jason Noth had come down from the hospital bed and put on his clothes. The whole person was full of coldness, “Who said this? Where did I say this? Is there any signature or seal?”

“You said it yourself,” Serial Lance reminded him.

“Sorry, I can’t remember.” Jason Noth’s words were indifferent. There was an aura of indifference around him. “If you can’t take out the supporting document with my signature or seal, you still have to pay for the compensation.”



Serial Lance’s mentality collapsed, “What on earth did I provoke you?” He generally knew Jason Noth’s personality.

Even if it is a verbal commitment, as long as he says it, he will do it.

But now he went back on what he had said.

There must be something fishy!

“You shouldn’t involve her in our deal.” Jason Noth straightened his sleeves, and his eyes gradually turned cold, “You shouldn’t let her take care of me.” ”

He can never repay what he owed her in his lifetime.

Serial Lance, however, involved her and asked her to take care ofhim. “Because of this?” Serial Lance didn’t understand.

“That’s the reason.”

Jason Noth finished his words and left the medical room.

Chris was still waiting outside, unable to see or hear, so that he was more worried than ever.

Just when he was thinking about what happened to his boss, he saw his boss come out of the medical room, with a coldness of putting other people off.

“Boss?” Chris called tentatively.

Jason Noth said, “Go back.”

“Okay.” Chris immediately agreed.



He took him out of Serial Medical Base and opened the rear seat door for him.

On the way back,

Chris glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time.

He only cared about one problem now. Was boss the one who has restored his memory or not?

“Did you give her the thing which I let you give to Sarah?” Jason Noth said suddenly.

Chris did not hesitate, but replied honestly, “Not yet.”

“Throw it away.”


“Throw it away, don’t give it to her.” Jason Noth said with indifference.

He clearly knew that his boss was not in the second personality.

This was just his own self that guided by Serial Lance with giving psychological hints in the state of his amnesia.

That’s him, not Saran Noth.

Chris thought about what his boss had given him before, and his heart was a little complicated, “Do you really want to throw?”

“Yes.” Jason Noth answered a word. Inside was a letter from him to Sarah, which probably meant that he was going to become Jason Noth in the past. He hoped she would remember that there was a person who loved her as his life.



He is Jason Noth and he is also Saran Noth.

There is no need for Sarah to worry about him. After all, she has her own new life.

“Boss.” Chris looked at the rearview mirror and was worried.

Judging from the conversation just now, the boss should have recovered his memory. Because he said Sarah, not Sa.

Jason Noth looked out of the car through the window and was obviously absentminded, “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you really tell Sarah about your memory recovery?” Chris asked. During this time, his mood also became complicated. “She has been asking you whether to go back to have dinner these two days. She is worried about you.”

Jason Noth’s heart was stabbed, and it was stuffy and painful. Many memories of this period appeared in his mind. Sarah was kind to him. And Her patience and indulgence to him… He also wanted to go back to that period.

But…he couldn’t go back.

“Leave aside for the moment.” Jason Noth was a little decadent, with a depressing feeling in his dark eyes. “Give me two days.”

Chris said nothing more and sent him home.

When he got home, Jason Noth shut himself in his room. He didn’t drink any water or eat anything all day long. When Chris went to ask him to eat at night, he said that he didn’t want to eat.

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Chris was worried about his state. He wanted to contact Sarah, but thought of the boss’s saying. He didn’t do anything after all.

At nine o’clock in the evening.

Jason Noth came out of the room.

The whole person looked a little haggard and lonely.

“Boss.” Chris wanted him to eat.

“I’ll go out and come back later.” Jason Noth, holding the car key in his hand, said in a low voice. “You can go back to sleep first, don’t worry about me.”

“Where are you going? I’ll see you off.”

“No, Let me alone.”

After he said that, Jason Noth went out with the car key.

Instead of going to other places, he drove to the neighborhood where Sarah was.

Sitting on the bench downstairs in the community, he could look up and see the bright light in her home. He just looked at it and did nothing. “Jason?” Sarah’s voice suddenly rose.

Jason Noth was stiff, as if he had been pressed the pause button.

He pursed his lips and watched her with all kinds of complicated feelings. What struck him was the scene of her clasping with Will Gardner’s fingers.

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