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At that moment, his heart was broken.

He just felt that interlocking fingers were extremely dazzling.

“Why did you sit here?” Sarah noticed the change of his mood, but she didn’t think about the things that his memory had recovered.

Jason Noth’s Adam’s apple moved and didn’t say anything after all. He stood up. It was only a few steps away, but he felt that there was a thousand miles between them.

“Chris is doing something nearby. I just come with him.” Jason Noth’s voice was low, and his eyes fell on her plain white face. “Didn’t you sleep at this time in the past? Why…”

He didn’t continue to say what he wanted to ask next.

It seemed that everything she wanted to do had nothing to do with him. He was no longer qualified to ask about her life.

“Come down for a walk.” Sarah explained simply.

In the past, she had no habit of walking at night, but Captain Leon felt that she would not walk outside the door and stay at home, so he took her down for a walk.

Jason Noth sighed.

Will Gardner always held Sarah’s hand and said, “Would you go upstairs now? It’s cold outside.”

“No, Chris should be finished. I have something to talk about with him.” Jason Noth refused.



This time.

He just studied Will Gardner carefully. He is good-looking, has a good voice and a good figure, and meets Sarah’s aesthetic requirements.

As for his character,

It’s also good.

His heart was full of pain, and his eyes fell on their hands again, only to feel the suffocation of the whole heart.

“You go home first.” Jason Noth’s deep eyes were complicated. “Don’t be cold.”


“All right.”

Jason Noth raised his feet to leave.

Sarah stopped him, “Jason.”

Jason Noth turned around and the emotion in his eyes was complicated. Those feelings in his heart which he can’t tell occupied his thoughts little by little.

“If you don’t want to restore your memory, you won’t restore it.” Sarah said, “The choice is in your hands. I won’t force you.”

This was what she discussed with Captain Leon.

There was meaningless in forcing him.



Theoretically, Jason Noth and Saran Noth were the same person. It should not be difficult to learn again without restoring memory.

Moreover, once he is forced to restore resulting in emotional collapse, there may be suddenness.

“If nothing had happened, everything would have returned to the time at the beginning.” Jason Noth suppressed the pain in his heart, “Would you choose Jason Noth or Saran Noth?”

Sarah’s red lips moved and unconsciously she wanted to blurt out Jason Noth.

If there was no divorce and If it came to the time before the appearance of Jenny Smith, Jason Noth really treated her very well, and he was also a rare person she admired besides Captain Leon.

But now, she was with Captain Leon. Whoever she chooses will cause some harm to Captain Leon.

Time cannot go back, and they cannot go back to the past.

“At least now, she will choose Will Gardner.” Will Gardner squeezed Sarah’s hand, and his voice was lazy and low.

Jason Noth’s heart clenched.

He didn’t say any more, left after saying that have an early night.

He could not watch their love and intimacy. Originally, all of these… should belong to him.

He lost the girl who liked him. It was he who caused it.

Looking at his slightly lonely back, Sarah was a little confused, “Do you think Jason Noth is strange?”

“Yes, a little bit strange.” Will Gardner said in a faint voice.



He didn’t care what Jason Noth’s purpose was, as long as he didn’t hurt Atha again, he won’t care.

Sarah took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Chris. Jason Noth was in a bad state. It was better to let Chris take good care of him.

After the message was sent, she went upstairs with Will Gardner. Arrived at the living room,

Will Gardner held Sarah in his arms and let her sit on his lap.

Facing the sudden intimate behavior, Sarah was very confused.

“I want to interview Sarah. If everything goes back to the beginning and Jason Noth and I will profess love to you at the same time, who will you choose, him or me?” Will Gardner gently picked his eyebrows with his loose temperament.

Sarah, “??”

A tricky question?

She just couldn’t understand the love a little bit, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t have EQ completely, “You.”

“I want to listen to the truth.”




“I won’t be angry, just tell me exactly how you feel.” Will Gardner started his routine again, but he really wanted to know, “Don’t lie.” Sarah paused.



Captain Leon is not a person who likes to joke about such things.

Since he said so, it meant he really wanted to know.


“Really?” She hesitated.

Although Will Gardner had already known her answer, he still answered calmly, “Yes.”

Sarah is an honest person, “Jason Noth.”


Will Gardner smiled with indifference.

This guy.

The person made him angry.

“Could you please not be angry?” Sarah quickly added.

“Why is he?” Will Gardner was curious about this.” Am I not good?”

“You are very good, but what you said is that everything goes back to the beginning.” Sarah was serious about this matter. “At that time, my impression of you was still on the cold-blooded instructor who was cruel and harsh, and who gave others hard tasks.”

She was telling the truth.

If she was professed love by Captain Leon at that time, her reaction will be the same as the reaction when Captain Leon first time sent her breakfast.



She would think that in which ways she offended Captain Leon, and then she would found a chance to go away.

“Am I so fierce?” Will Gardner didn’t expect this reason.

“Just ask Jasmine and others.” Sarah said a lot. “Don’t judge me, even if you tell them, they will wonder whether they have offended you,” Will Gardner’s eyes were full of surprises. Is he really so fierce?

“Angry?” Sarah saw that he didn’t speak, and was a little unpredictable.

Will Gardner began to tease her, “Well, very angry.”

“I set you up as a special concern, and wrote a program myself.”

Sarah coaxed him, “After that, even if I mute the mobile phone and set the message undisturbed, the message you send will have a special prompt tone.”

The program was the last time she wrote after she didn’t reply to him good night.

Will Gardner sipped his thin lips and said, “Hmm.”

Sarah’s eyes turned.

Is he still angry?

However, she also understood that if Captain Leon chose other girls between her and other girls, she would also be angry.

“Please don’t be angry” Sarah was not good at comforting people.

“I’ll buy you what you want.”

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“What do you want?”

“Kiss me.”

Sarah, “…”

Will Gardner repeated, “Kiss me and I will forgive you.”

Sarah was a little embarrassed. Even if it was a relationship between lovers, there was always a feeling of defiling the gods if she kissed. Will Gardner saw her hesitating there and asked lazily, “Do you want to kiss?”


Sarah made a decision immediately. She leaned over and kissed him on his thin lips.

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